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black ops = win

I officially love Black Ops! From the amazing story to the multiplayer options with the3 codpoints and the appearance settings and the weapon customizations, plus the zombie mode...definitely shooter of the year

Medal of Honor, COD:Black Ops, or Battlefield Vietnam?

Three new military shooters are hitting stores soon (except for BF:vietnam downloadable only) personally i want Medal of Honor.

These are the reasons:

When steven spielberg spawned the idea of the very first Medal ofHonor game, it was excellent.

Medal of Honor has always honored our troops

They are actually asking soldiersfrom Tier 1 operations(the unit in the game) on how battles are really like and how the situations actually are, so that we can have the most memorable experience playing through MOH

The multiplayer gameplay looks simply amazing, the environments don't look boring, the weapons are beautiful, and the matches are fast and frantic (which i like)

The singleplayer CG cutscenes look stunnigly amazing

Overall it looks like a fun game

Dont get me wrong, im still gonna play black ops, but only for the campaign and multiplayer once in a while. But i refer Medal of Honor i've always loved the series and always will.

So, what game are you gonna get?

Change of plans :)

im gettin my 40 gb ps3 by mail in 5 days and then im gettin mgs4 and for christmas im gettin a pc!!!!!!!

(still cant wait, lol)

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