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Been too long + shoutout for mods for LoZ union

Yes I know, been awhile since I've updated this. Sorry to those of you who I haven't chatted with in awhile; between school, girlfriend and gaming I don't seem to be involved in the community as much as I once was. How are the lot of you doing?

Although I try and get on the Legend of Zelda union now and again I admit I haven't been the best leader it's seen. And this union deserves more activity than it's been getting. So over the next week or so I'm hoping to select a new officer or two to help get that place moving again. If anyone is up to the task please PM me and get on the forums and start being active. I don't want to promote someone just to see them go inactive themselves so I do want to see some participation over the next week or so. Maybe organize some kind of game / event? I can email the union if we did want to get something good going and of course I'll help organize. I'm open to suggestions.

If anyone is on blogspot add me up as a friend if you want to read my musings / rants on the Brain, intelligence, society, gaming and whatever else crosses through that complex weave of nuerons in my skull.

Games playing:

Starcraft II
Civilization V
Sonic 4
Halo: Reach

Oh, and go check out Joe Satriani's latest album: Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards

The Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want for 5 awesome games)

Felt like giving this a bit of a shoutout since it is going to a good cause. 5 games, most of them quite awesome, (haven't played some of them but World of Goo is confirmed amazing, there is no middleman so the amount you pay gets split 7 ways, between the 5 developers and 2 charities. (Childs Play and EFF)

only 3 days left on this awesome deal as of this posting, so I would highly reccomend you check it out, check out the reviews if you're unsure!

World of Goo 9.0 / 10

Gish 8.2 /10

Uncharted 2 - 3 sessions, 3 days

Uncharted 2 was an incredible game, I got it release day based just on the reviews and reccomendation from my roommate who loved the original.

I played it all night, and then repeated that the next day, and the day after that. 3 days after release it was beaten and what an adventure.

The game is perfectly paced, changing up the style of gameplay very often, the shooting is fun and the climbing is rewarding with only rarely being frusterating. With a game that involves as much climbing as a prince of persia game that's not an easy task. I highly encourage anyone who's contemplating it to go out and grab a copy. Also, since I pre-ordered the game from EB and had a gaming gauruntee on it, I just returned the game for 100% refund after I beat it. The gaming gauruntee is basically a promise EB will give you that if you preorder a game which is going to be incredibly awesome and it's confident you won't dislike, you can return it opened within a week for a full refund. Yay for intensive free gaming.

Stupid Emblems (or lack thereof)

Emblems are very unreliable. I watched all 3 days of E3 2009 live, got none of those emlems. I watched all 3 of the press converences live... only got the Nintendo Emblem. Voted in the Best of 2008 awards, didn't get that emblem (inquired to the mods about that later and they generously gave it to be about a half-year after the voting) and then I also voted in the webby awards for gamespot... no emblem there.

Gawd. I am proud of my emblem collection; but now I'm down 6 emblems just from this year =P

I'm aware that they do nothing of importance and are used for literally nothing but I like collecting them.

Still Alive - inFamous is awesome

Quick update; I'm still alive, time's been getting eaten up by inFamous, registering for school and new girlfriend. Expect a full review for inFamous in a couple weeks once I platinum it. This is a game totally worth Plat-ing.

Also, I'm in need of a new alarm clock; but I want something interesting and funky. if you have any suggestions post em'. I'm going to be checking out eBay in the meantime.

Infinite Free Game Rentals FTW

Blockbuster Canada has a program where for $30 a month you can get unlimited free rentals. completely.

You get bored of a game, you bring it in, throw the old one at the cashier and walk out with a new one, 100x a day if you want. through a nice little promotion I got this for free, thus I have been playing a ridiculous amount of short and awesome games, or games that I wanted to play, but don't look good enough to actually buy.

Halo Wars
Resident Evil

This has opened up access to games that I would never otherwise play, it's quite awesome. And that is my random update to let people know I'm still alive :P

Emblems - MIA

Anyone else noticed how emblems just kind of stopped happening?

I realize that they did nothing but stroke peoples e-peen, they were still a cool feature that's really been pushed aside since the re-design. Now I love the new wide design as opposed to the crappy thin one that existed before but I like emblems, they were fun to collect, and I haven't gotten one for a single thing since around last November or so. I've checked out other peoples profiles and neither has anybody else. I've seen zero emblems for voting in the readers choice game of the year awards. Nothing for watching gameplay marathons that have happened, just plain nothing.

Also, I'm not sure I like only having 8 visable on the page, especially when 2 are the boring ones that everyone has (popularity and your rank).

PS3 in for repairs

Man, I've had BAD luck with consoles this generation.

First my 360 breaks, then my PS3 and my broken 360 are stolen in a break-in (but they left the Wii!). Now my new PS3, also a 60gb (the awesome one with full backwards compatibility, Mini SD card slot and 4 USB ports) is giving me problems. The thing hasn't been able to connect to the PSN for over 100 days and now the Blu-Ray drive is intermittent. So I finally bit the bullet and brought it in for repairs.

It's a little more complicated though. I also have about 40 Playstation Arcade games from 3 gamepools I've been a part of (5 friends splitting the costs of PSN games as you can download a purchased game on up to 5 consoles). Since we've used all 5 downloads, if I get a different PS3 back or they have to assaign my PS3 a new ID I've lost dozens and dozens of PSN games. Including Penny Arcade, Wipeout, and tons of other awesome games.

I should be hearing back from them today, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Final Fantasy XIII not out till 2010.

Confirmed via Kotaku.

You know, I am heavily anticipating the release of Final Fantasy XIII, and as an owner of all 3 consoles I'm rather irked on the release dates that Square Enix has decided upon.

I'm not however, talking about the 2010 release window. I'm talking about the fact that now that Final Fantasy XIII has gone multiplatform, Square will not release the game until both versions are ready for a simultaneous release. That means that we will have a completed and burnt to Blu-Ray version of the game, sitting gathering dust while the Microsoft team starts on their version.

This makes even less sense since the 360 version won't be released in Japan.

This is a PS3 game being ported to the 360, so why should PS3 owners have to wait for months to play this game when a completed and fully playable version is ready for release.

Now, my only hope is that while the 360 version is being ported the PS3 team will still be hard at work tweaking the game, polishing things and maybe adding in a little bit of exclusive content, but considering they said they wouldn't release the game until it's been burnt onto Blu-Ray I'm not positive that is what they are plannning.