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Sweet Sweet Peace Walker!!!

Finally the game has arrived to mu local stores (Australia). got the game right away. took it 20 min to install.

i got to say this game really is on its own league. now putting me being a MG fan boy aside, the visuals and the sound of this game is really higher than other psp games. the sound is compareble to consoles.

i highly recommend ya people to get your PSP out of where ever conrner you did through awhile ago and play this game. and i hear there is hours and hours of value in it. please support this game so we may see other big name on PSP too. (resident evil was ment to come ages ago).

anyway back to the game.

PS3 gamer again.

After i sold my PS3 in june with all the games (killzone2, infamous, MGS4, uncharted, GTA4, ninja gaiden and LBP) due to guessing there would be a slim coming and the prices will slash which did :). i been too busy and couldnt buy any gaming biggest mistake was that i didnt sync half of my trophies before selling the PS3 QQ.

All that changed i Finally got a SLIM. and to start the party i got Ninja Gaiden Sigma2 and Uncharted2 for now and Demon's Souls is on its way from USA (they didnt release in AUS). it is good to be back. finished Sigma2 on light difficulty and im about to chart the uncharted. and demon's souls better be as good as every one is saying.

anyway i was hoping to get more involved on multiplayer this time so, here is my PSN ID: Divinstorm. Im not that much of a great gamer but will be fun having some on friend list, all my mates are either PC or 360 gamers.

Im planning for only GOW3 and maybe heavy rain for this year.

Great Steam Deals!!!

Steam now had some awesome deals for nearly all the games this year. these deals are even better when you are a gamer in Australia. you see, AUD and USD are very close yet new releases in Australia are about $20-$30 more expensive.

To be honest this was my 1st year to buy games through digital distribution, it is just that I love having the Box. but since PC games's boxes are getting as lame as consoles (just a blank DVD case), i lost my intrest in the boxes. i loved it how before the box itself was a work of art, like blizzard games and many more (glad to see blizzard still release in old fashion way).

So i started with buying Torchlight, witch is download-only game (i needed something to feed my Diablo3 hunger with). then i saw Mass Effect for $9.99!!! i always wanted this at some point and it still retails for $60 here.

After that I got all Guildwars games for $25. i played GW from the day it came out for a year then it got repetative and i gave the account to my brother. now we can play together.

And Finaly i gotEidos Collector Pack so many great games for $50 including Batman: AA, 3 hitman games, Dues Ex, tomb raider and bunch of other games that i dont think i will ever play.

well I got so much games to finish now, and it not including Bioshock and Dead Space. I realy love those 2 games but every time i get into them something must happen, and these are type of games that you must get into the atmosphere.