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General Update

Hello everybody:) I am writing this blog as a general update on me. I went to watch Spider-Man 3 yesterday, I liked it, but it wasn't deserving of all the hype. I (well, my dad) also bought a new 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor for the computer which was on sale for $150. It didn't work so we returned it and got one that did work. I've mainly been playing multiplayer on the Halo demo I got on my PC. So far it is really fun and I'm actually somewhat good at it. Today I ended in first place on five Slayer matches. Since I have been playing Halo so much, I will probably buy Halo 2 when it comes out for the PC, meaning that I'll be able to play with any of you that have the Xbox version:D I just noticed that I have a new emblem for playing the Scavenator game some time ago. I didn't expect it, but it's nice to have, although I don't care much about emblems anymore. That game was actually fun, but it bruised my gaming ego since I had to use my fair share of hints:lol: Did anyone else read that Simpsons game story? It sounds interesting, but the countdown site doens't work anymore:( That's it for today, thanks for reading:)