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Hey Gamespot Community! As you can see my wife made a really cool face painting on my face (with her make up) for Halloween since this is the first time spending halloween with each other. So I wanted to share it with you guys and hear what you guys/gals think. Thanks!

Battlefield vs. Modern Warfare

Ok so here is what I think: They're not similar games, they only target the similar audience. Each game has it's own taste and anyone's opinion is only subjective. As long as you enjoy playing either or both it's fine. I just think it's wrong to force people think one game is bad. We all have brains and we can make our own decisions, nevertheless that's part of what life is about. So enjoy what you like or love doing and happy gaming!

Crysis 2 Review (console)

Right off the bat the thing that stands out the most are the stunning visuals. Mind boggling seeing these kind of visuals on a 5-6 year old machine. I have to say this is probably the best visuals I've ever seen on a console game and I applaud Crytech with the milestone they have set in a technical stand point that no other game company has even come close to making visuals as pretty and realistic as in the case in crysis 2 for the consoles. bravo! Another noticeable thing were the cleverly named achievements/trophies. I thought they were an interesting overview of what the last game was and what the players went through. Throughout the missions you notice that there are more than one route to the end point giving you more freedom of choice to get past through the massive environment through the game. even though the game is linear for the most part the big beautiful environments that you are placed in make it less therefore giving you the feeling that you're actually in a city rather than a tunnel just shooting enemies and proceeding through a very narrow and straight path like most other shooters nowadays. Crysis 2 does a fantastic job of not boring the player with the typical running and gunning style like most of today's fps games. Instead it leaves the choice up to the player to choose how they want to use the environment and the style of play that the player finds the most intriguing to use within the game. Add to that are the brilliant set pieces that happen along naturally within the well crafted storyline and you will get Crysis 2.

Homefront Review

from the very start the game does great job in setting the tone and as well as give you lots of variety in using the weapons so you won't be stuck with one weapon throughout the whole level. I would say there are probably more variety of weapons than any other shooter within the campaign. the game provides you with auto-aim and the weapon mechanics feel very similar to the call of duty games. the control scheme feels very similar to the cod games as well except the d-pad in which no action is assigned to. climbing a ladder is done manually by the game, you can't move the camera or anything either but it didn't really affect the gameplay for me, its just something to get used to. there are 61 collectible newspapers in the game in which there are a total of 3 achievements/trophies for it. first achievement is for picking up one newspaper. 2nd one for picking up 30 and finally last one for picking up all of them. I found them to be placed similarly to the way they were in Alan Wake. regarding my original statement about the gameplay, although it is very similar to the cod games its a bit slower paced. the speed of the gameplay is somewhere between the cod and bad company series. the negative: these are mostly in the technical aspect of the game. sometimes it feels like the friendly ai is friends with the enemy ai because you see them proceed and run away and start talking as if we are clear but when you try to move on you get yanked by something and all this time they were running away its like as if both ai's from the opposite sides have been ignoring each other. this can get frustrating since it game contradicts itself at some parts. so you can't really trust the friendly ai when they are placed there to work for you and not the enemy. another problem I had with the game are the invisible walls and objects that really hurt the gameplay. for example you're in cover and are trying to aim from behind an object and it hits that object even though you're aiming at the enemies far away using the iron site. not only does it happen when you're in cover but it also happens when the enemy is in cover and even though you're aiming at them it hits the invisible border around the object that they're in cover behind. but in the end I wouldn't say it hurts the experience too much, you just need some getting used to since the game as a whole is very well put together. more cons: - you can't jump out a window. - no option to throw grenades back to the enemies - the graphics are horrendous. It could be because I'm a PC gamer but it really affected the experience for me. At least black ops is smoothed out even though the graphics are nothing special. but they weren't as bad as they could have been I guess. nevertheless if you have a good enough PC and a console and don't care for achievements and trophies then definitely go with the PC version. more pros: - grenades have actual impact within the surrounding area. trying to get head shots works with one shot making it more realistic compared to almost all other shooter in which you have to shoot the enemy in the head a couple of times to finally get a head shot. - other than the invisible walls the game does a great job of reading your shots exactly where you shoot them. Also to add to that, the campaign is not that long. I'd say Black ops is longer. Haven't tried the multiplayer yet. Sorry for the grammar mistakes, it was written on an android phone.

List of games that are or were taking forever to be made [UPDATE#2]

Hey guys, here a the latest updates on the List of games that are or were taking forever to be made: 1. 2 Days to Vegas(TBA Remains) 4. Battlefield 3(Fall 2011 Multiplayer Beta with Medal of Honor) 5. Black 2 (Renamed to Bodycount Q1 2011) 7. Half-Life 2: Episode Three(TBA Remains) 10. Max Payne 3 (delayed to Q1 2011) 11. I Am Alive (TBA 2010 Remains) 12. Postal III (TBA 2011 Remains) ***Update 14. Duke Nukem Forever (May 3, 2011) - DUKE IS BACK BABY!!! ***Update 15. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (released) Sooooooooooo anyone else got any other game in mind that might want me to add to the list? make sure you let me know! :)

List of games that are or were taking forever to be made [UPDATE]

Hello boys and girls! Here is an update to my last blog named "List of games that are or were taking forever to be made, look no further!" It's been a while since I wrote that blog so I'd like to make an update to the games' release dates if I may. 1. 2 Days to Vegas(TBA Remains) ***Update 2. Alan Wake(Released) 3. AvP(Released) ***Update 4. Battlefield 3(2011 Multiplayer Beta with Medal of Honor) ***Update 5. Black 2 (Renamed to Bodycount Q1 2011) ***Update 6. Gran Turismo 5 (Nov 2, 2010) 7. Half-Life 2: Episode Three(TBA Remains) 8. Heavy Rain (Released) 9. Hei$t(Cancelled) ***Update 10. Max Payne 3 (delayed to Q1 2011) 11. I Am Alive (TBA 2010 Remains) ***Update 12. Postal III (TBA 2011) ***Update 13. Mafia II (Released) ***Update 14. Duke Nukem Forever (TBA 2011) - Acquired by Gearbox. According to Gearbox president Randy Pitchford they are in the polishing stage of the game so look for it sometime in 2011 ***Update 15. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Q3 2010/Summer delayed to Fall 2011 since the summer is almost over and haven't seen any updates for it) ***Update 16. Civ 5 (Sep 21, 2010)

List of games that are or were taking forever to be made, look no further!

Hey everyone, I'm just bored (from the results of life) so I decided to make a blog about the games that have taken or had been the longest to develop. So here it goes: 1. 2 Days to Vegas(TBA for a while now) - Never heard of this game before, but it looked nice from the pics that are posted and looks and feels kind of like GTA so I decided to go ahead and track it anyway. I have a feeling it's either going to be canceled or it's just going to sit there in Gamespot's directory with no updates. The pics were released back in 2005, around the same time Alan Wake was announced and we still haven't gotten any updates on it other than the 3 pics they posted the year after. There were never any news for it and it seems to me that Steel Monkeys are a no name developers. So I wouldn't be surprised if they got hit by the recession... early that is :P 2. Alan Wake(May 18, 2010 and let's just hope it stays this way or else I'm gonna go to Remedy studios and punch Sam Lake in the face! :) They took long enough to develop so please no delays, but at least the good news is that they never delayed a set date of a game..phew!) - I can not recall any other game that took as long to make as Alan Wake, and I'm not talking about just any game, I'm talking about a game that we know will be released for sure. Maybe GT5? 3. AvP(released) - I'm not sure if this falls in this category as it was announced last year (I think) but one of the developers said that they've been adding little bits of pieces of ideas since the beginning of the decade. It seems like they were very laid back while developing this game so I'm only putting it here due to what he said (no, not what she said ;)) 4. Battlefield 3(TBA) - So this was announced back in 07 but it seems like GS misinterpreted this to Bad Company 2. Either way it's been taking forever to make (if they are actually making it) so let's welcome it to the list, and hopefully we'll be welcoming it to our Xbox 360's, PS3's and PC's soon enough for that matter :) 5. Black 2 (TBA) - So this was announced back in 2006, at the same time when EA also announced Army of 2 and Crysis for Q1 of 07. Well we definitely saw Ao2 and Crysis but did not hear a single thing about Black 2 afterwards. 6. Gran Turismo 5 (TBA 2010) - Anounced 2005, around the same as Alan Wake. They finally had a release date set (I think March) but no, 5 years wasn't enough for them. The $60 million budget game is supposedly going to be released the Fall. I would personally be very surprised if they delay it any further since it looks to be almost done. 7. Half-Life 2: Episode Three(TBA) - Oh boy, I don't even know what to say to this one. It's pretty overwhelming since it's just an episode. I mean I'm sure they already planned these episodes before hand just like GTA4 DLC's. So why exactly is it taking so long? Only Valve knows. Well it kind of sucks for them because as time goes by the gamers' expectations rise and TBH with you, if it, graphically,looks even close to the previous episodes I won't hesitate to pass on this one with all the great looking games coming out. 8. Heavy Rain (Feb. 23, 2010) - Well I'm glad it's finally here as this was announced back in E3 06. I'm sure everyone got their pre-orders ready, I know have :) Well don't get too excited though because the first downloadable chapter that comes with the pre-orders is delayed till early March. Yup, they just could not do it without delaying something... 9. Hei$t(Cancelled) - I was actually looking forward to this game back when it was announced but as time went by the graphics looked like they belonged to PS2 so I'm kind of glad that they canceled it rather than have the game turn out disappointing. 10. Max Payne 3 (Q3 2010) - Announced in 2004 by 2k. Not sure how it will turn out since Remedy is not working on it. R* Vancouver worked on the Bully games so I'm really iffy on this game. I have a strong feeling that the story will blow but the visual effects are going to be awesome since the last one was in the PS2 era so I can't even imagine what kind of effects they'll be adding to this puppy. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. We waited this long so I really don't mind waiting till fall, plus there are too many other games that will keep me busy till then. 11. I Am Alive (TBA 2010) - Announced not long ago (only in 2008 ) but again I have this feeling that it's gonna be one of those games that will take forever to make. Perhaps another Alan Wake in terms or release date. 12. Postal III (TBA 2010) - Ok this is a big one for me. I've been religiously waiting for this game for years. The developers, Running with Scissors appear to me to be kind of like Rebellion. They like to take all the time in the world and just lay back and make the game. And it also doesn't help when they give us a year of release (yes! a year! not even a date or a month) and well, the year already passed (2009)! I don't know, it's just starting to become a joke to me. Let's just pray it comes out this year though. 13. Mafia II (TBA 2010) - So this was announced in 07. It seems pretty done up to me so I'm pretty sure it will be released this year. And last but not least, 14. Duke Nukem Forever (TBA) - or more like Duke Nukem Forever to be made, or Duke Nukem Never... you get the idea. I think everything that had to be said about this game has been said so I'll just leave it at that. Edit: I almost forgot to put these little puppies up here: 15. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Q3 2010/Summer) - Yup, I'm sure as you all know, it's finally here! 16. Civ 5 (TBA 2010) - Just announced a couple of days ago, 2K will be releasing this baby this year! :D This has to be one of those rare games that you're truly looking forward to spend countless addicting hours and one of those rare games that you know before it even comes out that will turn out perfect. I'm really not sure if this game belongs here though since it was never announced but it was just sitting there in Gamespot's game directory. This just proves it that Gamespot can see the future :O OK so there you go. These are my list of games that take or are taking forever to be made. And there is only one to be crowned as the one and only game that took "Forever" to be made, which I won't even mention again ;) ****************************************************************************************************************************************** Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys think of the list. Is it good, is it bad, did I miss anything? And don't forget to put your favorite game that took or is taking forever to be made. Thanks for reading :)
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