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It's been awhile

One whole month ago, I posted my last blog entry. I'm posting this today because I'm sick so I stayed home from school and I have alot of time. Alot has happened in one month. How many 360 owners are a little frustrated with Microsoft now that they have announced the Elite? I'm still not planning on getting one until it has built in wi-fi, hd-dvd, and the new processor, but it's moving in the right direction. The first GTA IV trailer was released a few days ago, slowing down every gaming website for a little bit, I'm happy with what I saw, my biggest concern was the graphics, which looked good. I've tweaked my profile a little bit, I added two links (you're welcome FJK;)), and I also made a new sig:

My little brother got Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the PSP, which is a great game. There are five acts in the game, and I just finished act four yesterday, so I'm hoping to beat it today. I changed the ratings for the games I have reviewed, so I lost my Pushover emblem (happy now Fishdalf?:P), but I don't really care about that emblem anymore because I got a new emblem thanks to Amward:D. I am going to have alot more free time soon, so I might start a union, so if you want to help me with that or have any ideas for a union, I'm open to any suggestions. One more thing, I'm going to stop tracking everyone on my friends list, and if I feel you are actually a friend and didn't add me just to have alot of friends, I'll track you again. That is probably going to take awhile though because my internet has been kind of slow lately. BTW, does anyone know anything about Mr_Ashley? He was banned awhile back, but I thought it was a mistake or something because he's not the kind of guy who would get banned. My friends list showed him as being online today, but when I checked his profile, he was still banned.