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Hello SMITE-ers... If that's a suitable name for us, my name is Noah, or MOBAFreak. I just recently made a new channel, that is entirely based off of MOBA Games. Considering the forums that I am posting on, you should probably know what a MOBA Game is.

I have made about 9 videos now, mostly to do with what a MOBA Game is, and the differences and Basics to the 3 MOBA Games I'm going to be recording: DOTA 2, League of Legends, and SMITE.

I'm starting to advertise now, (hence what you're reading) and I think my channel would help a lot of new people get used to MOBA Games. I'm going to leave my channel link below, along with a couple other links to some of my videos.

Channel link:

'What is a MOBA Game?':

'SMITE Basics (part 1)':

'SMITE Basics (part 2)':

I really hope that a lot of people will take a look at this, for some really awesome League of Legends footage, and for some laughs from me and my friends.

If you like the videos, please, give them a like (it called me some bad words, so slap that like button really hard) and if you'd like to see live games, (I'm going to start uploading those nexts) please, subscribe!

Thanks and enjoy!

Notes: I am in no way a professional SMITE player. My channel is a fun hobby, and me and (mostly) my friends make a lot of people laugh. This is a way of sharing the love of MOBA Games and have fun while doing it.

The links to these videos and such, are all mine, and are not copyrighted. They are only to youtube, so don't worry about viruses and such. If you are quite young, some of my live matches may have some adult-based humor. Viewers have been warned.

Note that I will be posting this on every forum that I believe is appropriate for what I am posting.