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Well it's been a while

it's been a while since I've used this... and for good reason, because I normally haven't got much to say on this

but anyway my bebo blog has been getting more use than this... for various reasons and also I'VE NOW GOT A GOOD TASTE BADGE!

I was wondering when I would get one... since my collection has an averag score of something like 8.7 or so... which is pretty good

anyway every day my enthusiasm for the wii... does pretty much nothing it's really high and is staying around the same, this console will be great

I'm also thinking that in a few years... if I replace my TV to get an HD (I don't even have an ariel socket in mine at the moment) then if the price has dropped on PS3 I may consider buying one... as long as the games are good

I really don't like the 360, I've played it a few times and it's... umm rubbish. I can't see any fun in that console at all at the moment, and I've played kameo fifa and Call Of Duty on it, so it's not like I haven't seen a range of games on it... it's just a bit boring for my tastes

well if u bother to read this (don't know why u would) thanks and please give me some idea of what u think of the next gen consoles at the moment... don't be overly biased tho

just about the union

if anyone sees this
I'm curently working on the union and would be happy if anyone decided to join as we need a few more members
I've posted a topic and a few things in the boards
just something I found while browsing kotaku, anyone willing to join is welcome

didn't know about this now

hmmm blogs are a good idea aren't they
very good for starting rumours... if you own ur own website... wait I do have my own website... ahh well

anyway just decided to post this, about my exceiting life... it's not
but anyway just finished battalion wars which is an amazing game, could have done with mulitplayer or online, or able to build units
FEAR is my game at the minute, but I'm waiting until pcworld stocks processors until I play on, celeron just doesn't have a big enough cache

English and biology exams tommorrow shouldn't be too diffecult cos english u just read between the lines and Biology is absolute tr*pe! I know what really happens in there, when ur food reaches ur throat is disappears,, the men in ur tummy start mixing a stew, when they're done they put it in the pipe to their... wait no that's tr*pe

anyway yeah I'm just bored
will post my thoughts on rumours and stuff here soon, and in my union... check back