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Dear Developers: These Games Suck!

I'm no stranger on writing about how games have been declining, since 2008 I've blogged about how games have been getting worse and worse. I saw it long before that even, but here we are now. 2014 and still not a new, original, graphical powerhouse IP has been released.

How many sequels are we going to keep buying? How many deathmatch games can they release? How much more can they lock on the disc and charge to unlock the content?

I'm sorry, but games aren't worth 60$ anymore... they've taken away our endings, they hardly make any cutscenes, they don't have any boss fights, the acting is terrible, the story isn't a story without the endings or tying up loose ends... the graphics have been held back by decade old technology of consoles. Really, we're not playing on next gen, we're playing on old technology, and some of us are playing on top of the line tech, while playing games that are designed for old tech.

You want to pay for that?

Games have really become this marketing dumping ground, a huge complication of "Sorry, you don't have the DLC." you should purchase this at the in-game shop... have these developers lost their minds? Whatever happened to immersion? Story? Gameplay? None of it matters now...

Now they tell you where to go, how to play, how to spend your money, and worst of all it's nothing new. It's just the same shitty game over and over... no one is even trying to make something different. Everyone is trying to make the next WoW, or the next CoD, or the next GTA. Absolutely nothing with a budget is original anymore. Indie games with no budget are using 8bit graphics to make original games that high budget developers can't imagine for some reason.

Most games have become share on facebook or don't bother playing, invite your friends or spend your money to play something you already bought... but the story doesn't end, the cutscenes are all in game, and the voice actors are all bad (or the same ones), and as I have said... there are no bosses to fight.

They want to tell us co-op games are co-op because you have to open a door and flip switches in sync. Most games don't even have co-op anymore, they've ditched all that for deathmatch. You can't even play the actual game with a friend anymore it has to be a separate mode that really sucks.

What makes this all frightening is that people still buy these games, year after year. Leaving gamers who appreciated games for more than deathmatch in the dust with our ancient games. I guess it's not all that bad going back and playing games when they were good, like Icewind Dale or Wing Commander (which to be fair had it's sequels but those were full games and not just an update of what last years game should have been). Games have no substance, no content, and no immersion. You can buy the first installment, and never have to buy another sequel because they don't change much.

I wish I knew why people were wasting their money on this garbage they are releasing. I don't really find it fair or interesting.

End of Games

I've lost all faith in the video game industry, I have one more game to play before I give them up completely. They've all become mindless and cliche'd hack and slash, or shooters. Terrible MMO's with so much security that even the people buying them can barely play them.

Take for example the latest Ghost Recon, which is literally unplayable and a straight console port. I had to fiddle with this title for several days before getting it to work. It's impossible to get a refund... who can't get a refund when they don't like products? Gamers. Who gets horrible support? Gamers. Who doesn't even get a chance to try the games before they buy them? Gamers.

Apparently we're all idiots and should just spend our money. Because as soon as we load up any game it tells us how to play them. Usually it's a linear path with almost full instructions all the way through each area. Gag me with pepper spray! I've never been more bored with games than this generation.

Today we have marketting hyping up these awful games, spending millions on paying off websites and television networks to advertise their garbage that is now on it's 5th or 6th release of the same thing every year. Call of duty 10 and Assassins Creed 10, and Madden 100, it just never ends with them dumping out the same garbage every year. Is there no originality anymore?

Apparently not. Every game winds up being the same engine and same shooter you've played 100 times over. They've even reduced themselves to remaking 8 bit games, and calling themselves "Indie" developers. Who cares? With all of our technology, we have 10 year old consoles being the number one machine to make games for, and the rest of us buying high end computers are getting console ports.

Well, I'm not putting up with this anymore. Pretending like piracy and security is ruining games when all they make is garbage is just ridiculous. Without piracy, we can't even tell if we want the game anymore. All we have is paid off websites telling us it's good, and hyped up trailers showing us flashy scenes. You can't sell us a good game, so you have to trick us into buying it now.

The last game I will play is Guild Wars 2. I may play it for awhile, but I will never buy another game. I will never buy another console, and I will never build another gaming PC. There just isn't anything worth my time, it's a huge rip off. Just like I cancelled my expensive cellphone, because it's 100$ a month just so I can have the luxury of over communicating. Well I can do that on facebook. Thanks.

I encourage gamers to stop buying games, demand the best... they have nothing they can offer us right now. It's a dead industry to me. It's as bad as the movie industry, dumping out sequels and rip-offs. Stop paying for this crap, it only makes them put out more garbage. The only reason they are still putting out crap... is because people are willing to pay for it. So please, stop being idiots and quit paying for these worthless rehashes, and ripoffs, and garbage.

Games are becoming worse

I used to love video games, I played everything! Didn't matter what there was out there I played it because everything was different. I got to figure out how to use things, how to use it well. Figuring things out and solving puzzles, finding the best way to beat a boss...

Now we have games that tell you how to play, where to go, what's happening and how to solve it. Most games today assume you are an idiot and that you've never played the 15 sequels before it. This is how a game works as soon as you begin to play.








There are very few games available that let you play instead of just control them. Playing games today is equivalent to having some annoying person sitting next to you telling you everything. It leaves you in a mindless mood, unable to enjoy anything because there is no figuring it out. There is no problem solving. No exploring... just go to waypoints and control a boring character.

We're going into the 10th sequels of some games, and most games are replicas of these once a year repeats. We have Wow, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Starcraft, and Mass Effect type RPGs spamming our stores. If you have a Wii, well... you already know you've played those games since birth. I'd be okay with the same style of engines if they weren't all the same basic plot and control style.

Back in the 8 bit days, everything was original and new up until side scrolling platform games took over and became much like the FPS washout we have today. There was a huge selection of games to choose from... but nowadays we just want to know whether it's an FPS and third person, or rpg. Doesn't matter what the story or plot is. People want features, dodging, or running on walls. Story isn't important because we all know what the story is.

On the rare occaision that something interesting arrives we have low expectations, question whether it's been through any kind of real development. We expect it to be one of those movies turned into games. Linear garbage cash cows.

Developers act like they aren't making any money, and that there is no market for original games. Because everybody wants the next Call of Duty. I don't believe that... I believe that publishers want the next Call of Duty. When you're making a billion off of a simple mindless game that you can slap together with the same old usual crap they had in every other installment, and make a billion off of it... why not? Why bother making something new? Plenty of money to do it with, but no point in doing it.

Games aren't about fun and relieving stress, going off on an adventure in a strange new world. It's more of a mindless escape of button mashing and moving forward to find the goal. Games are more about money... what is making more money? How can we make this and get as much money out of it as possible? Deathmatch, ON DISC CONTENT you have to pay for, as many maps as possible... that are just slight variations of previous maps. Gamers don't need stories, they don't need to figure things out, they just need to spend their money.

I haven't been able to enjoy many games... I believe I have purchased my last console, and my PC... well I think I have spent the last of my money on cutting edge hardware. It's time to move on to things that are enjoyable, original, and exciting. Like... extreme sports.

Where are all the boss fights and good endings?

I miss the days of fighting the bosses patterns, nowadays we just go through the games in four hours and get shafted with a brief ending. Usually "To Be Continued..." and not a boss fight in sight. To name one, Assassins Creed. What a joke that game was.

I'd like to see the kids growing up with the games today go through some old school Mega Man, or Ninja Gaiden. I bet even Contra would kick their ass! Games have definitely evolved in amazing ways, but they've also become mindless mainstream.

Velvet Assassin, Halo, Call Of Duty, and others while there are some fun games, they lack the satisfaction of taking on a giant beast or robot and kicking his ass in several different phases! I don't know if it's because I grew up with the older consoles, but the games today are really slacking off. Charging a $60+ price tag for something that ends in four to six hours is really not worth it to me... and they wonder why piracy has taken a chunk out of their developers pockets.

Metal Gear Solid 3 had some amazing boss fights, and that's really the only series I can name off the top of my head that still has great ideas for boss fights. I'm sick of theselame movie to game titles that are so cheaply made they aren't worth paying for at all. Where are the hidden secrets? Where are the cheat codes? Where are the freaking bosses? Where are the endings that make you go HOLY CRAP!?!?

Some games we play for the cut scenes, some games have awesome gameplay, most games have a gimmick and pound it into you relentlessly making for annoying repetition.The perfect example is Assassins Creed, the story made no sense, every area had the same missions, and there was no boss. The ending was such a slap in the face, and the worst part about it is that it was hyped up so hardcore it made me sick when I found out what the game really was. If it wasn't for the neat graphics and sweet rooftop travelling, the game would suck worse. It would really suck, like stepping on a nail, getting an infection and having your foot amputated suck. Thankfully it only sucked like a stubbed toe.

Grand Theft Auto is a great series, add boss fights, you've got yourself a perfect series. It has everything else you could want EXCEPT some bosses! Challenging missions, hidden secrets, easter eggs, minigames, hell you even go on dates, not to mention you can do whatever you want. Then you've got a decent story and interesting characters with creative radio shows and you can watch TV in the game... and it's a hundred times more interesting than the TV outside of the game. But no bosses...

God of War was the other series that had excellent boss fights and a neat combo system, a little too linear but still it reminds me of the old days with super graphics. I wish there were more puzzles, and a little bit more to the story while tackling each mission, but still God of War has it right! They should have kept the challenge mode... I hope they don't go mainstream.

Theres no shortage of the four hour sixty dollar games though, with their cheap simple gimmicks and repetition. Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Incredibles, or any PIXAR game, sure they have their cool factor. But it dies, and if the cool factor doesn't die, the game ends quickly. These developers need to have their games pirated, and they need to be pirated so bad that they lose tons of money off them. But it isn't happening obviously, because they keep slapping the crap out there like Tony Romo throws interceptions.

It's hard to find a good game worth the price, while there are good games out there, they just don't last. And if they do, the ending is just a kick in the balls.

World of TakeYourMoneyCraft

I'm a big fan of MMORPG's... my first ever was of course Everquest on the PC. I was young then and I loved hanging out with people who liked playing games. But as I went deeper into the game, I found that it was evilly designed to steal my money. What was with this standing in one spot with a group of people killing the same monsters over and over for hours until I couldn't stand it anymore?

I eventually quit, thinking that there should be more and went back to my console games that lasted four hours... another evil plan to steal my money. Argh, when is there going to be a game that can capture my interest for more than 4-6 hours? Eventually on the PS2 came Everquest Online Adventures, it wasn't much of a step up from Everquest... but it had a lot of younger players that enjoyed playing. I played a Shaman primarily for a year, with a Monk on Alt status. But aside from playing with friends, the game was worthless. It was also mostly standing around and killing things much like EQ.

I gave up eventually when my keyboard died, from there I lived with the 4 hours of gameplay that every game seemed to offer. Aside from the random PC game that offered RTS, and RPG, like Diablo, and so on... I gave up on finding that solid game worth paying for.

Then World of Warcraft came out, and destroyed Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, and anything else available at the time. It was more friendly, loaded with quests, and gave me rewards for doing just about anything. Not to mention amazing control schemes unique (practically), for each class. I've been playing from day one, and now almost 4 years later I still play.

WoW is the kind of game that demands time, and expects you to put your entire night and day into it. It doesn't like casual gamers, but casual gamers like it. Unfortunately, I've gone on to better jobs and my social life is active. At first, I was running Molten Core, and Black Wing Lair, religiously. When WoW was good... Once the expansion came out my love for the game began to die. More and more kids came in, people became elitist, it became harder to find a group and a guild. It was pathetic, the community lost all hope.

Slowly I became a casual gamer, playing battlegrounds or running the occaisional heroic. Maybe a Karazahn run or two here and there. Arena became my new love for the game, but even that started dying off because of the queuing system, people come and go, and really the game came down to depending on people who are just too sporadic.

I think somewhere the people who believe in playing with others disappeared and it became this solo thing. Everybody had to do their own thing at any given time, nobody wants to work together. The people who do, are all locked in their guilds and too busy farming to give a crap about the lower end. You have to apply to a guild to get into it, at least... a good one. That doesn't even guaruntee you'll get a spot in any raid, it doesn't guaruntee you'll ever get any gear, but it will take all your time.

Unfortunately, I blame the community of WoW for all of this. But it's also that I don't and can't put enough time into the game.

With that said, I love and hate WoW, it's got the best control setup ever in a game. There is nothing better to me, and I have yet to find something with such versatility and detail. I wish I had everyday all day to put into this game, but even if I did... I don't think I would. A game shouldn't be a priority in your life, and if it is, that's sad... but I hope you are enjoying yourself.

WoW, is designed to take your time. That's the center of it's business, and it's selfish, fascist community isn't as pleasant as it used to be. I still enjoy WoW for the gameplay, but I will never have the gear that people who spend all day everyday playing. Yet... I pay the same amount as they do.

When they do come out with things for casual gamers the elitist freaks of nature who live and breathe WoW, get upset. They want to be the best and the greatest with almighty gear. Hey, so do I! I pay 15$ a month just like you! But you'll see more, enjoy more, and be rewarded more. While we'll probably never meet in the game, you're still complaining about me and would probably fight to take away any kind of reward we can possibly get. Crazy Republican behavior!

I think, that WoW should have a better monthly fee for people who do not play nearly as much as the hardcore gamer. I probably put twenty hours into this game a month, while a lot of Sunwell geared people are playing 20 hours a day. Why can't I pay 5$ a month for 20 hours? Why should I have to pay as much as someone who can play Arena for 16 hours, or raid a different instance every night and collect a wardrobe of epic gear?

Why should I have to stand and wait for people to get a group together, when no one even cares about the groups anymore? Any casual gamer is going straight to the battlegrounds and the arenas. PvP is the casual gamers dream, but it's so empty and limited. It is not worth fifteen dollars a month.

So I no longer play WoW, and I am on the search for the MMORPG for casual gamers, with a control scheme that Blizzard offers. So far, every other game borrows from WoW, but does not deliver the same quality, yet they demand much more time for the same price.

MMORPGs are not for casual gamers, and until they come out with something that offers a better experience, WoW will always have an awful community and there will never be groups like Stratholme and Dire Maul again. It will always be Arena and PvP, and snobby selfish guilds raiding the end game.

All rehashed and no innovation

Aren't we all tired of the same old game with a new theme? Isn't it time for something new and fresh? Grand Theft Auto is on it's fifth game, and Halo is going on it's third. Metal Gear Solid is on it's fourth, and we all know how many times Mario shows his face. How many Final Fantasies are we going to get before someone reinvents the console RPG? Everything else is just a ripoff of a ripoff, when it's entirely possible to recreate a game from the ground up... why is no one taking any risks? Why aren't we seeing a leap of faith from gaming companies who have taken our money for years?

If it isn't a first person shooter it's a random encounter game, I mean a role playing game... unfortunately no one does this better than Square. Sure there are some decent ones, but they all borrow or use the same combat system, and take the same elements and add it to their theme. Same ol' small town tough kid that rises up to ridiculous hit points and damage.

Sometimes we get something that comes out but doesn't really get anywhere, like Black and White. Remember that game? Littered with bugs but fun and addicting? At least they tried. Alone in the Dark came out but it lacked execution, great ideas but nearly unplayable. Though it gave us the greatest opening sequence in a long long time. The Bourne Conspiracy is a lot like many games, yet it added something interesting.

The console market today is a lot of rehashed same old, same old. Resident Evil is getting better, but come on... can't they just call it something else? I mean how many STARS have to die before they make a completely different story and world? We like the RE series, but can we just move on?

Street Fighter seventy is coming and we're all... have any of us played every one of these versions? Does anyone care about Street Fighter anymore? Soul Calibur 4, and Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Virtua Fighter... good grief. Can't we add something new? How about taking the fighting element from Soul Calibur and adding it to one of those console RPGs? The combat system would be a million times better than anything out there!

Can we get a FPS with some real boss fights? How about some puzzles? Portal was something, but it lacked in story. Great idea, but what do we get? Short handed. Aren't you tired of tearing through FPS levels that lack substance? Can't something happen, how about a challenge and a reason for having skills and weapons? Do people really find it fun to kill things in a different way rather than presenting a challenge and giving us a reason for guns? Violence is cool and all, but it's just a way to kill time.

How about an epic FPS with challenges of boss fights that require some thinking and ability, rather than unloading hundreds of rounds of ammunition that no person could realistically carry? Better yet, how about a game that has a lot of story, a lot of puzzles, and no guns and violence? Or if you have to have violence, how about hand to hand combat? Wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of grappling, choke moves, bone breaking martial arts in a game? I mean, it'd have to be executed to perfection... and it is possible. So how about some guts you lazy gaming companies?

Whatever happened to positional attacks? World of Warcraft does this well, for example, the Rogue depends on the element of surprise, and being behind or out of range. Stunning and disorienting is the name of his game. Stealth and ambush, gouge and backstab. Having enough energy and timing is crucial. Why does no other game offer a mechanic like this, but they'll steal almost every other element? One of the major things that keep WoW fun and on top is probably the best game controls ever in an MMORPG. No other comes close, and no other game offers the same quality of action. WoW characters definitely have to think about what they are doing (if they want to play and win instead of grind and complain), and each class has it's challenges.

Why can they not implement this into other games? Why can't they steal Rainbow 6's cover system and put it into something interesting? Why do they keep making the 5th installment of Hero runs through map soaked in blood to get to the next map of the same thing? Why can't they make GTA into an MMO? They have plenty of money, they have plenty of time, and they have plenty of talent and ability.

But while stealing the gameplay and adding it into another game seems like a good idea, I'm losing my whole point. What I'm suggesting is something new and fresh, bring us amazing... bring us a revolution. Invent a new genre, create a masterpiece, inspire us, give us awe... define art and creativity through interaction and give us a reason to spend our money. Stop wasting our time with the next Fallout, and the next Gran Turismo, and the fifty millionth Mario. How many times can they do Devil May Cry? Isn't there enough Maddens? Haven't you taken enough of our money?

Give us something to rave about, give us a reason for the hype. Turn gaming around before it's too boring to play anymore.