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@goldenelementxl: Ok pal, keep smoking the good shit. This sky isn't blue, it's red- Perfect logic. I bet now you are going to say that the PS4's sales numbers are bogus... Must be lots of fun living in the land of make believe.

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That's a poverty scenerio, not an abortion scenerio. You can't solve poverty since it has always been around, but we can try to alleviate it by figuring out why people are poor and how we can attempt to bring them up.

According to the Brookings Institute, which a left leaning organization, there are three simple ways to avoid poverty:

1. Graduate from high school

2. Don't have kids out of wedlock and wait until 21 before having kids

3. Having a full time job

If you so these things, you only have a 2% chance of being in poverty, but you have a roughly 70% chance of being in the middle class.

The problem is, an overwhelmingly vast majority of the time, people do not follow these rules and they end up in poverty. If two people are already in poverty and they decide to have a baby then that is just them making bad decisions. People aren't poor because we have an unfair system in America, people poor because they make excessively bad decisions and they are terrible with money. When you add abortion to the mix you are just enforcing even more bad decisions and now you are promoting the idea that abortions are a form of contraceptive, which they shouldn't be.

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Haha! I definitely don't need to see the eye doctor since I have 20/13 vision with my glasses on.

Anyways, what you are saying clearly shows that don't even remotely have a clue of what you are talking about and I even provided two sources, one was directly from Sony.

Also, the PS3's upscaling tech is vastly inferior to that of the PS4 Pro. You can call it stupid, you can disagree, but facts don't care about your feelings.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this has been tested and it has been proven to be true. The PS4 Pro has the best upscaling tech in the business and while I'm not making the argument that it is true 4k, I am making the argument that between a native 4k blu-ray and PS4 Pro's upscale ability that it is extremely difficult to tell the difference.

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@bigfootpart2 said:
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@horgen said:

@mighty-lu-bu: It is quite possible to be pro-choice, yet thinking it should be limited to first trimester. Or does pro-choice in your opinion mean until birth? Supporting the pro-choice side does not equal to actually using it. It simply means having the choice of doing it, not that you have to do it.

There is nothing against being pro-choice and wanting limits on it. That is not conflicting views.

Based on my personal beliefs, I believe that life begins at inception. Even in an embryonic state, the unborn baby it is still technically a living organism. If we went to Mars looking for life we would classify life as a living organism even if it was a basic as a single cell organism.

Inception was a pretty good movie. I think you mean conception.

You seem awfully concerned about clusters of cells, but not all that concerned about what happens to babies once they are born. Why don't people like you support paid maternity and paternity leave, childcare subsidies, universal healthcare, etc? You know things that would actually allow working class women to have babies without having to live in crushing poverty and despair.

I would refrain from making assumptions about my beliefs and the beliefs of other conservatives. Of course I care about what happens to babies when they are born- you honestly think I am going to be pro life and then all of a sudden stop caring after the baby is born? What kind of logic is that?

Also, most companies have paid maternity leave, especially in the corporate world. The company I currently work for has about to 9 weeks of paid maternity leave and almost every company I have ever worked for does this. Sure you aren't going to find paid maternity leave with a mom and pop place, but a lot of companies offer this and I don't have any objections. Guess what? My company also gives stipends for childcare.

I don't believe in universal health care because as a conservative, I fundamentally believe that healthcare isn't a right, but a commodity and it should be treated as such.

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@goldenelementxl said:

@mighty-lu-bu: I’m a little busy today so I can’t get into it at the moment, but you both don’t understand what Sony is saying in that explanation or what a UHD player and disk are. Put a bluray in a PS4 Pro next to a UHD 4K bluray and a Xbox One S/X and the difference is pretty obvious.

No, I know exactly what they are saying. The PS4 Pro Upscales blu rays and if you put it next to a UHD 4k blu-ray player or an XBox One S/X I guarantee two things: either you will not be able to notice the difference or the difference will be so minuscule that it won't make much of a difference. I have tested this with my roommate's XBox X and my PS4 Pro using the same TV and neither of us could really tell the difference.

I think you should brush up on your PS4 Pro knowledge in terms of upscaling.

This is all the info you need: https://www.valuewalk.com/2017/02/ps4-pro-4k-difference/

So back to my main point, when someone ridicules the PS4 Pro's lack of a UHD 4k blu-ray player, they are not realizing that the hardware is already upscaling blu-rays to 4k and the PS4 Pro's upscale feature is currently the best in the business.

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@horgen said:

@mighty-lu-bu: It is quite possible to be pro-choice, yet thinking it should be limited to first trimester. Or does pro-choice in your opinion mean until birth? Supporting the pro-choice side does not equal to actually using it. It simply means having the choice of doing it, not that you have to do it.

There is nothing against being pro-choice and wanting limits on it. That is not conflicting views.

Based on my personal beliefs, I believe that life begins at inception. Even in an embryonic state, the unborn baby it is still technically a living organism. If we went to Mars looking for life we would classify life as a living organism even if it was a basic as a single cell organism.

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@goldenelementxl: If you watch a regular blu-ray on an original PS4 with a standard HD 1080p TV, then you will obviously be watching it in HD. However, if watch a regular blu-ray, with the PS4 Pro with a 4K TV, then the hardware of the PS4 Pro will upscale the image to 4k. Basically, the hardware is upscaling it, where as 4K blu-rays are pre-upscaled which means that you don't even need a 4k blu-ray player.

4K Entertainment

Q: Does PS4 Pro support Ultra 4K Blu-ray Discs?

No, PS4 Pro’s internal Blu-ray drive does not support the new Ultra 4K Blu-ray Disc format. It supports the same Blu-ray Disc specs as the standard PS4. The Blu-ray Disc Player application, however, will support high-quality upscaling of DVD and Blu-ray Disc content.

Source: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/09/08/ps4-pro-the-ultimate-faq/

So in a nutshell, anyone that dings the PS4 Pro for not having a 4k Blu-ray player either simply doesn't know what they are talking about, or they haven't done the research.

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@horgen said:

@mighty-lu-bu: Yet more people consider themselves to be pro-choice than pro-life. Says so in your source.

I believe you read the study wrong.

"If politicians really want to show that they trust American women, then they should follow the advice of the overwhelming majority of us and restrict abortion in meaningful ways.

This means supporting the president’s action to ban funding of abortion internationally, which is supported by 83 percent of women, and same percentage of all Americans.

This means limiting abortion substantially through legislation. Nationwide, 77 percent of women support limiting abortion to – at most – the first trimester. That is slightly higher than the percentage of all Americans – 74 percent. Laws restricting abortion should be embraced, not resisted.

And 61 percent of women think it is important, or an immediate priority, for our government to restrict abortion in this way, a slightly higher percentage than the 59 percent of all Americans who hold this position.

Not surprisingly, the majority of American women (59 percent) say abortion is morally wrong, the same percentage of all Americans who agree.

And a majority of women (51 percent) believe that abortion causes more harm than good in the long run; 50 percent of all Americans agree.

There’s another thing too. Though abortion advocates use the term “pro-choice” as shorthand for pro-abortion, the polling shows that many – often most – people who identify as pro-choice actually support substantial restrictions on abortion.

Those who call themselves pro-life can be counted on to support such measures in overwhelming numbers, but so can majorities, or substantial minorities, of those who identify as pro-choice.

More than half of those who call themselves pro-choice would limit abortion to – at most – the first trimester. Seven in 10 who call themselves pro-choice support the end of abortion funding abroad – the policy enacted this week by President Trump."

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@Xplode_games said:

TLDR; scroll down

This gen started with Playstation dramatically more powerful and only $399 vs $499 for the much less capable Xbox. It makes perfect sense that the vast majority chose Playstation.

Later on Sony began making the big mistakes. First they released a VR that no one asked for. Then they released a PS4 Pro but there was very little "pro" about it. It didn't even have a UHD Blu-ray player. Even the Xbox One S has a UHD Blu-ray player. The reason that is pathetic is because Sony is part owner of Blu-ray. They even tried to shove down our throats Blu-ray last gen with the Blu-raystation 3 $599!

Microsoft has since corrected their mistakes. They got rid of kinect, first with a bundle now completely. They released an Xbox One S which gave a tad more power but more importantly included HDR and a UHD player at a great price. Then they released a beast box X. This makes Xbox the most powerful console by far and it does include a UHD player as standard as it should be.

Finally Xbox now has the best backward and forward compatibility in the industry without argument. So many 4k patches for all of the top AAA games and the performance is just staggering. To the point that PC enthusiasts have been feeling threatened as evidenced by all of the damage control threads.

The BC has been insane including 360 games moving to full 4k and looking absolutely STUNNING! Even regular Xbox games are getting the full 4k treatment such a Morrowind and Ninja Gaiden Black. Meanwhile what BC does the PS4/PS4 Pro have? It's garbage compared to the X. The cows clown the X's BC but we all know if the Pro was getting top PS3 and PS2 games with new 4k patches while Xbox didn't, this forum would explode.


Now here is the big lie that I am exposing here today. Playstation has exclusives meanwhile Microsoft doesn't. The lie is that Playstation is a console driven mostly by it's amazing exclusives. No, it is driven by all of the great multiplats and would be dead as a doornail if it had to rely on it's exclusives. The only console that can and has relied mostly on it's exclusives is the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo consoles in general.

Playstation has a lot of catching up to do is the fact. They have miles to go to reach X levels of BC. They need a more powerful console because they are being outclassed at the moment. They need a UHD player, wtf don't they have one? They need a redesigned controller or at least an alternative choice for players who don't like the alignment of the analog sticks. The exclusives are the only thing Playstation has and that is why the cows only talk about that as if it were the end of the world in greatness. Meanwhile they say everything Xbox is doing great doesn't matter and is crap. You know it would matter big time if it were an advantage to Sony so they are obviously exposed.

If anything Microsoft has made Playstation irrelevant with it's beast mode hardware, beast mode BC and the absolute best forward compatibility promised for future Xbox consoles. It also has a UHD player standard so it's a KO for movie watchers as well.

You do realize that the PS4's hardware upscales traditional blu-rays to 4K resolution right? Also, Sony doesn't own blu-ray, but I believe that they own the rights to the logo or something so every time a company wants to use the blu-ray logo, they have to ask Sony.

So some of your "bogus" arguments have been debunked, what's next?

Oh that the PS4 doesn't actually have exclusives? It's a fact at this point that Sony has had the best exclusives this generation and what has Xbox had? Ryse which was an absolute dud, another Halo, another Gears of War, Forza and Sea of Thieves just to name some of the few. Do you want me to list all of the PS4 exclusives with their metacritic scores? In fact, we can do a comparison with PS4, Switch and the Xbox One and we can list all of their exslusives with their metacritic scores to see which one has the best... I'll give you a hint *whispers* the PS4 wins.

Sony also doesn't have miles to go to catch up to the X, the X was more powerful sure, but it wasn't drastically more powerful. I love the fact that you insisted that you can't win a systems war argument with bogus arguments, yet you are the one who has made some of the most bogus and nonfactual arguments out there.

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@PraetorianMan said:
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@zaryia said:

Not exactly surprising with all this anti-abortion rhetoric, on top of GOP serial sex offenders (allegedly) like Trump and Moore being such big figures. And those wife beaters who were part of the WH staff.

Oh call us crazy simply because we think that that its morally wrong to kill a baby... I know liberals don't understand what individual responsibility is, but you don't get to kill things simply because of inconvenience.

There's a big functional difference between thinking that its wrong, and thinking a combination of 1. the government should have the right to outlaw it, 2. Outlawing it will actually effectively stop it, and 3. there won't be any fallout or drawbacks from outlawing it.

There are a LOT of people, particularly millennial women, who think abortion is morally wrong, but also smart enough to realize that the GOP's plans to outlaw it will make things worse instead of better.

@mighty-lu-bu said:

See this is where I have serious, serious issues. Organizations like Planned Parenthood like to push the narrative that having an abortion is no big deal. Watch a late term abortion where the fetus, which is a baby at this point, is dismembered, then get back to me. Even if you don't acknowledge that it is a baby or a life, it is still a potential baby or life.

I find it ridiculous that women get the green light to kill life simply based on their convenience. Oh its inconvenient to have a baby, its ok I will just have an abortion. There is no justification for killing someone unless your own life is in jeopardy. No one has the right to kill anyone simply because of either inconvenience or the level of burden someone is. Example, if I am walking down the street and suddenly I encounter a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk who is blocking my path, I have no moral right to kill them.

Gotta love the brainwashed liberals who actually justify the killing of an unborn child, and they call conservatives radicals? Please.

What kind of terribad slant is this? First of all, qualifying something that is "still a potential baby or life" as something inherently sacred that must be protected results in ludicrous positions like masturbation or the menstrual cycle being immoral since they too result in the destruction of potential human life.

The truth is a embryo is functionally identical to a sea cucumber embryo or any other deuterostome at inception. Even after its organs develop and it becomes physically identifiable as human it is still, in terms of its consciousness and sentience, functionally identical to a fish or amphibian. Trying to find a line where a fetus actually becomes functionally human is not something that any lawmaker has been able to do and probably never will be able to do.

In any case, it doesn't even matter. Abortions aren't done for "convenience". The fact that you tried to equate a woman bearing a child to a homeless man blocking your path down the sidewalk shows how wildly out of touch you are with this issue. The VAST majority of Americans believe that abortion can be morally justified at least SOME of the time, and not just in case the woman's life is in danger. Sometimes pregnancies are the result of incest and/or sexual assault, or because of "stealthing" and similar dumb shit. Sometimes a woman realistically CAN'T take care of a baby and don't really have alternative options. Not ever woman has parents/grandparents who will take care of the baby for them. Adoption realistically can never work on as large a scale as we're discussing here.

This is coming from someone who was both born two months premature and adopted. Adoption is not an answer to illegalizing abortion on a national scale. Do you honestly think there would be no repercussions if EVERY abortion performed in this country ended up being a child in the foster care system instead?

That's the issue here, and that's the issue with millennial women and the GOP. Most women probably do think abortion is morally wrong. Thinking that abortion is morally wrong isn't fanatical or even unique, but most people also recognize abortion as a necessary evil. Most people do believe that sometimes an abortion can be justified, such as a teenager being raped by a family member, and they also see that the GOP's plans to destroy Planned Parenthood and hyper-regulate abortions overall will only end up hurting those people, like that teenager, who actually really need it.

According to polls last year, 59% of women thought that abortion was "morally wrong". In addition, a whopping 77% of women agreed that abortions should only be performed in the first trimester and that most women and surprise surprise, are in favor of restricting abortions, including funding.

Source: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2017/01/27/poll_finds_most_women_back_abortion_restrictions_132913.html

Abortion is not a complex issue, it is actually a very simplistic issue; either its murder or its not.

As you say, even if a human embryo can be compared to the embryo of a sea cucumber or whatnot, the human embryo still has intrinsic value because if left to the natural process, it will develop into a baby. The question most have is where do you draw the line or where should government draw the line? Do we draw when the baby's heart starts to beat at 6 weeks? Well, we can't really do that because there are people with pacemakers who need a machine to live. Do we draw the line at 6 weeks when the first brain wave activity is detected? Well we can't do that either because there are people in comas who have little to no brain wave activity. What exactly am I getting at? Well, any time you draw a line, you also draw a false line that can be applied to an adult human so best practice is firmly draw the line at the inception of the child.

Also, yes most abortions happen because the parents do not want to be inconvenienced or overburdened- why is that so hard to grasp? As a rule of thumb, I think its morally wrong to kill someone simply because they are an inconvenience or a burden. If you are in a coma, do I have the right to kill you? No? Well in this state you are an inconvenience and a burden, but that doesn't mean I have the right to kill you. Also, I agree with you that abortions are completely justified if the mother's life is in danger, but that isn't what we are talking about here. A vast majority of abortions occur because of financial reasons or not wanting to take responsibility, for not using contraceptives, or from contraceptives failing (most of the time it is the improper use of said contraceptives i.e. being on birth control pills and forgetting a dose).

If you don't want a child then you shouldn't be having sex and if you have to have sex then you both parties need to be willing to except the responsibilities. It all boils down to individual responsibility... nothing more, nothing less.

The argument that "it's my body and I can do whatever I want to my body" is null and void because the baby is not actually part of the women's body. Then we go down the rabbit hole discussing women's rights, but what about the baby's rights and what rights does the mother have that magically negate the rights of the baby? This argument is ironically similar to the argument that slavers had: its my property and I have the right to do whatever I want with my property. Flash forward to the abortion argument and we can see the similarities: its my body and I have the right to do whatever I want with my body.

Then we have the argument where women often say: you are a man, you have no right to dictate what we do with our bodies. Well, even though I am a man, I still can recognize when something is morally wrong.

The big problem is that the left has not only created this fantastic narrative that abortions are no big deal and that its akin to getting a flu shot, but they are also pushing abortions to be socially acceptable and I find that abysmal. Even Democrats i.e. Hillary, Bernie etc. are in favor of third trimester abortions.

Anyways, I would say that we would need to provide cheap forms of birth control, but there are already cheap forms of birth control since you can literally go to 7 Eleven and get a pack of condoms for under 10 dollars. Bottom line, there are very few instances where abortion can ever be justified, but I think outlawing or heavily restricting it would be the right course of action.