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Great News!...

I Have been banned from posting on all Gamespot and Gamefaq boards... and have no idea why. :(

I have tried contacting to say that I am sorry for whatever I had done. But they simply ignored me. Harsh...

I will be using the username "Enkeixpress" for now for posting on the boards. But I will still be using this account name to talk to you guys via PM or to simply write reviews.

Great news huh? :(


Gran Turismo 4 Review now up.

Ok, I've just posted a Rather Short But Detailed review of Gran Turismo 4 so head on over there to check it out! :D - Click the review at the bottom of this page under the heading "My Recent Reviews".

Tell me your thoughts through comments :)

VIce City Stories - New Features.

Okay, well here's the whole deal, I'll be posting new features about the The new vice city stories game as I find them either by surfing the internet or by playing the game when it comes out on here.

New Features

- There are bikes in the game such as BMXs, Mountain Bikes, Push bikes, Motorbikes and maybe others.

- You will play as Vic Vance, brother of the PS2 title's main character Lance as a in-game character.

- Famous Phil Collins will be in this game.

- Helicopters and planes will be present in game.

- There will be a both land/sea vehicle in-game called Splitz 6.

- There are 10 different modes of Multiplayer including Vice City Survivor!.

- There is a Medical Heli in-game which you'll be doing paramedic missions with.

- Players can now swim in the game, but swimming for extended periods could cause Vic to drown.

- The water of VCS is now much more realistic, behaving more like a real ocean with upgraded tide and current handling.

- The water physics have been overhauled and handle very differently than land physics.

- You can put your new swimming skills to "good" use with the 'Beach Patrol' lifeguard side missions, this increases Vic's stamina.

- It willl be quite hard to get out of the water because the ability to climb up onto objects like in GTA: San Andreas will not be included in the game.

- There are more poor neighborhoods (slums) in the game.

- The Leaf Links golf course will be in the game as confirmed by the game's first official trailer.

- A new addition in Vice City is a Ferris Wheel, called the 'Chunder Wheel' which you can ride in first-person view. This is part of a fairground with other working rides.

- There is also no more seamless exterior-to-interior gameplay as seen in LCS (there will be a slight loading time) - the player will enter buildings via floating yellow cones (similar to that of GTA San Andreas) - confirmed by a brief glimpse of one of these arrows in the background as a teaser movie is played on the official website

- The animations are more life-like and are "a step-up from previous titles in the series."

- New animations which give both the lead characters and pedestrians a whole new degree of humanity.

- Loading times are faster and better than those in GTA: Liberty City Stories while draw distance is better than that of Liberty City Stories and the original Vice City.

- An increase in the density of pedestrians, cars, vegetation, and miscellaneous objects will be added, testing the limits of the PSP.

- New weather effects will feature in the game potentially including hurricanes.

More coming soon.

I'm Planning On Getting....


I'm planning on getting ANOTHER free-roaming game!. lol

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories On The PSP.

Wish me Luck on the 3rd November 2006 when the game finally releases! :D

Bully Is Finally Here!

I've finally got Bully on PS2 and it is actually quite fun... you do stuff like going around the school shooting people with the fire extinguisher, giving wedgies, using itching powder... It's little details that I like about in this game, you can even drink from fountains and turn the tv in your dorm on and off... it's pure awesomeness. :D

I am so glad I got this game into my collection and have'nt regreted buying it!. :)