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NEW Profile Look, seriously.

As you can probably tell, I have once again changed the look of my profile. I know I said I wouln't change it until MGS:4 came out, but I figured it would be okay if I replaced it with something MGS related. I recently downloaded Paint.NET, which is awesome and totally free. This is the first stuff I've made with Paint.NET, so be nice;) Besides, this isn't the final version of what my profile will look like, but it will look something like this. The buttons on the blog don't work yet, so don't click on a button for an hour and think that your mouse is broken, although if you do do this, you deserve to have a broken mouse:P I am also going to have a new sig:

The buttons on the sig don't work either. I'm going to have a new avatar and blog headers soon. Tell me what you think about my new profile look.

One last thing, do any of you actually like the new emblem? I HATE it. It's exactly the same as the vote rocker emblem without the guitar. At least they could have put "2006" on it. Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.