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What are the benefits of playing Witcher III? Please help this survey!
Hey fellow gamers!

I’m a student from the Department of Journalism and Communication Research in Hannover, Germany. In a class, we are currently conducting a research project on a topic that probably many of us here love: The Witcher III.

As you may all know, video games are often discussed in terms of their negative effects on players, but are there also benefits of playing? How do users perceive The Witcher III and what are the potential positive impacts of playing the game?

In order to answer these questions, we need YOUR help. Support our scientific mission and take 10 minutes to fill out this questionnaire:

The more of you fill out this questionnaire, the more science can learn. You will not only be heaped with my highest gratitude, but also will you know to have contributed greatly to the better understanding of the positive effects of playing video games.

Thank you!! :)