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Heh... so why is your happiness so much better than mine, then? :lol:


Because your happiness is the product of worldly pursuits and accomplishments. Like all things in the world, they will eventually decay and be forgotten, and your joy will not last. As I said earlier, only true happiness comes through fellowship with Christ. This is how humans were designed, and how things worked until the fall.

Also, your sig comments on this matter. The Christian looks at the world and is in awe at God's might, and thus gives Him glory. The athiest views the same thing as a miniscule accident in the history of the universe that holds no meaning or purpose.

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Christians apparently have a monopoly on happiness now...


True happiness, yes. Lasting happiness, yes. Temporal happiness, no. That is shared among every world view.

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this may be difficult for you to comprehend but i dont need a god or a religion to make me feel special about my place in the universe.

im here, im alive, i love my life, i have my family and friends and i need nothing more. all i want is to live a long happy life and help people and have fun.

then when im an old guy sleeping on my deathbed i'll say "well i had a good run, i got to do all the things i wanted, i got to meet alot of nice people, i got to live".

then i will die and thats it.


However, if that is how you let your life unfold, you will be in store for a lot more after that last period...

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Of course it is; even for someone who believes in Christianity, that should be obvious. Otherwise, in your belief system, there would be no need for religious instruction...xaos

Why do you think that someone can have endless wealth, power, and public esteem, and yet still be depressed and despondent? Why do you think that each and every worldy pursuit eventually fails to fulfill anyone, even if accomplished? It's because we all have conscience and spirit, we were designed to live a spiritual life in fellowship with God. Living simply for survival is not our purpose, and thus can never fulfill anyone's life.

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Reproduction has always sounded like a weird answer to me...

Reproduction for the sake of more reproduction sounds like sleeping for the sake of more sleep, War for the sake of more War, posting for the sake of more posting, breathing for the sake of more breathing... pretty pointless... damn I'm sounding depressing >__>


It is depressing, because that's not how life was meant to be lived. As ironic as it may seem, a naturalistic life isn't natural.

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:lol: Pity me? Go right ahead, won't hurt me none.


I'm sure it won't, as apparently you nothing more than an animal seeking subsistence with no ambitions or emotions other than to live and have offspring.

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Seriously do you guys want to stop hijacking these threads. I'm getting sick of everything descending into tedious and repetitive religious debates.bradleybhoy

First off, no one is forcing you to be here. You are free to head over to a hip-hop board, or a game board, if you are so inclined.

Secondly, this topic was made by a biblical Christian on a spiritual issue. If anyone is hijacking this thread, its you with your whining.

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I liked the olden days when you could spot all the neo-cons and mouthy Christians by their Ghost Recon avatars.

Say a prayer for me please. :oops:


Oh, I shall, but it shall be for your soul.

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(Ecclesiastes 12:13) - "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man."


Nice verse, Crush=)