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I use them sparingly. Like very sparingly, games today are pretty good at holding your hand through it all when it comes to the campaign mode. I do watch videos though for information regarding certain classes, weapons, tactics and strategies for online multiplayer games.

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Personally my favorite campaign was probably World at War. It's pretty hard to choose I really enjoyed Modern Warfare 1&2, and Black ops 1&2 campaigns as well.

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It does bother me. But not in the sense that I am afraid of death I am and I am not. I've found during my harder times in life I worried a lot about death it scared me, because I don't want to die not living my life and being in a miserable state. Through the years I've come to realize when I've enjoyed what I was doing I didn't really think about death, I would have been content in those moments because I know I am doing something I am passionate about.

Life in my opinion is a gift it's something special we experience you either make the best or the worst of it. Not to mention I'm not sure if I would really like to live forever. That would in my beliefs ruin the whole meaning of life.

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I don't think the Xbox brand will ever be popular in Japan no matter how hard they try. Japan is a tough market to break into.

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It's one of my favorite games of all time. Games like the Witcher 3 are very rare if you ask me.

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Does anyone else think the 2011 Alabama team is vastly underrated? I seriously think it could perhaps be one of the top teams in the BCS era and of all time. The loss against LSU in the regular season probably hurt a little bit but if you look back at that year if LSU would have defeated Alabama in the rematch it probably would have gone down as one of the greatest teams ever.

LSU faced 9 ranked opponents(including Alabama twice), prior to the title game they were 3-0 against Top 5 teams(3 Oregon, 2 Alabama, and 3 Arkansas). LSU was pretty dominant and most likely would have been compared to some of the best teams of all time, and Alabama blanketed LSU in the title game in arguably the most dominant defensive performance in modern day college football. The first meeting Alabama missed several field goals and lost 9-6.

2011 Alabama was loaded with future NFL stars, and the 2001 Miami Hurricanes were also stacked with future all-pros. They only gave up 17 points at home ALL YEAR, and smacked two Top 25 teams 124-7 in back to back weeks(Syracuse and Washington). The defense allowed 117 points all year to 104 for Alabama and Alabama played an extra game and arguably the toughest conference, while the Big East was relatively weak.

What do you guys think?

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I highly doubt Microsoft intends to leave the hardware business at least for awhile anyways. If Microsoft leaves the gaming industry, it's practically seceding more territory to Google, Apple, Amazon etc, Microsoft wants to build a solid ecosystem to compete with these other companies App stores. It would be a big mistake on their part.

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The gaming media will tell you it's because of the DRM fiasco, and yes it did play a big part in it, but Microsoft recovered to the best of its ability and it's still selling well.

The truth is PlayStation has always been a bigger brand than Xbox. When Sony launched the PS3 they were high. Even the PS3 surpassed the 360 after all those years show you just how big of a brand PS is.

Even without the DRM fiasco Xbox One would have fallen behind, and while it's still strong in the US it might have topped the PS4 in the US like the 360 did in North America.1

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I've been visiting this site since 2001. Man I miss the old days of GameSpot!

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Add me on PSN llMK3ll, the "ll" are lower case L's. Need some PSN friends as well! Old school gamer also, play just about everything but only have a few games for PS4.