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Just Got My New Blackberry Pearl

Well guys, this is the first blog I've made in a while, but I am excited because I just bought a new blackberry pearl 8110 off of ebay. The thing is though, I went into AT&T and made it prepaid. I don't feel like paying 30 extra bucks a month for some data plan BS. On top of that, it's much better than my old tracfone. The worker who set it up didn't think it would be able to send MMS or picture messages because it doesn't have a data plan. I was gonna put that to the test for sure.

1st Impressions: well it looks great, I'll definitely have some class when I make calls from now on. The menu is nice, not to cluttered, and the camera works fine. It won't let me record video until I get a micro sd card, but that can wait. Oh, here's a picture:

blackberry pearl 8110

My next quest into the phone was to find out if it could 1. go online 2. send MMS (picture messages).

After about 10 minutes I had sent 3 MMS and just watched a youtube video. Problem is, the video costed about 7 bucks of my prepaid minutes. I also tried the voice dialing system, which is AWESOME, because I've never had a phone that could do that before.

This is probably not the best blog I've ever written, but oh well, I have a blackberry and I'm pretty pumped. No more "wow that phone looks pretty sh*tty dude" or anything like that *hopefully*. I'm cool now, and that's all that matters8). I really need to start making more blogs, I just don't have the time.

UGK 4 Life Review-New Album

UGK 4 Life Album Cover

Track Listing

1. "Intro"

2. "Still On The Grind" feat. Raheem DeVaughn

3. "Everybody Wanna Ball"

4. "Feelin' You"

5. "The Pimp & The Bun" feat. Ron Isley

6. "She Luv It"

7. "7th Street Interlude"

8. "Swishas & Erb" feat. Sleepy Brown

9. "Purse Come First" feat. Big Gipp

10. "Harry **** feat. Webbie and Lil' Boosie

11. "Used To Be" feat. E-40, B. Legit and 8Ball & MJG

12. "Steal Your Mind" feat. Too $hort and Snoop Dogg

13. "Texas Ave Interlude"

14. "Hard As Hell" feat. Akon

15. "Da Game Been Good To Me"

16. "Outro"

I'll start right off by saying this is, so far, the best release of 2009 hip hop music in my opinion. With awesome production and solid flow/lyrics by Pimp and Bun, this album has everything there is to like about UGK. The bad part is, with Pimp C gone, I doubt we'll see another album of this caliber be released for a long time.

Most of the songs have solid, well thought out production that I can bump in my car or just relax to. "Swishas & Erb" is my personal favorite track on the album, and has an awesome hook from a Society of Soul sample, and is the perfect song to chill to. Tracks like "Steal Your Mind" are awesome to play loud and just have a good time listening to. The singles released thus far, "Hard As Hell", and "Da Game Been Good To Me" are average yet still solid, and the former is the only song I skip on the album.

To wrap things up; if you're looking for some real, no BS hip hop, this is definitely something you should at least check out. It's too bad it's been put under the spotlight behind weak emcees like Asher Roth and Flo Rida, though they still put in work, just not like UGK:P. This is a real banger, so check it out already!

Why Shooters Aren't Long Lasting

my next blog entry brings me to shooters-and the fact that ones over 3 years old are pretty much dead.

Shooters may be the most popular genre of gaming out right now, and they certainly dominate online play. But the problem is, why are the ones that aren't brand new never played? How come I can't go back and play Goldeneye or MOH Frontline? They suck compared to shooters nowadays. You can't really argue with that.

I often play old games such as Pac Man and many old "classic" RPG's. Those games are still playable, because even after all these years, there hasn't been much improvement in those genres. Sure, the graphics are better, but with turn-based RPG's and strategy games, the gameplay is the same as it always was. But with shooters that's not the case. Gameplay, as well as almost every other aspect of shooters has drastically improved in the past 5 years. This fact has made shooters older than virtually unplayable.

While MOH Frontline was and still is one of my favorite games, it is terrible compared to modern shooters like Gears of War and Call of Duty 4. Why? Because they've improved so much.

And the reason why I think shooters have improved and changed so much over older games in the same genre versus RPG's and arcade games is because they're so popular. RPG's always have a following, but they have never been quite as popular as shooters. And because of that, the way we play them hasn't changed much-there hasn't been as much work involved in developing them. Unlike shooters, since they're so popular, a lot of money and effort is spent in improving and designing them.

Simply put: shooters are improving, and will continue to do so as long as they stay popular. And because of that, older shooters that were once great and fun to play are left in the dust as new technology arises. I guess it's a double-edged sword. 

Started Shivering Isles

I'm playing the expansion pack to Oblivion and my God it's awesome. It got me back into the game, and I haven't been playing Oblivion for months. There's no words to speak of it, it's just awesome.

My advice: play the Shivering Isles.Now.:twisted:

My thoughts on BIA: Hell's Highway

whether you're planning to buy the game or not, this "review" of mine may help your decision.

First off, Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway is the third game to the popular tactical WW2 shooter series. And it is easily the best. This isn't COD or MOH where you are a one man army, single handedly changing the outcome of ww2. You play as Sgt. Matt Baker, a squad leader who has lost a few too many soldiers under his command.

If you don't like tactical shooters, well this game will still be fun, because it's not quite as tactical as GRAW 2 or games like it. While you do have to take cover and control squads, it's all very fun and user friendly. You usually control up to two squads, have them lay suppressing fire on the the Germans while you go flank them and kill them from the side. Nothing too complicated, but it's enough to where you HAVE to take cover or, yes, you will die.

As for the graphics, well they're not the best and the textures can take some time to load. It uses the Unreal Engine, and texture loading times seems to be a problem with that in most games. With that being said, this game has the best graphics of any ww2 shooter I've seen/played thus far. Sometimes it looks a little too shiny and pixelated, still, the graphics and environments can blow you away. (it did for me).

The single player mode takes about 10 hours to complete, depending on how you play the game (whether you choose to sit back and let your squad take the bad guys out, or if you just rush head on, etc...).Multiplayer on the other hand, is complete garbage. I was very dissapointed with this. It feels like they just tacked it on, just to have a mutliplayer component in the game. I won't go too far into this, seeing as how bad it sucks. There's lots of lag and I had trouble figuring out what to do.

So here's the final rundown: Hell's Highway is an excellent shooter with plenty of character development (lots of cutscenes). It' deeper than most ww 2 shooters and you have to use strategy to get through levels. The levels are very detailed. If you're looking for a great single player experience, this is the game for you.

If you're looking for a multiplayer shooter to replace COD4 or other games, this isn't gonna do it, I'm sorry to say. Try waiting for COD WaW or Gears of War 2. Oh, and you can reload the M1 Garand mid-clip;)

Sorry about my long-windedness, but come on, it's a great game! My score: 8.5/10

Preordered Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

that's right, went to my gamestop and put the 5 dollars down payment and I'm now on the reserve list for it. I just hope it'll be a good game.

Some things are still bothering me, like the graphics, which don't seem to have quite enough texture to them. But either way, I'm gettin the game on the first day.

Oh, and the school is fine, even though I'm in a freshman class, but it doesn't really matter.

School Starts Tomorrow, Sept. 3rd

Yep, I'm back to school tomorrow. Luckily, in exactly 24 hours, school will have already been out and I will have completed my first day. Too bad these next 24 hours will go by very slow....

On top of that, I'm trying out a vocational school that teaches trades like culinary, auto repair, and the like. So I'm a new kid-again. Of course, there are some people there that I might know, seeing as it's in the same district as my regular school. But either way, I can't see myself having a very good day tomorrow. Wish me luck folks:cry:

Top Five Games for this Fall

Wow, I'm really looking forward to this fall's lineup of games, it really is gonna be good. Here are my top Five most anticipated games for this fall (no, I'm not making any more top ten movies lists).

1. Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway-this could easily be the best game I've ever played, it has that kind of potential. Although I haven't played it yet, so I really can't say. Either way it looks great.

2. Gears of War 2- The first Gears was awesome, and this one looks great too, especially with "supposedly" better multiplayer (dedicated servers) and a more cinematic campaign. Yea, another 60 dollars out of my pocket, but it will be worth it.

3. Fallout 3-In all honesty I don't know much about this game, but I saw the trailer and was immediatley hooked. I'll have to read some more previews and the review when it comes out, but hey, it looks good. Nuclear aftermath, can't go wrong with that:D

4. Too Human-I played the demo, it was great. I'm not a big fan of RPG's but this is looking good. The combat is a bit hack n slashy, but that's not a bad thing. Hopefully the storyline will be good. Definitely hyped for this game.

5. Left 4 Dead- Last but not least, this game looks awesome. Again, I only have a blurry picture as to what it's about, but I've seen the reviews and vids, it's looking good so far.

Runner ups:

Project Origin

Soul Caliber 4 (yes, i know it's out already)

Mercenaries 2

Fable 2

Far Cry 2

Have a happy weekend guys:)

Going to Indiana for 2 Weeks

Yep, I'm taking a vacation to visit relatives in Indiana for two weeks. That means I won't be posting, blogging, or doing anything on this site. For the 30 or so folks that track me, farewell-for two weeks that is. Still looking forward to Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway btw.

Let's see if gamespot can function properly without my finesse and intelligence8)

Just saw Shawshank Redemption

I know it's a bit late, wayy too late, but either way, I saw it, and I have to say, it's amazing. Morgan Freeman really did a good job. On top of that, it's a prison movie that isn't about gang wars. that's hard to find these days. The one bad part though, his escape was pretty cliche, especially the way he got rid of the dirt (dropping it through his shoes), a blatant rip off of "The Great Escape".

With all that said: 8/10

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