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So two weeks after launch they fix most stuff in the game and will continue to improve the framerate, etc. The game should be now in a much better state. Anyone that picks this up for xmas will probably play it with no hassle and won't even know of all the problems it had at launch.

Let's be fair, ubi is doing their job and patching the game. If you want to dislike and complain then do it about stuff that can't be fixed, like the content or the gameplay.

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I'm just going to throw this out there, but this certainly looks like a fake video. These ads are made all the time nowadays to promote stuff.

The premiss seems ok but it is hard to believe that no one would notice the girl wasn't actually playing albeit the 2nd player or the ppl waiting to play. If you're a gamer, think about it, wouldn't you be looking at her hands like a hawk?

Then it is also hard to believe that even a pro gamer wouldn't lose once, to someone better, to cheer bad luck? It would ruin the whole thing. But no, smooth sailing all the way.

Then there's the reactions of the players and the so called pro. Some are ok and some seem like poor acting.

It's a fine premiss but if they are deceiving us, I'm not amused.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> At some point, in some meeting they probably evaluated the situation and realised "we are not going to have enough time to test this and that extensively. When we launch, problems might arise that we haven't foreseen".

My argument is that at that point they could've decided to delay and test and find some more bugs or they could launch as is and risk it. That's when someone crunched the numbers and as they realised how much it would cost them to delay they decided to keep the launch date.

Of course I'm on your side. I want a great and finished game and I'm not defending Ubi. I'm just explaining how it probably went down and I understand why they did it.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> A big company can't afford to work like a con artist, they would get money once and no more. I still argue that they would lose a lot if they didn't release before xmas.

I agree with you that the framerate problems must be coming from those huge crowds and it's their fault that they didn't test and optimize it a bit more.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I guess you're right. You usually add visual effects to live action but you do it via computer generated imagery (cgi). I mean, it's basically the same thing. On term or another might not be commonly used in this or that context but it's technically correct.

Now special effects...that's a different matter.

But to disagree with you, I think the trailer is well done overall.

PS: In terms of CGI trailers, blur studio does the most awesomest of works :) just thought I'd mention that

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Alright, let's be fair here.

So ubisoft is responsible for this huge franchise. Unity has been in development for quite a while and plenty of people have worked hard on it. It would be nice if all companies could just take their time before release, to iron out all the kinks, but that's not always possible. If they didn't release this game in time for christmas they would be losing a lot of money.

Personally I care about the game content, the story, the gameplay, etc. Bugs and such are not a big deal because that stuff you can fix. So if you complain about the game, just leave that stuff out. The game's been out for a short while and they've already fixed a lot of the issues. Whomever gets this game as a xmas present will probably have almost no bugs because by then most things will be fixed. So be fair, patient and respect their work.

Now, if you've played the game and don't like it because it's too similar to past versions, nothing really innovative, you think the story is a bit weak...well then I'm right there with you. I too think they could've done better coming from "black flag". But I still appreciate the french setting, the feel of the city, the huge crowds. It's a solid 8 for me.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> my friend, the property doesn't matter unless you're an hardcore fan looking to compare every minute detail to the lore. If you're not, it will suffice to have a film based loosely on that world.

To be good this requires a great script and a great director, that's it. If they get those they can make a great film, if not then it's just some game to movie lousy attempt. We've seen plenty of those.

PS: In a purely cynical analysis, considering the director, writers and cast it doesn't feel like this is going to be a great success.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I love this argument.

Let me give a very good extreme example, archeage.

The game let's you buy stuff for money that you can then transform into gold in game, so basically if you are rich in real life you can be rich in game.

Now, being rich in game will let you attempt to upgrade your items over and over till you succeed (RNG is a bitch).

This equipment will let you more than double anyone's stats which is INSANE.

Now back to the argument: it's possible to get all of the best gear in game without spending any money. With money you get there faster as in, with money you can be there tomorrow and without it you can be there in a YEAR...maybe.

This is what happens with this kind of stuff. With money you get an advantage for a long long period of time till the rest of the players catch up (if they ever do).

Back to hearthstone. I try to play without spending money on cards and thus after 6months I don't have them all yet. If the meta requires certain types of decks I can't switch because I can't have all decks. So I'm at a disadvantage. With time and luck I'll get there. Now that a new expansion is released, that time-frame has just increased.

In conclusion: even if you can get the stuff in these games without spending money, it takes time and this is the disadvantage. You pay to get an advantage and thus you pay to win. Forget that "faster" business.

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It's irrelevant to me if this content was there and they just ripped it out. What I find most interesting is how the publishers have found a way to rip us off more money and we just let them.

Let me make a silly comparison. A certain city decides to build a new bridge over the local river.

This bridge is going to take a lot of work: concept, planning, developing, building, testing.

So the company responsible is going to ask for 100million.

Later on someone had an idea for new 'content'. Some fancy lamp posts with led light. This will require some installing i guess, some minor 'concepting'.

The company is going to ask for 40million.

Game = New Bridge

DLC = Some new lamp posts

My point is simple. The extra work they have to put in to make the dlc (usually a few new terrains and character models) is MINUTE compared to building an entire game from scratch which involves story, a game engine (new or optimized), etc. Yet they don't charge 2$ or 5$ for it like they should.

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What a moronic statement. What bugs me the most is that people like this don't get immediately ignored and instead spawn hundreds of comments. It's the very definition of feeding the trolls. Just ignore stupidity and we'll all be better for it. Stop paying attention to the Snooki's damn it!

Moving on, if he had said PS3 or XBox360, he might not have been far off, that's 7-8year old tech. In 8 years we've managed to put those console chips performance into a much smaller package. Back then we were building at 45nm and now we're making chips at 28nm. The size and power implications (also considering heat) of that change alone is huge.

But we're elsewhere now.

The PS3 GPU pushed some 200GFlops,

the PS4 some 1800GFlops,

the new Nvidia K1 (top brass for smarphone graphics) gives u a peak 365GFLOPS.

So better than 8 year old consoles? Yes and it makes sense. Better than an year old PS4? Hardly, 5-6x slower.

For comparison a PC NVIDIA GTX Titan will give you some 5000GFLops (a number that should continue to grow as consoles get older, but that's a different discussion altogether).

Bottom line, if you know anything about gaming graphics, mobile is just insulting when compared to PS4 and it's alright when compared to the PS3. Don't even get me started on a smartphone vs PC graphics comparison.

PS: Now, if you start thinking about getting home, turning on you FULLHD 42'' TV, setting down your smartphone on the table and grabbing a controller to play a game on said smartphone, just like you would on a ps3/ that's something and we're almost there.