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It's Been Difficult

Hi everyone, I'm sorry I haven't updated or read your blogs for 2 weeks or somethinng.

Things have been pretty difficult. I can't seem to get along with my parents, I'm still unemployed and I'm stressed out.

Anyway, what is everyone playing? I'm playing Ace Attorney 2 on DS and Namco Museum on PSP.

I've also been reading books: Autumn Bridge (Takashi Matsuoka), A Girl's Guide to Modern European Philosophy (Charlotte Greig) and JPod (Douglas Coupland).

I hope you're all doing fine and your lives aren't as difficult as mine! :) :)


Guess Who's Back?!

To read your entries?
Uh, I'm kind of like "Where do I start reading?" now because I don't know where to start. But thanks for supporting/helping me!

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SO Sadddd!!!!

I just got home. I'm not really happy but at least it's nice to see my parents are happy that I'm around. I still miss people and such. At least I'm coming back to sleeping in a bigger bed, you know? LOL. Yeah but I'm still sad.
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I ran into one of my neighbor's maid and she said I look 'fat'. Why thank you. *cries* As in I gained weight. I miss being in the NLs where no one calls me fat, I have friends who take me out to dinner and encourage me to finish everything on my plate and people can't tell the difference between having jet-black and brownish-black hair. I'm so tired.

I didn't get some of the games I expected to find in Singapore and now I'm totally regretting not getting a game/some UMD movies I wanted in London during transit because I was too tired to go to a money changer...

My parents haven't answered whether I can ever get off being on this 'grounded mode' connection. I mean I'm not even an internet addict anymore and I promise if they let me on ADSL/cable again I PROMISE I wont go back to being an internet/game addict.

To make things worst, I can't seem to load as much. I can't load my friends page (might be about the heavy layout). Anyway, I'm dying to read what you guys are up to. But can anyone please answer this one question: If I get a paid account will things (like my friends page) load faster? Please. This is killing me.



I Miss You Alll!!!! =( =(

hey every1, i''m in the RUG library atm. i''m sorry i havent been reading your blogs/posting myself. i''ve been moving about from leiden to rotterdam, utrecht and nowe i'm in groningen. i''ll be in singapore on the 9th and then i j-town by the 10th. hopefully after i''m donw with jetlagging, i''ll catch up with you guys. i miss you guys and i got a game in utrecht--which is bitter because it''s so much like asia. anyway, see you guys soon. i havesonmuch to catch up on! =) =)


Quick Post About... Other Gamespot Members and My Dream Last Night--BAD

My dream last night. It was so cool. I lived in a dorm with this guy who had access to 'demos'. The thing is these so-called 'demos' actually meant we could BE INSIDE a game. Actually run around a combat theatre and fight! OMG. AWESOME.

Anyway, I gtg now. Because I need to get something proper to wear to graduation. I'm done buying gifts for my family and shipping my 7th box. But I have to be out of the dorm by August 31st, but it's graduation day that day so I have to be out by the 30th. I'll be in London and Singapore (cousin's apartement) and I'll be in J-Town (parents' house) by the 10th. I don't know if I'll be able to get online and read your blogs then. I haven't even been playing the Sims or my PSP/DS.

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But I am worried. Because my parents think I have an internet/game addiction. And they grounded me by not putting the ADSL back on and now we're on dial-up in my parents' house! :cry::cry: It started when the bandwidth limit exceeded!

It's much cheaper to have ADSL but my parents are really concerned about me sitting in my room all day like that. I hope things'll change. Otherwise, I wont be here very often and NO COUNTER-STRIKE!

PLEASE WISH ME LUCK. PLEASE HOPE THAT MY PARENTS WILL LET ME GET ADSL AGAIN. And stop grounding me! Becauseif not, I'm really going to miss you all! I love the crowd here (which is why I'm staying despite the sucky blogging form and the limited privacy settings which are major turn-off for me, but you guys are really cool).


PS: Please pray I still get to hang-out with guys on GS... :( :(

YAY! I'm SOOOO HAPPY! Because Nintendo is Evuuuul...

Last night I started FFIII and my stylus hit the option under 'Continue Game' instead by accident and I lost allll my hard-earn points. And I've gone sooo far (okay, well still only have Luneth/Dmtrii, but STILL). I'm SOOOO HAPPY! Isn't that great? I lost all my points [Gils, Job levels, everything], my combat abilities and all the potions and weapons and defense items. Yaaaay! Yuck Fou, Nintendo.

Everyone talks sh*t about Sony and yet PSP at least has the decency to provide autosave and a more humane game-saving system.

Anyway, if anyone can answer my save/quicksave question: http://community.livejournal.com/nintendo_ds/1171138.html or http://community.livejournal.com/ff3/30357.html. EDIT: http://community.livejournal.com/girl_gamers/3409135.html too.

Anyway, I've been making videos of my Sims: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=18B1AA984175541D :P But today I need to take care of shipping stuff back home (more stuff) and buying gifts for my family, etc... So I'll catch your blogs afterwards... :D


Writing Things I've Been Meaning to Post Here Part. II

How is everyone enjoying Bioshock? Yeah, I thought it was just another game. Then I learned the damn plot. Damn... I friggin' want it. My PC isn't a gaming PC, but I'm guessing if they did a PSP version it would suck like The Sims PSP? :(

Example #1 of what Bioshock does to a man.
Example #2 of what Bioshock does to a man. :lol:

Anyway, I'm going home for good next month. Not very happy about it but whatever. Amsterdam-London-Singapore-J-Town. Unfortunately my cousin who works in S'pore is going to be in Dubai so he'll probably get his roommates to let me stay in their apartment. I know S'pore is a heaven so I got as much info on getting games there as possible. TAKE A LOOK [ if you wanna know where to get games there ]. But honestly, I want to eat a lot of NOODLES! Yummy.
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Anyway yeah. I have so many errands to run these days. And I'm preparing for 'hibernation' in J-Town (they don't sell proper UMDs/DS games there; SO I'll have to rely on Play-Asia.com grenade>flash/smoke grenade or combining buttons for kick/duck/punch. On FF, open menu, scroll down, pick, wait till character does what you chose. Blah. Probably because I don't like Dmitrii that much.

Damn, I'm thinking of a combination to between: The Sims 2: Deluxe + The Sims 2: University + The Sims 2: H&M Stuff. :) :) Hmmm... I want the Stuff Pack so I can play with it like with paperdolls. Everything's so easy in it, you even end up liking things you dread doing IRL...

So, uh, yeah. As I said I just finished school and am now basically playing games etc. I caught up reading magazines. One of them was: this issue of Fortune. Uh, no I don't regularly read it but I got it in the mail and I thought the cover story was interesting so I kept this issue [ its main story is basically what 20-somethings are supposed to be now by doing a list of "must-haves" as a means to spot one of us. Aimed at clueless 76 year-old CEOs; which is like a "For Dummies" and only represents the a minority. But it also says things like "Girls watch sports and play videogames, and no one thinks twice about it", which is great ].

Anyway. Main thing about this is the Microsoft vs. the free world article. Dudes, it's so creepy. Here's a quote from the freedom-fighters: "Moglen contends that software is a mathematical algorithm and, as such, not patentable."

ANYWAY, before me continues too humiliate I: Please note that I have nothing against these freedom-fighters. Second of all, as much as I use their OS, MS can be a bloodsucker. And no, Bill Gates is not entitled to be called a 'philanthropist'. Not when x360 players have to pay to play OL.

BUT, imagine all the silly little analogies people would make up from that. "Uh, numbers equal werds, so like, uh, I can copy like the like whoooole novel you wrote and claim it as my own work. Teeheehee..."

Then the article also says that: "A copyright is typically obtained on an entire computer program. It prohibits exact duplication of the code but may not bar less literal copying. Patents are obtained on innovative ways of doing things, and thus a single program might implicate hundreds of them."

I hate to say this, but I'm on their side. I don't like them, but they made much more sense than the hippies. I probably don't the right to be saying this because Asia has a serious game-piracy problem (but that's a different topic. I'll write about that next time, this post is just about developers copying other developers), BUT: The way I see it is, a video game isn't a mere software. It's a software + a storyline [ just like a movie-script/book ]. And in some cases (+ licenses), I don't know how it works, but I do think that flight sims pay manufactures to use their aircraft in their games. But yeah, blah... Isn't it scary? Copyrights are always tricky aren't they?

Anyway, this reminds me of one exam question. It was basically like: "You're a lawyer [ hired by some software developer ] and your job is to make sure that the p2p [ music/movie file sharing in general, as in think about copyrights ] is completely legal [ as in make sure no one under-age gets access to porn ]" it was one of those questions where you're oh so tempted to scribble down "IMPOSSIBLE?"Limewire Pro and iTunes [the latter not being a p2p in the first place. ROFL]. Makes me cringe *bangs head against table* and want to squirt of a whole tube of anti-wrinkle cream into my coffee everytime I think of it. Twas a very stupid answer but it was the best I could do. :D :D Realistically, no one would want to use a service like that [ now I'm sounding like a little hypocrite: "so Mia, you don't think games should be pirated/copied by other developers but individuals using p2p is okay? Wha? You have eMule? Shame on thou..." ]. Nowadays, I comfort myself by reminding myself that I'm not in business school and therefore, it's not my damn duty to make sure things work out in the market. Boo. but then I didn't want to fail it so I ended up drawing graphics, charts and screenshots of how the p2p would work. I ended up with a model which was a combination of


PS: Sometimes I like to make this blog public because I like to share what I think with people--it just feels nice when you're in an extrovertive mood. But then I read these:
Got so scared that I wanted to cry. But I like the feeling of sharing things, you know?

Me Want a Job Just Like This!!!! Me Can't Wait to Start Work...


Boo. GS doesn't enable YouTube embedding...:x :x

Anyway, I HATE HATE HATE The Sims 2 on PSP. It just suuuuuccckkkksssss. So I'm giving in and decided that I'll just go back to playing on PC. But the problem with that is: THIS [ it's about The Sims 2: Deluxe ]. Lemme know what you think if you know the answer.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++NEVERMIND SECTION:

I'm planning on making a Dmitrii, Frat Boy, Micha (she wont look like me. She'll just resemble me, BUT she'd be so hot and she'd be tall), Ralph just like in FFIII. :) Then I'd add Adrien. And then I'd make Dmitrii get dumped, and then Frat Boy would be a stupid Sim. He'd be flunking repeatedly. And then I'd get Frat Boy to kill Dmitrii. And have Dmitrii, Frat Boy, Ralph and Adrien fight over me. :D :oops: Oooohhh... The joy of a virtual life. Makes what's impossible IRL possible. Hail EA for making an unfortunate girl's dream come true... *sobs in happiness* :cry: 4 men fighting over meeeeeeeeeeeeee... Imagine allll the peeoppplllleeee.

I shipped 5 boxes (each ± 15kg/+30lbs and one that was 9kg). It's so depressing. My room used to look so nice and cozy like this [after I got ¾ of my books either shipped home or to mother nature] and this. Now this is all that's left of the bookshelf that once gave the (false) impression that I'm intellectual (it's even emptier now after shipping the 5th box). My closet is this empty (I tried to keep the amount of stuff I had to a minimum)--and I'm still fussing about shipping stuff. Ugh. Now my room looks like this. How utterly depressing! I didn't ship any of my gams though. Because I still want to play them.
Does anyone here play Gitaroo Man Lives!? I got Sid Meier's Pirates! and that each for the price of a Platinum PSP game (if you buy two). And originally Gitaroo would've cost like 30 and Pirates would've been over 50 which is even more than R6V (still the best game eveeeerrrrr). LOL. I'm a girl, I know how to spot great deals, what can I say?:D

If you care to know why I'm talking about work:

Anyway, I don't think I've mentioned this here. But I just finished school [ which is why I'm gaming and updating here and reading blogs more often here :) :) ]. And I promised my friend I'd come to graduation (although I don't like the idea of the format of Dutch graduations, I don't want to humiliate myself--or my parents which is why they're not invited! :(). So they want me to dress all formal. Dunno if that means national outfits. And if that's a requirement then I'd have to wear my kebaya [ Indo outfit ] and it looks like this. I don't feel like wearing it. I always hate buying clothes--it's not fun like shopping for games, and I remember going through all this hassle to get myself a damn kebaya. This was one that I found acceptable--but then I had to ask my Mom for it because it's semi-designer (not that i do that all the time, but the rest of them LOOKED SO STUPID :?, this one looked okay but it just pisses me off because it's cotton and it didn't need to cost that much). I actually like that one--heck I'd get married in it. I mean I LOVE that particular kebaya (it's my favorite one!). I just don't feel like going through the hassle of wearing it. The flower parts make me itch.:(

I also really don't want to buy clothes for when I start working. :( :( HOW BORRRIIIIINNNGGGG... And annoyiiiiing. Why can't I just buy toys and gamessssss...