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The Ultimate Sacrifice

Allow me to pose you a question.

Lets suppose that in future, about 20-30 years from now, that you become involved in all manner of evil. Dealing drugs, blatant fornication, and alcoholism are all apart of your corrupted life. Finally, you are arrested and appear before a judge. As the trial rolls on, your situation worsens.

"Death by injection" bellows the robed fellow at the front of the court. However, you are puzzled. No bailiff comes to seize you. Nothing. Just as you are about to inquire of the situation, something in the corner of your eye catches your attention. You see your father, who lovingly came to the trial. With a serene, yet solemn expression plastered on his face, he is led into a back room, out of sight.

Later, you find out the whole story. Your father loved you so much, he wanted you to have life on this earth. He never even second-guessed his decision; His decision to take your death sentence. He gladly took the lethal injection for you, so you could have life and so your criminal changes could be dropped.

Now, as remarkable and beautiful as that sounds, you decide to reject your father's sacrifice. You continue living a crime-infested life, and end up back in court. This time, there is no one to save you from your death penalty. So you recieve the lethal injection, and perish.

You may be thinking "How can someone be that idiotic to let his his father die in vain? Why would someone do that?"

This shouldn't come as a surprise to many people. Millions upon millions of people let this event happen in their own lives. Millions more are letting the cards play out right now.

Since man rebeled against God in the Garden of Eden, everyone cannot help but sin. It sis physically impossible to keep God's laws in entirety for an entire lifetime. All have sinned.

Man's sin demands justice. Someone must be punished as a result of their sins. The Bible says the penalty of sin is death. God is perfectly just. He couldnt be a just if didnt punish man. Think about it. Would a judge be just if he decided to pardon a person's crimes, even if he did love them? No, because justice demands a penalty.

However, God is also loving, and He didnt want man to spend eternity in Hell in seperation from Him. So He devised a plan that would satisfy both His just nature and His loving nature.

He decided He would come down to earth as a man, Jesus the Christ, lead a perfect life(not breaking one commandment) and take on the sins of mankind. Jesus payed our penalty for us by dying on the cross at Calvary for our sins. Then on the third day he defeated death, arising from His tomb and ascending into heaven, where he sits on the right hand of God.

However, there is one thing we must do to be pardoned of our sins so we can spend eternity in heaven with God; Accept Christ.

We must acknowledge Christ as our one and only savior. We must repent of our sins and put Jesus at the center of our lives. We must trust in Christ.

If you are ready to accept Christ as your personal savior today, Say this prayer and truly mean it:

Dear Jesus, I aknowledge your sacrifice for my sins. I truly am sorry for my past sinful ways and want to live my life for You. I know you are the Son of God, and thank you for dying on the croas for my sins.Please guide me in my new Christian life, and send the Holy Spirit to live in my heart. Thank you for loving me so much. Amen.

If you said that prayer and truly meant it REJOICE! My friend, you are now on apart of God's kingdom and on your way to heaven. The Bible says that once you are saved by Jesus, you are made a new person. No longer are you the sinful person of your past, you are now a child of God. You can live your life knowing that whenever you time may come, you will be taken up into heaven to be in perfect fellowship with the Lord. No longer shall you view death as the closing act, but now think of it as your spiritual graduation. Also, God will send the Holy Spirit to live in your heart, to guide your ways and help you along in your new lifestyle. Things you should do in your new Christian life are:

-Read and study a King James Bible every day. Do not study from any other Bible, for they are based on corrupt text altered by non-believers. You may have some difficulty understanding the style of writing in the KJV Bible, but do not be troubled. Pray to the Holy Ghost for understanding of His word. God wants you to study His word, and will bless your efforts and build up your understanding and discernment. Reading the true, unadulterated scriptures will arm you to discern good from evil and help you grow spiritually.

-Become involved in a Bible-based, Fundamental Church. A good way to find out whether a church is Biblically-based is to sit down with the pastor and discuss the church's beliefs. Discuss issues such as the church's mission statement, church discipline, and the church's beliefs on issues such as the Word of God, the plan of salvation, and Jesus' divinity. Always be aware of the false apostles/televangelists. They do not represent Christ or His people, and their only desire is for worldly acclaim/monetary wealth. An effective way to discern a true Pastor of God from a "wolf in sheep's clothing" is to observe his lifestyle. Does he give all the glory to God? Does he preach on sin, repentence, and Christ purely? Are his only goals to win souls to Christ and build up believers in the faith? Use these questions in your observation to decides whether to support and attend a church.

-PRAY. Pray in the morning, afternoon, and night. Always remember to thanks God for caring about you so much.

-Spread the gospel. Share the good news of Christ with other people. Dont fear ridicule or persecution. The Bible says that if you ar persecuted for Jesus' sake, you will recieve special blessings from God in heaven. The last commandment of Jesus before he ascended into heaven was to share the Gospel with the world.

-Be prepared: Undoubtedly, in you new Christian life, you will face many hardships. Your former non-believing friends/family/co-workers may abandon you or mock you. You will be persecuted for your faith, this may come in the form of anything from losing acclaim/awards to even being killed or imprisoned if the situation arises. Though this may sound distressing, always keep in mind that Jesus himself will guide. protect, and empower you. Through him, you will overcome the world and be able to stand against the works and wiles of the devil.

One last thing: Im sure many have read this article and are laughing. Remember, what we believe doesn't negate the truth. If you choose not to accept Christ as your savior and reject God's sacrifice, thats your business. It does not change the truth of the Gospel and you WILL go to Hell nonetheless if you die in your sins.

If someone doesnt believe trucks exist, will he be saved from the oncoming trucks if he steps into a busy freeway?

Finally, keep in mind that we are all one heartbeat away from eternity. No one knows when they will die. The second you die, thats it. Only one thing matters: Whether you are saved by the blood of Christ, or not.

Thank you and God bless.