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My thoughts on E3 2012.

Damn I spent nearly the whole day watching those demos from the gamespot live show on E3. and here's my opinion on this year's show.

Firstable Ubisoft & Sony made the best conferences this year. the rest were hella boring.

Best Games

6- Dishonored: The trailer didn't really excite me. but when I watched the demo I was really impressed on how you can play through missions with different ways (stealth, brutal,..) & the abilites, weapons you have in the game + the story could be really interesting.


5- Injustice: Gods Among Us: I swear it's like a dream came true when I was like "How awesome would it be if the Mortal Kombat developers would make a DC universe or Marvel fighting game" and damn they were like listeing to me. gameplay looks absloutely fantastic and different and I'm sure they'll do the DC charcters justice in this one.


4- Assassin's Creed III: As always epic trailer and a demo that makes you just wanna play it right now. the game looks amazing and sure a massive step up from Revelations which I didn't like much. and Conor looks like a real badass character (i'll be missing ezio so much though)


3- Tomb Raider: My favorite game series of all time. the game never lookd better story-wise, graphically, gameplay,... the bad thing is that I have to wait till March..


2- The Last of Us: Probs for Naughty Dog for their works man. I watched the demo several times without gettin' bored. and the moment when the guy's run out of ammo and the girl threw threw the brick at the enemy when he attacked. totally my favorite moment in the show.


1- Watch Dogs: Probably the star of the show. the game that came out of nowhere and damn how it looks so fantastic and the idea of it is just awesome. I'm sure Ubisoft will amaze with this one. be aware GTA V.



1- Dead Space 3: I have that fear that this one will be more of an action shooter game than a horror one. even if you have the option to play without co-op the word co-op alone in a horror game doesn't make it horror. we just shall wait and see

2- Resident Evil 6: Coming from a big big fan of the series. something about this game just doesn't deel right, I don't know but It was my most anticipated game of the year, now I'm just afraid the changes they took the game in might dissapoint. and the whole "hey we have all your favorite characters in the same game" might turn ugly. we also shall wait & see.

3- No "Gta V"

4- No "Mirror's Edge 2"

5- No "Tekken X Street Fighter"

6- No "The Last Guardian"

7- No "Beyond good & Evil 2"

Dozens of new games + Fun fact.

So today I was checking my XBL rep and I found it:

6% preferred you or didn't submit a review about you

94% avoided you,

54% Trash Talk

1% Agressive

18% Unsporting

21% Quit Early

My online gaming is mostly fighting games, so that's why it's that way, the funny thing is that I never, ever, i mean never quit a game early or sent a message for anyone I've played against and I swear I even suck at spamming. I guess it's not strange anymore that I absloutely hate people.


Anyways today I finally got some time to go to Cairo and pick up some new games, don't think I'll have much time playing them these days though cuz College is murdering me slowly and I mean it. So I got:

Of course those 3 fighting games were my first pick-ups :D


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Gears of War 3

I can't believe I've done this but I actually got Skyrim, I was supposed to get Ninja Gaiden 3 but It looks like S*** so..

and a used copy of Battlefield 3.

So If you wanna have a match in any game feel free to add me: BilobateGenie8

Peace :)

Best and Worst of 2011 + Most Anticipated for 2012

I know it might be late and all but I just finished playing my last game of 2011.

So here's my list of best and worst games of 2011. and as always feel free to disagree with meh and I'm sure everyone will anyways :)


Best Games of 2011:

5- Dead Space 2

Amazing, creepy atmosphere, better than the prequel & surprisingly addicting multiplayer.

4- Portal 2

Never thought I'd be playing this game one day but I just had to after the rave reviews from

critics & players. and it turned out to be extremely addicting with ridicoulisly amazing puzzles

& story and the ending was the star of the whole thing.

3- L.A. Noire

New, Different, Graphically is a masterpiece + great story, & unexpected shocking ending &

decent soundtrack.

2- Mortal Kombat

Best fighting game everrr. More violent, bloodier than ever, great story mode & challenge tower

missions and epic fatalities. too bad the bad online was a massive turn off.

1- Batman Arkham City

Just when you can't find anything just modest about a game. This game has been perfect in all ways.
Gameplay, Story, replay value, side missions, challenges, Just plain wow and extreme progress from
the original.


Special Mentions to:

- Saints Row: The Third

- Alice: Madness Returns

- Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3


Okay this year I haven't played those: Skyrim cuz I've never been a fan of that genre, Gears 3 cuz I've been abandoning my xbox for like 4 months now. (mainly PC gaming), Uncharted 3 cuz my ps3 is in heaven now. and of course Zelda & Super Mario.... so if you were wondering why they're not in the list.


This year I haven't played a game I can call bad but there were some dissapointments and they're:

1- Assassin's Creed Revelations: Great game and all but for me it's a decline for the series. Very easy missions like there were not any mission that made me rage and jump from my chair every time I fail it, Very Short, no several cities you play missions in like in the past games. and the multiplayer hasn't changed at all. but still it's an AC game was very enjoyable and great story and sure lookin' for AC3 this year.

2- F.3.A.R.: tried it from my friend and I can say that I'm totally dissapointed of how the series have come to.


My Most Anticipated games for 2012:

5- Grand Theft Auto V: It's GTA so I don't need to talk already?

4- Bioshock Infinite: my fave FPS series. and this looks like it'll be best in series.

3- Tomb Raider: I've played every single game in the series so yeah..

2- Street Fighter X Tekken: When Chun li and Xiayou are in the same game how couldn't I be excited for it?!

1- Resident Evil 6: Well It was SFxT before this was officially announced but sorry when it comes to RE, can we have a time machine already??

L.A. Noire, Alice & Games I finished so far this year.

Hey Gamespotters :)

So last week I finished one of my very anticipated games this year L.A. Noire.

My Score: 9.3/10

My second fave game this year (after Mortal Kombat). This is one of those games that you'll either love it so much ot it will get you bored after playing 30 mins. though lacking some repititvity but it was still so enjoyable, it had the best graphics I've seen in a video game, the new MotionScan technology was beautifully done there by the developers and the great actors.

the ability to read people's faces to find out if they're lying or not is a joy alone, amazing dialogue and voice acting and you get a different answer for any choice you take to believe or not. and it's just not about going to crime scenes, investigate and suspect people. it has also great var chasings, gun fights and 40 different street crimes that gives it great replay value. the ending was weirdly shocking and so un expected.

Amazing game but not for anyone.


Like I said in my last blog I got bunch of new games for my 360. and I decided to start with Alice: Madness Returns.

I was a very big fan of the first game American McGee's Alice, that's why I decided to begin with Madness, as I also wanted to play different game from what I played recently.

My Score: 8.5/10

I really can't find an acceptable reason of why this game got poor reviews of gaming websites such as Gamespot, IGN,..

I enjoyed the game by every mean, it wasn't like I expected to repetitive and somehow boring. though it's one of the longest games I've played this year (like 12 hours or more). I didn't feel bored at all, moving through wonderland was gracefully fun with solid controls, great visual design, creepy and great variety of monsters and boss fights, fun combat and wird weapons, and jumping through invisble platforms was a blast. I mean don't you just love jumping over flying flying cards?! :P

It also had great and enjoyable different modes and mini games like playing with huge Alice and stomping monsters and castles with your legs, also driving a ship destroying sharks and navigating two-dimensional Alice through Japanese scroll art and others like sliding puzzles, chess puzzles and playing a pinball but with a doll's head instead.

The story starts slow but gets exciting with the last 2 chapters. the ending was kinda meh to me as I wanted it to be unpredictable and crazy.

Alice: Madness Returns is a differnet and refreshing game from most games out now and I so recommend it for any paltforming, action adventure fan.


So those are the games I played so far this year in order:

- Call Of Duty: Black Ops (PC)

- Left 4 Dead 2 (PC)

- Amnesia: The Dark Descent (PC)

- Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (360)

- Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (360)

- Crysis 2 (PC)

- Team Fortress 2 (PC)

- Mortal Kombat (360)

- Vanquish (360)

- Alan Wake (360)

- Mafia 2 (360)

- L.A. Noire (360)

- Alice: Madness Returns (360)


Will start playing Shadows Of The Damned & Dirt 3 today. and I'll post my thoughts of them when I finish. :)


Also Just bought Portal 1 & 2 from Steam's summer sale for only 36$ . Actually I've never had any interest in playing Portal but since every single one played them said they're amazing so I gotta give it a try. :)

That's it. Thanks :)

Games I just finished. and New Games.

Hey Gamespotters :)

So the past 2 months I've played some great games on 360. and that's what I think about each one:

1- Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

My Score: 9/10

Best in series for me. Great graphics, amazingly detailed environments, great combat, the story is good. somehow slow and becomes forgottable by the many side missions. the Multiplayer wasn't that good for me. it's easy to master though but becomes boring after playing few matches. the single player still did it for me anyway and the great side missions gives it great replay value.

2- Vanquish

My Score: 8.7/10

I think this game needed more attention. I loved it by everyway. you don't stop shooting the whole time. a lot of robots and bullets everywhere made it crazy. also smooth controls, fantastic boss fights, and the slow motion combat was a blast. too bad it was too short, had lame story (the war between Russia and USA) and open ending.

3- Mafia 2

My Score: 7/10

Great story, voice acting and Great Shooting. that's what I really loved about the game. It was too short and limited for an open-world game nearly less than 6 hours. the first 7 chapters everyone is extremely short. also lots of driving gets boring. i mean why would a whole chapter be picking up people from their homes and driving them to other places?! and btw the ending won't make any sense if they didn't continue it in Mafia 3 or somethin'.

4- Alan Wake

My Score 9/10

I don't know if the game is really too short or It was too great that I forgot the time playing it. it still was a great experience. Perfect combat system, Smooth controls and gameplay, the light effects was fantastic, and great creepy atmosphere. the story was great but very slow going.


Since I got a B+ degree this semester so I got hell load of money from my dads and got some new games for my 360 today :)

1- Alice: Madness Returns


3-Shadows of the Damned


5-Dirt 3

6-Tekken 6

7-Splinter Cell: Conviction

Don't really know what to start with..:P

also bought the Kombat Pass for Mortal Kombat for the next 4 DLC character, played with Skarlet and can say she's much fun to play with and has awesome fatalites. Can't wait for Kenshi and Rain :D

That's it. Thanx :)

My Top 10 Fighting Games

Hey Gamespotters :)

Fighting has always been my favorite gaming genre since I started playing video games when I was like 5 or somethin'. I played tons of fighting games and this my list for my top ones. feel free to disagree.

10- Tekken 5

Tekken 5 was a great comeback after Tekken 4 which I think was the worst in series. and sure It's one of the best PS2 games Graphically. and sure the second best in the series.

9-Soul Calibur II

Soul Calibur is one of the very few game series that every game in it is totally awesome. and SCII was a great sequel after a nearly perfect fighting game (SCI) which so bad I haven't got a chance to play it.

8-The King Of Fighters '98

I know this is not one of the best fighting games ever and even not the best in series but I have great memories with this one as it was the first game I got for my PS1 and I used to sit for hours playing it with my friends without gettin' bored.

7- Mortal Kombat vs DC

Underrated is all I can say.don't understand why people hated on it so much. the only bad thing about it was the lack of blood and gore (rated T) and the lame fatalites. but it still has a great balanced fighting system, the combos are very easy to pull of and had a great story mode.

6- Marvel vs Capcom 2

I totally broke my DC playing the hell of this game. and it's one of the very few games I really enjoyed on that console since I didn't have many games for it. then I got it for PS2 too and still kept playing it like it just came out. the team fighting and the huge roster from both sides was just a blast for me/

5-Bloody Roar 2

The idea of turning into an animal during the fight was like a magic for 8 years old like me. I think the bloody roar series is so underrated. It needed more attention.

4- Marvel vs Capcom 3

This could've been my all time fave fighting game if it wasn't just too limited. Great roster, incredibly balanced gameplay and amzing use of 2nd graphics. but still very limited modes in single and online, dlc is meh and no story prevents it to be on top.

3- Tekken 3

Of course best in series and best PS1 game. perfect graphics for PS1 and It was first fighting game to have hella load of modes to play like time attack, team attack, practice and survival mode. also this game is so special for me cuz I remember I entered a tournament for it and won and the prize was my Dreamcast concole :D

2- Street Fighter IV

I stopped playing games for more than 2 years from 2006 to 2008 (just played a very few) cuz I was studying my ass off these years to enter good college and SFIV was like a comeback for me to gamesand It was the first game I got for my PS3. I was amazed by character models, the mix between 2D and 3D, the artworks and the easy absention gameplay. I also got Super Street Fighter and It was even more awesome. too bad my PS3 is in heaven now.

1- Mortal Kombat (2011)

Perfect. just Perfect. This game has about everything you need in a fighting game and more. Gameplay is very easy to master, the characters are all very well balanced, Great story mode, Challenge tower is an amazing addition and more bloody and gory than ever. too bad the online suffers a very lame lag I hope they fix it soon. this game is sure a great comeback for the series after it was totally going wrong way. It's a must for any fighting fan or not.

Thanks :)

My E3 2011 Wishlist.

Hey Gamespotters :)

I called this wishlist cuz some games here aren't announced or have been talked about but I just wish they'd be announced on E3 :)

They're not in order.

Batman Arkham City

I'm sure this is one of the games we're all dying to see it there. Arkham Asylum was on my top 3 back in 2009
and i'm sure this will be too in 2011. I'm also so excited that Catwoman & Two-Face will
make appearance in it which I'm sure will add great thing to storyline.

I Am Alive

This game was announced back in E3 2008 we've seen so far just one trailer for it. but it looked so
epic and different and since it's developed by Ubisoft so I'm sure it will be huge and I really wish
they show something for this game this year.

Mirror's Edge 2

There've not been any talks aboy a Mirror's Edge sequel but I really loved this game. It was new and differnent and had some epic gameplay moments and visuals. and a sequel would be very welcomed from me. :)

Tekken X Street Fighter & Street Fighter X Tekken

I went nuts when I knew both Capcom and Namco are both working on 2 games SFXT & TXSF. imagine playing Street Fighter on 3D and Tekken on 2D. so since fighting is my fave genre so I'm sure dying to hear some news about both games at E3.

Soul Calibur V

I loved every game in the Soul Calibur series and I'm sure I'm gonna love this one too. but I hope they'd return back to the storyline of SCII. and really dying to know who will be special guests this time :D

Grand Theft Auto V

There've been some rumores that Rockstar are working on the next GTA but It's not official yet and It'd be an epic surprise if it was announced at E3. and of course without saying reasons Come on it's GTAAAA!

Tomb Raider

(rumored to be called "A Survivor is Born")

One of my all time fave game series. I've played Tomb Raider games, never been dissapointed by anyone. and when the developers said that it will be completely differnet from the others and they won't sexualize Lara I was more excited. also It'll be the first game in the series to rated M which is very interesting.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Gotta say I wasn't a big fan of the first Assassin's Creed but I really liked AC2 and AC brotherhood and sure lookin' forward to this one.

DmC (Devil May Cry)

I enjoy Beat'em Up games esp. the Devil may Cry series and the trailer they showed at past E3 of the upcoming DMC was really greatand I really don't think the character showed up in it is Dante. Still so excited for it anyway.

Saints Row: The third

I still play Saints Row 2 on my PC till now. really fun and enjoyable game and hope SR3 will be too.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

All I can say is: New Resident Evil game = Excitement all over the place.

That's it. Thanks :)

My 3rd Gamespot Anniversairy!! :D

It's my third year on Gamespot!! Well I used to use it way before that but just joined it on that date 3 years ago and I remeber when I was regisitering I put tons of profile names and they were all taken -__- so I lost hope and I put my shamful name now mickey_mickey48 (which was my old email's name) and it worked then I told myself did I just do that?!! and then was like meh I won't use it much anyway...and now I regret my a$$ off for naming it like that.

Well anyway thanx for listening to my unnecessary story. also got some new games:

GTA IV (so late i know), Alan Wake, The Sims 3 and Mafia II but won't be able to play till I finish my exams nxt week so wish me luc.

I was hoping to find L.A. Noire but It won't be available in my bleak country till mid-next month. Don't really know why games are released so late here... -_-

and will be blogging some blogs these days about my fave games by genres so see ya :)

Top 10 Scariest games I've ever played.

Hey gamespotters This's my list for my top 10 scariest games ever!! feel free to disagree with me.

10- Rule of Rose

9- Clock Tower 3

8- F.E.A.R.

7- Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented

6- Condemned: Criminal Origins

5- Silent Hill 4: The Room

4- Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

3- Silent Hill 3

2- Silent Hill 2

1-Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Seriously this is the most disturbing game I've ever played with the scariest a$$ atmosphere EVER)

I haven't played Dead Space 1,2 , Condemned 2, Silent Hill 1, Clock Tower 1,2 ,System Shock, Dino Crisis and Penumbra series if you were wondering why they're not on the list.

and yes there's not any Resident Evil game on the list cuz I actually found all the games above scarier than Resident Evil's still one of my all time fave game series anyway. Thanx :)

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