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milesprower2k9 Blog

Hi guys! Long time no post!

Hey Gamespotters, Milesprower2k9 here. Haven't used this site in a very long time. But might try to get into it again, bare with while I get used to the new layout (though I guess it's not new anymore! lol)

For those of you who don't remember me or those of you who have only followed me recently I am a 20 something!! (lol) casual gamer and university student who mostly plays Sonic and Pokemon - both new and old! Also love Spyro, Crash, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Banjo Kazooie to name a few - older 3D platformers might be a better summary lol. Was never a particularly popular user on this site, but would always enjoy sharing opinions and ideas and reading comments. Tried to write reviews though looking at them now I think they are pretty terrible lol!

So when I get to gripps with how this new site works here's what I would like to post about over next few months:

Classic vs Modern Sonic - From the view of a 90s kid

Top 10 pokemon from each region

Reviews of: Pokemon XD, Omega Ruby, Sonic Lost World (3DS), maybe some 8 bit Sonic games I missed, Starfox games, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3 (I finally got it! 10 years after it was released - never came out in europe but I finally managed to get one!)

I am open to suggestions for blog posts and reviews. :-)

I have no idea if you can even comment on blogs anymore, but hey. It's okay we can adapt!

Sonic Boom: Thoughts and opinions

Hey all, it's been a while. Really despise this layout but here's a blog

Sonic Lost World 3DS is awesome! Will review some other time :-)

ANYWAY! So a whole new Sonic series has been revealed! Sonic Boom! And we have a game for the Wii U and 3DS coming out and an animated TV series coming out at the end of the year. And apparently there will be a film at some point too! This isn't to replace the current Sonic series, but run along side it.

If you haven't already seen it the game trailer is here

Now what do I think of it? Well not going to lie, my initial reaction was "WHAT DID THE DO TO THE CHARACTERS!?" but as the trailer began to show off gameplay I began to become excited about it. You get to play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. And I'm glad for the first time in forever we can finally play as tails again! YAY TAILS! Amy's new gameplay with acrobatics looks cool, and to be honest acrobatics is what I wanted Unleashed's Wearhog to be like (Good game if you haven't played it - both versions)

Gameplay will supposedly be more exploration based which I'm happy for, because as much as I like the linear new Sonics I did have a lot of fun in the Adventure Fields in Sonic Adventure.

No Caption Provided

Right, diving into contravwesial territory now, the desiiiigns!

So at first I was all like WHAAAAAT for the soul fact, it just isn't what I'm used to. I'm closed minded like that! But very quickly, within like 10 mins quickly, the designs grew on me. So Sonic now has a slightly altered spike design, neck scarf and sports tape. All looks fine, except why is the tape on his shoes - the rest of the tape looks fine, but why the shoes? His arms are also now blue instead of cream - which took someone else to point it out for me to notice actually. I like tails' new design, except again who wears sports tape over shoes? Well Knuckles has clearly been to the gym and is more buff and now has fingers - most radical change, but to be honest after the initial "WHAAAAAT!" it doesn't bother me at all. And I like Amy's redesign.

Apparently they wanted the designs to look distinct so you could differentiate between Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Boom. Again apart from taped shoes (because Sonic's shoes are awesome! Why has no show company made them in real life yet!?) I'm okay with the designs.

There is a trailer for the TV show on youtube

I am excited for the game (and even teh show and film because I'm a big kid!) I'll be playing the 3DS version because I am not getting a Wii U for quite some time - years!

So yeah, what do you guys think? You excited or are you going to pass this one :-)

128: Current thoughts on the 2DS - Scam or Innovation?

Hey all just to give a few thoughts on Ninetndo's upcoming console the Nintendo 2DS

Review readers: Pokemon Ruby is now up 


So at first I was all like "How... daft" but after hearing the purpose of the system I can't really complain

For those of you who have yet to hear, the 2DS is a tablet shaped varient of the 3DS without the 3D function or folding design. Yes this may sound daft at first, not gonna lie at first I was all like "That's just a scam..."

But the purpose of the system - it's not aimed at us. It's designed for young children


About lacking the 3D. It is true you can go into the parental controls section of the 3DS and swicth the 3D off. I don't know how easy it is to do so and I don't know how easy it would be for a child to figure out any password to turn the effect back on. Now to be honest, the 3D effect - I don't like it very much, I just play with it turned off. After a while it hurts my eyes and you do have to sit facing the screen at a certain angle.
The 3D effect is not suitable for young children. Aparently it can lead to vision damage and possibly even seizures

The fold up design. yeah it's a double edged thing. It's true the folding design protects the screen and is just more convienient for storage, but the hinges are fragile. Young children are liable to dropping things and the hinges on DS do break. My DS lite which has been dropped planty a times by various people's hinges don't click and the screen now can't stay up unsupported  so you have to flip it back as far as it will go and hold it in a certain way. And worse than that I have actually seen top screens disconnected at one hinge.
Young children drop things, so lacking the hinge is good for them because it's one less thing to break. Additionally the system looks like a brick. So hopefully that means it's durable. Not as durable as the Nokia Brick though, cuz that thing is indestructable

Now it's bigger so not as portable, but everyone I know takes hand held systems with them in a back pack so really it's not that big of an issue in my personal opinion.

The system is set for release the same day as Pokemon X and Y, so hopefully for nintendo, sales for both will indrease.

Supposedly the system will be cheaper than the 3DS - I got my 3DS second hand from Amazon UK for £80, which because I am a tight wad - I do consider that a heart attack price. the 2DS is set for £109. OUCH!! Whereas a new 3DS is around £140. (According to Game Uk these are the prices) So yeah pre-owned 3DSs are cheaper - but if someone is funny about using preowned systems then yeah the 2DS will go in their favour price wise

2DS plays all 3DS games and is backwards compatible with MOST of the DS library. But still lacking the GB slot. Nintendo please either give us that slot back or release GBA and GBC games on eshop - you will make money from it. Actually go for the eshop - so we could all play Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal in their original forms without worrying about the internal battery. (Off topic apparently Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are due to die soon too)

So at first glance, a 3DS without the 3D function and a non folding design does infact sound REDICULOUS. BUT, it's not for us. It's for young children.  If I was a parent (which I'm not) and I wanted to get a child around 5 a 3DS, I would opt for the 2D model because no hinges to break and no risk the child would figure out how to get into the parental control options. It's cheaper.

So there you have it, my thoughts on the 2DS. What do you guys think? :-)

have a nice day! 

127: Lets Discuss: Pokemon X and Y (SPOILER WARNING!)

Hey ya! Here to talk about the upcoming Pokemon X and Y. This blog contains spoilers!!

Review readers Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue is now up It's a bit long. 


So Pokemon 6 - X and Y is set for world wide release on Saturday October 12th. I will be be running out to get Y version, for one reason and one shallow reason only - The mascot reminds me of Valefor...
In this blog, which probably will be quite long, I'll just be discussing various things that have been announced so far.

Lets discuss the starters first!

from left to right - Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin

What I think of these starters? Well I love Fennekin the Fire type Fox and Chespin the Grass type Chipmunk thing (?). Froakie I'm not too keen on (YET!) But with most Pokemon I don't initially like the look of, he will probably grow on me over time. Their fully evolved typings are Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychc and Water/Fight so they will be able to cover weaknesses against their opposing type (sorry for bad grammar!) I like that idea! So far I'm leaning more towards Chespin because I think the bird Pokemon you get near the start evolves into a fire type and I want to stay varied (assuming Fletchling is the bird you get at the start) But I want to see the final forms before I pick for sure!


fairies will rule the world! 

For quite a while now, people have  wished for a Light Type - instead we got Fairy type. Now can I just say I AM PRO FAIRY! I love the idea! Apparently this type was made to even out Dragon type as Fairy is super effective against dragon. Okay lets see. For some reason I think Fairy types will have a large roster of supporting magic moves such as healing magic, elemental resistance shields (much like a Final Fantasy White Mage) As well as damage attacks too obvious

Now about weakness and resistance? Well we've already been told Fairy types are super effective against dragons. I think Fairy should also be supereffective against Dark cuz fairies are all depicted as goodies. I think psychc should be super effective against fairys because it takes the mind to believe in fairys - and as we all know - everytime a child says they don't believe in fairies, a fairy somewhere drops dead! (Well according to Peter Pan anyway) Apparently Fairies are weak against poison - which makes sense because Tinkerball drank poison to save Peter Pan and died! And is only brought back to life by the children of the world's beleif in fairies! (Well in the adaptation we recently did at my theatre group anyway) Okay that's probably not the reason. But LOL

Released Pokemon So Far

For newly released Pokemon - well - some I like, some  not so. I like Sylveon, Talonflame, FLetching, Dedenne and there's probably more but I can't think of any others right now. But some I'm not too keen on the look off like Gogoat and that Squid thing.
Pokemon has always been that way - I'm gonna say it - there was some Pokemon in Red/Blue that I wasn't keen on - same for each and every generation. With so many characters, not every character can appeal to everyone. But some generations Pokemon are certainly better than others. 


Xerneas and Yveltal


box art

Xerneas is a Fairy Type and is known as the Life Pokemon. Yveltal is Dark and Flying and is the Destruction Pokemon. From this, I'm guessing the game will have a good vs evil motif going on. Which begs the question? Do you get to play as a bad guy in Y version!? :-D I like the design of both of them! I really like the blades of Xerneas. But I do think it looks like a cross between Cobalion and Stantler. And as previously stated, I like Yveltal because it looks like Valefor. I've always had a thing for birds of prey... They're so cool!


Additional Features

There's a feature where you can interact with your Pokemon like virtual pets and you get to feed and pet them. Sounds cute!

Now the next feature is one that I actually don't like the sound of - Mega Evolutions. It's a temporary form of evolution which can happen to fully evolved Pokemon if a certain item is possessed. To me it just sounds like it will make everything all over powered. I personally like to have a balance between Pokemon I like and Pokemon that I thing will be good in the game. But this new feature may push to use strong Pokemon and utilise this feature unless you want to do insane level grinding. So may sound closed minded here, but no I don't like the sound of this one

Swarm encounters are when you run into 5 wild Pokemon at a time and it's 5 against one. And you use one attack then they all use one - sounds unfair to me.


Pokemon Z speculation

Normally Pokemon games have a paired release and then an enhanced version as you all know. Black and White broke this tradition with a sequal. And honestly, I hope X and Y has a sequal rather than just the same game with some new additions. If Pokemon Z is to be released in the future, I hope it's a sequal.

it has been speculated that a mascot for Pokemon Z will be a serpant like creature in the shape of a Z. Supposedly (and I have no idea where I first heard this) Xerneas and Yveltal are based on some sort of old myth and there is a third member which is a snake. Another idea is the dimensions of a plane. X, Y and Z. X being horizontal like how Xerneas moves across land. Y being height where Yveltal can fly up and down and Z being depth. Depth brings water to mind, so some have also used this idea to speculate that the Z pokemon will be a sea serpant.


What I want?

The general trend (with some descrepencies) is that Pokemon has improved as time has gone on. For me personally the original Black and White were the best Pokemon games due to an actual story, barely any forced level grinding, linear dungeons and a fantastic unique ending (shame they had to go back on that one in BW2) I would like these to be carried on over to X and Y. Especially the level grinding! I hate level grinding. Just let me get on with it!

Essentially I'll be happy with a game that does what Black and White did only better! The original Black and White is the only Pokemon game I have played through 3 times within 6 months! The others I have completed twice max over a period of years.



By the time the game comes out I'll be back at uni. So I'll probably just complete the game and put it aside and not bother to try and fill up the Pokedex. - Much like I did with White 2 - I completed it, caught Reshiram and Kyurem and then didn't touch it again due to lack of time. 

And this blog is insanely long HAHAA!
I give a massive clap to anyone who actually reads the whole thing XD

Toodles! :-) 


126: I now has a 3DS - and what games I want / uh oh fake GBA cart!

Hello people! How's it going!
I will be doing a catch up on your blogs over the next few days


Review readers please could you give these a quick skim?
Sonic CD 2011
Sonic Generations 3DS 


I now have a 3DS - just the standard blue one. I got it specifically for Pokemon X and Y when it comes out. It is now traditional for me to run out and buy the latest Pokemon game the first day it comes out. At the moment I'm leaning more to wanting Y version because Yveltal reminds me of Valefor - and I love the Aeons. Though Xerneas looks elegant and I'm loving the sword legs. At the moment I'm thinking of picking Fennekin as my starter, but I want to see the evolutions first before I decide on that.

But I'll save what I want from X and Y for another post 

The only game I have is Sonic Generations. Decent. But I do think they should have only used hand held titles, it would have gave people an insentive to go on the Eshop and get them. I think I'll do another blog another time on what both versions of generations should have been like but for 3DS,my new level list would be. 


Green Hill 8 bit (obviously)
Sky High Zone (Sonic 2 8 bit)
Sunset Park (Triple Trouble)
Rival - Nack the Weasal in Turquouse Hill
Boss - Silver Sonic 


Angel Island
Music Plant 
Cyber Track 
Rival: Knuckles in Sky Canyons
Boss: Final boss from advance 2


Water Palace
Sky Babylon
Tropical Resort
Rival: Blaze in Dead Line Zone 
Boss: Deep Core for the soul fact the music is awesome 

I got the demon for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3: Gates to Infinity. And I'm impressed! The funny thing about the last 2 mystery dungeon games is I don't really play them for the gameplay - the stories get quite interesting (although the characters are quite 2D and it is all quite predictable) it gives off a nice vibe and they are genuinly entertaining! I like the fugitives bit in Red and Blue rescue

Also got the Rayman Origins Demo which I am impressed with. Do also have Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, Nintendogs and Cats, Epic Micky - Power of Illusion and Mario and Sonic 2012 demos


Anyone ever encounted conterfeit GBA games? I have now! my Sonic Advance 2 was fake - my favourite one as well. I got it in the summer of 2012 and completed it - decided I wanted to start again, and the game would not overwrite any data. I dismissed it thinking it was just the way the DS emulated it. But now a year on, I thought - maybe it's fake. So I did some research - and the fakers did a good job because alot if the things you're told to look out for to say it's fake were missing. I now have a real one which deletes fine. In an odd way I found it kind of fun to get all analytical to the minutest detail! I did notice a few differences at first - the plastic seemed to be a slightly different type and the engraving of text was different - the Nintendo stamp on the chip board was different - but I thought all those differences were because it was a US cart as opposed to a european one

In an odd way that was actually fun... have you had any fake game experiences?
Will put up an identification list of things to look out for if you want one 


See yous later! :-)

125: Wanna Play! - Sonic Lost World

Hey guys, just a blog on the newly announced Sonic Lost Worlds - what I think from what's been supplied so far and what I would like to see, what I like the sound of and what I don't etc.

Firts thing's first. Due to the Wii-U having heart attack prices, I will not be playing this version of the game for quite some time. Like a few years. The Wii-U library doesn't really appeal to me so far, so I'm either going to wait until I hear about enough games to warrent paying that amount of money or just wait for the prices to go down.

However, I do plan on getting a 3DS soon for Pokemon X and Y versions, so I will be getting that version at some point soonish!

Now for those of you who don't want the game spoiled I won't go into too much detail. Both versions are slower paced and a speed up feature is presant, but it doesn't look like a boost to win scenario - and I'm glad to be honest. Yeah I did like Unleashed and generations etc, but I think it's about time they tried something else. Sonic can now run up trees and along walls which looks fun. Good old spin dash is back and apparently the wisps make a return too!

Alot of people have noted that the game looks like it's trying to rip off Mario Galaxy. Well aparently Sega and Nintendo are now in partnership, so I suppose that would be Nintendo ripping themselves off. Although when I saw it, I thought it looked more like they were trying again for an old forgotten unreleased title Sonic Xtreme for the Sega Saturn. The green hillish level in Lost Worlds looks alot like Jade Gully from Sonic Xtreme. (Hence the title 'Lost World' hmmmm) There is also a subtle refreance to Xtreme in the 3DS version, there is a wisp that turns Sonic into a saturn. lol.

There are some gameplay vidoes up for both versions of Lost Worlds on youtube if you want to go see - i will say no more on what the gameplay looks like in terms of facts.

Now things that I'm not so please with. Sonic is the only playable character. That has been confirmed. Come on, I want to play as Tails and Knuckles again! And also I think the game is only 6 worlds each with 3 acts - so 18 stages + some (more than likily) extra ones. I'm getting a bit sick of these Sonic games that you could complete in a day if you really wanted to. Colours was fine, as for me it did offer enough and had me want to replay the levels often enough so it laster quite a long time for me. Generations was a missed oppertunity, and was far too short and although good, didn't offer enough.

I also hope Sega can keep a can on it this time. For generations, all levels and bosses were anounced before the game was even released, so there was no surprises. Even on GS it would pop up in me news feed thing "Level x confirmed for generations" I want there to be some surprise when I play the game. I have spoiled a bit for myself obviously, but I do want to not hear anymore until I get to play the 3DS version. 

Moaning aside. I actually have a feeling that this will be a really good game! I am quite excited for it. The Wii-U version looks better and it may be a few years before I get to try it. But I am still excited for the 3DS version. The last time I had a really good feeling about a Sonic game was Sonic colours, and that far from dissappointed me and I will actually say that Colours has been the best game since Adventure 2! I'm hoping my experience with Lost Wolrd 3DS version is the same!

All in all, I am looking forward to this game! :-D

124: Hey guys! It's been a while!!

Hello eveyone! Hope you're all okay!

Just a quick post to say that I'm gonna be back on line for a bit. It's midnight over here now and I am knackered, but will go round checking out your posts and what not tomorrow at some point!
Got some reviews lined up too!
Pokemon White 2, Sonic Colours DS, Kingsley's Adventure to name a few

So I've been off the radar for quite a while. So how am I? I'm great at the moment! Just finished my exams for the first year of uni - I'm doing a biology course - initially i really hated it and wished I could quit and started looking at alternatives. Cut a long story short, after almost loosing the plot on multiple occaisions it gradually improved. I'm still not sure what I think, but hey you know what they say - Nothing worth persuing is easy to persue!
Strangely enough I've felt a lot better during this exam season than I've felt since starting. LOL. But on a posetive note I've made new friends and now come to be a bit more understanding.

I have a new pet! A black hamster called Skittles! He's very lazy! But very cute
If you wanna see him, follow this link and click on reviews and scroll to the bottom and click for the next page. Mine is under the name "Deshika" and is towards the bottom of the second page (though may be on the third by the time you click it) and then click the images
Though the review is false is Skits is certainly not a ball of energy any more. He sleeps for ages and eats alot. He even snores a bit - no joke :-P

Well with some new games I want to talk about, I will talk about them in next blogs.
Sonic Lost Worlds (Looks like Sonic X treme) Pokemon X and Y - ecxited! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3 - Gates to Infinity, Final Fantasy X HD

Well I'll be sure to blog comment to you tomorrow morning! 
Good night! 

123: Hey All / Pokemon Black/White 2 pre-review / 3 years of FF obsessing

Hey everyone, it's been a while!

Started Uni at the end of September - how did it go you may ask?

It started off allright but then went down hill until it just became a sine graph (up and down up and down) Work overload - hence no posts. Really enjoying this much needed break :-D

Anyway, we're not here to talk about that, we're here to talk about what is, in my opinion, the best (if not close second best) Pokemon game yet - Pokemon BW2!!

It is amaaaazing! It took what I loved about the orginal and amplified it! There is a story presant and it does get quite interesting and suck you in towards it's Climax - sooo cool! Though without giving away spoilers, the actual game ending was really dissappointing! There are lots of non Unova Pokemon presant that you can catch such as Growlithe, Rilou, Mareep, Magnamite, Flygon = I could go on. So if you really want to, you can have a whole team consisting of old pokemon if you want.

Like the original, with the plausible exception of the start, there aren't really any moments where you have to go out of your way to level grind. This keeps the flow of the game going and means you can complete it quite quickly - I'll be honest - Diamond and Pearl - Loved these two but I stopped playing for about 3 months because I just could not be bothered to train with no progression

Generally dungeouns are simple, which is either a good or a bad thing depending on what type of person you are. Personally I like it that way - but hey - I have a short attention span!

I finished it in about 3 weeks, but havne't touched it since catching Kyurem and Reshiram - SPOILER - you can't get the main legendaries until after completion.
This was all before stress overload XD

In other news after being advised to have an hour of absolute switch off everyday - started to play Final Fantasy again. Number 9 this time - I never actually finished it before. Zidane and Freya are just awesome! Currently on disc 2 - that bit where that girl with the axe comes to kidnap the princess. Oh and Beatrix is amazing and I wish she was part of the main team and not just a tempory charcter.

It has been 3 years now (or just under) of Final Fantasy obsessing of some sort. Yeah 3 years ago started to play 7 after not touching since 2006 - was unable to get back into it back then - but when I picked it up again Dec 09 I fell in love with the awesome story, addictive gameplay and general feel of the game. I completed it twice in a row and then started to play number 9 before ording 10 off ebay. Got to disc 3 on 9 and then 10 arrived - when that arrived there was no going back - when I say I was obsessed with that game - I mean it XD. Bare love - completed it four times in one year! Played 10-2 twice too.

Now enter 2011 - still obsessed with the series, just didn't play it - managed to get half way through 10.
2012 - played 10-2 and got upto chapter 5 but had to stop due to it being close to the exam season and I had other stuff I wanted to do in my spare time instead. Also set up another file on 10 over the summer and got as far as Macalania - there's one thing I'm very good at. Starting up new files and 70% not finishing them (on any game) XD

So yeah - a fleeting visit - hope everyone's all good :-)

122 - Last blog for some time - My emails in here if you want to keep contact

Hey all, hope everyone's okay.

Well I'm off Gamespot - at least for now. Just not that into the site anymore. But I have met some cool people on here, so if you wish to keep some form of contact my email adress is

just let me know who you are of course! :-D

Haven't posted in ages! I did pass my A-Levels with A*, A, A and C in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths respectively. Quite pleased with my self to be honest! No idea where the Physics grade came from. LOL Ahh Sixth Form... Was really hard but certainly rewarding! And it doesn't feel that long ago I was stressing over GCSEs

But there's no time for celebrations now! Cuz now I'm at uni! It's a local one so I still live at home! But the good thing is that most of the freinds I've made live at home too so I don't really miss out on evening socials. I'm doing a Biology course. It's alot of work so far, but it is interesting. So far it has mostly been what we did at A-level in more detail, but there is alot of indipendant learning involved - was never any good in that department. I miss being spoon fed! XD

Anyway, that's enough of that! I got Pokemon White 2! And so far I am LOVING IT!! I've already done the last gym. It is amazing so far! Takes a bit longer for the plot to emerge than the original Black and White. But I tell you, that sudden spike where the plot appears I was not expecting that! It's totally WICK!! My team so far is:


Serperior Vallia (Unfezant) Riley (Lucario) Azumarill Zanda (Ampharos) Firaga (Darmatian)

Team appears to be doing the job so far! Though Azumarill doesn't tend to get used anymore. Vallia, derived from Valefor from FFX of course! Firaga being an attack from Final Fantasy - equivilant to Fire Blast I guess (where Fire and Fira are liek Ember and Flame Thrower)

Yes I am still out right obsessed with Final Fantasy X... It's been almost 3 years! I don't even play ot anymore and the obsession is still there!

But apart from being able to squeeze White 2 in. I haven't had mad time for games anymore. Why? I got a new hobbie now! Well it's not completely new, but I do more of it now. DANCING!! Though I have no skill! I can do a heel click though (just about XD) Have done dance at theatre for years (I think it's Jazz dance primerily, but we do other stuff too) Now I do Street Dance with teh uni's club twice a week and ballet externally on Thursdays (yes I am a girl) As fun as the two new additions are - I will always have a special place in my heart for the dance we do at theatre!
Doesn't help that the choreograopher there is my idol! XD Ahh I aspire to be like her when I'm older! A mentally and physically active person who has the ideal balance of work and hobbies! - So that's my long term goal!

So Gamespot, this is good bye!

It wasn't that long ago I set up this account. Feel like I've changed alot since then. For the better. If I've learnt anything - it's to never give up - cliche' but true! Life is what you make it - and I want to make mine an adventure filled with laughter and hilarities! With my best friends beside me and my dreams running free! Don't dream it, DO IT!

Cliche' pep talk for the win!

Anyway, not final goodbye, will probs log on from time to time


121: My summer so far / New reviews / Olympic Glory

Hey everyone! Well I haven't posted a PROPER blog for quite some time now and I haven't been posting reviews lately.
Yeah if you have a minute or so please could you check one or two out? Thanks

So yeah I get my results on Thursdsay and I'm soo scared! Don't know if I'll be woop woop or waaagh! This summer break has been long. Been off since the end of June and my uni course (if I get the grades) doesn't begin until the end of September. Staying at a local one - one of the best for what I wanna do.
So what have I been up to? Well a few weeks after my exams it was my theatre groups performance! To a play called Our House. Very confusing plot, but I enjoyed doing it. It was basically about this character who was confronted with a life changing decision and the story splits and follows him in the good and bad vareint of his choice symbolised by his costume. It gets really confusing, especially towards the end. Theatre starts again in September - don't know if I'll be staying though - will have to see how intense my uni course is first.

Also I plan to start dancing lessons in Sep. Took alot of google searching but managed to find a local beginners class for my age group! :D Can't decide between tap or ballet though and they would clash so can't do both. Think I might just flip a coin XD

New games recently? Well I got Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon at long last in July! I love it! Not quite as good as the second Spyro, but better than the first one. So I'll be reviewing soon. It's cool with all the different characters and I like the skateboard mini games too!
Another game I got was Mario and Sonic London 2012 Olympics. It's good, a lot more based on timing skills this time round. The dream events are cool, especially Equestrian, Uneaven Bars and Fencing. My only gripe with the game is that everything is pre-unlocked so there is no sense of progression and no festival or circuit mode. There is London Party mode, but I think circuits or a festival mode should have been included along side Party mode.
Looking forward to Pokemon Black and White 2!

So the olympics is over! Did anyone else watch it? It felt nice to have it in my own country - bringing people from all around the world here as one to play games against each other! Team GB were awesome! Mostly doing well in the Rowing and Cycling events - which appear to be our trademark. There were so many notable performances I can't list them all, but Jess Ennis was great, Mo Farah was great, Greg Rutherford, Ben Ainslie, the horse riders, Rebecca Addlington and many others!. Nicola Adams won the very first womens boxing medal. I was really happy for diver Tom Daily when he won bronze, same with the gymnast Beth Tweddle on the uneaven bars.
The race between Usian Bolt and Yohan Blake was awesome! I also thought it was cool when Farah and Bolt decided to switch poses
Too many notable amazing performances to mention, but well done to absolutely eveyone who took part!

So anyone else who watched, what were some of your favourite moments for your country??