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Finished Elfen Lied

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The story begins with a young girl named Lucy escaping under odd circumstances from an insular research facility off the coast of Kamakura in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. Lucy manages to nonchalantly dismember and slay a fair number of the staff and guards with a form of seemingly supernatural power and gets outside. A sniperis seen trying to shoot her, only managing to ricochet a bullet off her metal helmet. Lucy then falls off a cliff into the sea, bleeding from her head but ultimately surviving and evading the research staff.

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Lucy is not a normal human but rather a diclonius: a mutant variant of humans with two small horns on their heads that resemble cat ears. The diclonius race possesses telekinetic powers through use of their "vectors", long arms that resonate at a speed that causes them to be undetectable by sight. The number and reach of the vectors depend on the diclonius.

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The day after Lucy's escape, a boy named Kohta arrives at Kamakura to meet his cousin Yuka. Kohta has come to study at the local university and has been given lodging at an old, family-owned inn, the "Maple Inn", provided he acts as the caretaker. After meeting with Yuka, they go for a visit to the beach and find Lucy washed up on the shore, still naked and bleeding from her head. The head trauma Lucy experienced causes her to develop a split personality. In stark contrast to the cold and sadistic Lucy, this personality is completely docile, harmless and is incapable at first of saying anything other than "Nyū". Not knowing what to do with her, Kohta and Yuka take her back to the inn to look after her and name her "Nyū". Yuka quickly decides that it will be best that she also live at the inn.

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My thoughts: Elfen Lied is only 13 episodes long...but each episode is one of the most amazing 25 minutes you will experience in an anime. This anime is so beautiful in every way..its a must see, I cant even explain in words how great it is really..its just something you have to watch for yourself..I've never felt so sorry for a character in my life until I watched this. Its really emotional at times and others its funny and action packed. One more thing i want to add, is the opening theme for Elfen Lied.. the art is amazing..its justa puremaster piece and the music that goes with it is one of the most beautiful melodies i have ever heard. go watch this now!!!!!

Death Note manga! volume 6&7

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woot! today I got volume 6 and 7! and no I didnt skip 5 i got that before I made this blog post I just didnt have time to blog it =P well I'll probably be reading them later today..only 5 more to go! then i have the whole collection

360 Dead again!?

My 360 just died on me for the 4th time! i was playing and all of the sudden these messed up colors started popping up on little splashes of green all over the dashboard and even when i played games it was like that too. at firsti thought it was just my AV cables or my TVbut my friend said that before his 360 died it did that to him just incase i checked it on another TV and still the same problems..well i called microsoft and it looked their sending me a box. this is my luck too huh? 3 weeks before halo3 comes out..and chances are im not even going to get my 360 back before then.

Got volume 4 of Death Note

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woot! i got volume 4 of Death Note yesterday..ive only finished like 1 or 2 chapter in it so im not very far yet, ive been over my friends hosue so i havent had much time to read it due to hanging out and all.

Death Note Fever!!

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((What Death Note is about))):Light Yagami is an extremely intelligent, but bored, young man who resents the crime and corruption in the world. His life undergoes a drastic change when he discovers a mysterious notebook, known as the "Death Note", lying on the ground in the year 2003. The Death Note's instructions claim that if a human's name is written within it that person shall die. Light is initially skeptical of the Death Note's authenticity, believing it is just a prank. However, after experimenting with it and killing two criminals, Light is forced to admit that the Death Note is real. After meeting with the previous owner of the Death Note, a Shinigami named Ryuk, Light seeks to become "the God of the new world" by passing his judgment on criminals.

I know its been a while since my lastupdated, but since my last blog post I have been watching alot of anime lately. One of the animes I've been watching is called Death Note, im actually really surprised how fast its becoming so popular in the US. Well I downloaded the whole series since it isn't out in the US yet and i watched all of it. The whole series is 37 episodes long, but it doesn't feel like it since you cant stop watching it once it starts. Its pretty much over before you know it and its sad :cry: anyway I found this anime to be amazing and I think its one of the best out there If not the best. If anyone is interested i actually have a few links for you guys so you can watch the series, and just to worn you guys some episodes might not work because the link might be broken for that specific episode..or ,maybe they haven't uploaded it yet. I myself had to go to a couple different sites to watch the whole thing. i watched some of it on my friends laptop because he downloaded the episodes from a torrent, some were on tv-links,, and I finished it up on youtube lol. anyway here are all the links that I used and you should be able to watch the whole series from these.

Link 1:

[:NOTE:] i know there are two columns oneachside of the page with the episodes in them, if your wondering if it makes a dosent..i just clicked on the links from the left side because the episodes were named and it was just easier keep my place by remembering.]

Link 2:

Link 3:

Link 4:

well that's all the links I have for you guys, I hope it helps.

Anyway I found this anime so good that i actually started buying the manga too..I didnt want to download it because I actually want to support Death im just weird and I like to look at my collection in front of me lol. So far I've bought 3 of them and theres 12 in all x_x i still have a long way to go but after i finish the 3rd (which im already pretty much done) im going to buy the 4th :D

My collection thus far:Image Hosted by

anyway..thanks for reading this long blog post..i hope it didn't bore you too badly, im just trying to spread the news about Death Note out there and if any of you guys like anime maybe this one will steal your current top favorite.

Super Smash Bros.: Melee tournament coming up (((UPDATED)))

i was over my friends hosue and his sister brought home a flyer from a local library. on the flyer it said that they would be hosting a super smash bros tournament. the cool thing is, its free and they provide can you beat that? im actually pretty good at melee so i hope i can do well in the tournament and maybe win some prizes. i'll let you guys know what te standings are when the tournament is over, i still have time to pratice because it dosent start till like the 26th.

[UPDATE]: well the tourney was actually a week ago or so but i just didnt post the standing yet. basically i used captain falcon and i made it to the finals but i lost to my friend so its all good. you see if you win you get a chance to win the gand prize..i wasnt aware of that until i went to the tourney. he won a 15$ dollar gift certificate and he is moving on to the main library where all the finalists from all the other libraries are going. who ever wins there get the grand prize. but you know what? my friend actually has a wedding on that day lol! so i dont think he can go..and he called the library to see if i could take his place for him and they said that i im not sure what he is going to do. it would be a shame to have an open spot that no one can fill.

Manhunt 2 anyone?!

Im a pretty big fan of this game..i have the first one on xbox and its one of Rockstars best games if you ask me..other than GTA of course. anyway! manhunt 2 is supossed to be coming out for the ps2, im kind of disappointed they didnt do a next gen versio nof it but thats cool as long as were getting a new manhunt thats all i care about. theres a brand new story and character this time ='( im going to miss old james earl cash. well this time you play as a doctor named Daniel Lamb..i dont really feel like explaining the plot so you can go look at it here if you want:

 Looks like all the executions are going to be as brutal as ever in the sequel. telling form the pictures it could get really ugly, lol speaking of that i cant believe they are actually making a Wii version of this game..what is someone like jack thompson going to say when he sees young children actually making the motions to kill people on games lol. i cant wait to see all the controversy this game gets. anyways!! looks like an awsome game and im definately getting it when it comes out..if youve never played manhunt before and your kind of intrested in checking it out (especially since its cheap ashell now!) then you can check out my review on it =)

Woot! Lvl 30

i just reached level 30 today..everytime i go up 10 levels it reminds me of how long ive been a member here. 2003 is when i joined up but i never even discovered the forums until 2004 or in the middle or early 2005. well heres to many more years posting here.

PS: i uploaded 4 pictures in my image section if you guys want to look at them. i'll probably put one of myself on sunday when im not busy.