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Screenshots Galore!

Well, it's only four screenshots, but they are very cool:P This is the first one:

If you didn't know, my real name is Lino (pronounced lee-know), and that is what I play as on Halo. I took this screenshot about one third through a slayer match, in which I came in third:( Apparently, Bill Gates was getting his @$$ kicked:lol: I edited this screenshot because of Stinky ****, if you don't know what that word is, PM me. I downloaded the free Cellfactor game, but it runs slowly because I don't have a physics card:( It's pretty cool, during one round, I found a needle which injected me with some kind of steroids that made my psionic powers twice as strong, and when I pointed my fist at one guy and hit him with a psionic blast he exploded! I also downloaded F.E.A.R. Combat, but there was an error during the installation:( I also uploaded screenshots of my desktop for you to see what it looks like, just click on the images tab on my banner;) Forgive me for writing this blog just to show off, but nothing else has been going on with me game wise and I got really bored.