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Save Our Unions topic re-opened

After many PMs, the Save Our Unions topic has been re-opened: http://www.gamespot.com/forums/bug-reporting-feedback-1000006/save-our-unions-29438636

I apologise for its closure - don't know who closed it or why. I can assure you that you're not being silenced and I will not allow for this issue to be sweeped under the carpet. It's important however that you do not bother mods or admins with it as they read the board and are aware of the issue. The best way of securing the promised union board transfers is through posting in that topic.

Thank you - I'm with you all the way on this!

Unions have been saved!

The Save Our Unions campaign has been successful! We've managed to secure a guarantee from GameSpot Official, Lark Anderson: [QUOTE="LarkAnderson"]Hey all, thanks for putting this petition together! While we totally understand your frustrations and disappointment about Unions going away, we are unfortunately unable to keep them around. BUT, I've looked into things, and what we CAN do is offer Union leaders the ability to have their Unions converted into a regular forum on the new site so that nothing's lost. You can find more details about this in the original post, which has been updated. Thanks again!

I'd like to thank everyone that has supported the campaign. You made this happen. I've always been a strong believer in people power. Together, we've achieved this result! :D

Now a moderator

Never thought this would happen but today, I am now officially a moderator. Quite a shock. It literally just happened out of the blue. Lots of reading to do and gonna have a look around. The red mod tag suits Agent 47's tie, doesn't it? Hehe. But seriously: it's one of those things which will probably take a few days to sink in. Taken me completely by surprise. You can certainly trust the CM to throw a surprise party. ;)

Pokemon: Onwards to Generation VI!

 (My very first, ever, Pokemon... nostalgia is powerful, isn't it?) The Pokemon adventure is one that I've been on more times than I can remember. I've played (and replayed, multiple times) every single game from Generation I to the present Generation V. Many a times I've heard "Oh, it's the same old thing all over again", and while that may be true, repetition is actually one of the Pokemon games' strong points! I for one, amongst millions of others, certainly hope it continues, as one of the best selling series of all time! Although, let me define what I mean by repetition here. By repetition, I don't mean just the same old game with a few tweaks here and there, as that would be grossly misunderstanding the vast leaps and bounds made each generation. Generation I in itself, was revolutionary. You had 150 Pokemon, a relatively interactive, immersive and ever expanding world, where you can defeat all of the Pokemon trainers in the land to become the Champion... doesn't seem too great now, but back then, that was mindblowingly awesome! With each successive generation, you are given lots of new Pokemon, a new world to explore and plenty of tough trainers to battle! We even had the introduction of double and triple battles! Not to mention all those really cool postgame features such as contests, world tournaments (Battle Tower/Frontier), rebattling stronger gym leaders, traversing to other exotic locations and I could go on! Also, let's not forget that the complex chess-like battling system was rebooted in Generation IV, adding even further to the already infinite amount of options you have to battle! Honestly, I'm struggling to contain just how much change has occurred throughout the Generations, especially as each Generation in itself was radical. However, uniquely, the same old nostalgic inducing formula is used. You are a Pokemon trainer. You meet a Professor, who puts all sorts of ideas in your head to catch all Pokemon and collect all eight gym badges to become Champion of the Pokemon League! Oh, and of course, keep your rival in check and meddle in the affairs of the baddies! This never gets tiring for me, and yet, some would argue that this is repetition. Really? Repetition usually implies tediousness of monotonously completing familiar tasks. Pokemon is oddly familiarly new, each time, however contradictory that sounds. If you were to ask me to change the core formula, I would definitely say no. Why? Because then it wouldn't be Pokemon. If you were to ask me to keep adding on to it, I would say absolutely yes! I've heard the arguments before that there's too many Pokemon, whose designs are nowhere near the quality of the original 150. This is where I stand in stark contrast to being a nostalgic Pokemon traditionalist. Thankfully, in Pokemon games, it truly can be the more the merrier! Game Freak is able to increase quantity without decreasing quality. Have a look yourself sometime at the new Pokemon designs if you want to see that actually, many of the new designs can more often than not, match and even beat the original designs. And we're just talking about designs here. In battle, the original 150 are far too basic nowadays, with most not being able to adapt to the power and ingenuity of the successive Pokemon generations. This is why Pokemon as a series should continue. Adding more Pokemon, features and the occasionally needed reboot is what keeps the Pokemon machine oiled and working just like new. The tried and tested, and masterfully executed, core Pokemon formula is always alive, breathing for I hope for many years to come! Onwards to Generation VI!

Now a Justicar

Got approved to be a Justicar!:

Justicar michaelP4

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