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fine! (Italian for end)

In other words the end. the end of another semester :). It was long it wasn't too hard one of the easier ones or is it that i am just getting used to college and the demand that it is. i don't know lol. It was joyous and fun meeting new people and making new friends. Also seeing old ones. well thats all I dare talk about college now that its over for a month :)

On to other things I have been playing tekken 5 Dark Resurrection for a few days now, and have found it very addictive at times along with being frustrating. My fav. character is Nina whom I have up to Master in rank. I have also been using the super character jinpachi mishima the reason i call him the super character is I am at rank Sage which has taken a little time compared to the Master I have in Nina which is a lower rank. I have looked how many ranks there are and i still have a long ways till I am the highest rank which is 7 to 9 more ranks, out of 34 or 36, ( at least i believe please help if you know other wise) so i am going for it and will do so one of these days :).

well thats about it for now oh I also downloaded the Home bata its cool, but its going to take a lot more for me to like it and even spend time in it.

two down one to go.

Well i finished up my second final today and would like to say thanks to all who commented in my last blog if its nothing more then moral support it much appreciated. So today was the History final the one I feel is going to end up being the toughest out of the three. i feel I did well enough to get a passing grade on the final even though I guessed on a few more questions then I would have liked. Monday i have the fun one believe it or not lol it is my music final. I am looking forward to this final and have found a love for this class. It's not one of those oh no I have to go to (insert your least favorite class here) class today. Well that's all for now I am off to play a few video games, check out your blogs, and a little studying in between all of it.


tis the season

To stress. Well at least that's the way it seems at times. People going crazy about shopping, the market, the fact that they have no money, or maybe too much ( would love to meet them). However I am glade to know that through all this with finals running up till the 22nd of this month, to have learned to just stop and relax. To go online and do a blog and let life be. So this is what i am doing relaxing, ya I probably should be studying for my history final that takes place tomorrow, but I am not. It can wait just a few short minutes till I finish up here. So life has been good, ya slow at times work wise, and fast when it comes to church. So it has been keeping me busy. Busy doing things I enjoy and things that I don't always enjoy :), but such is life. So thanks for stopping by taking time out of your day and reading this blog Hope you have a joyous and blessed holiday season.


Cabin photo's :)

Well here goes lets see if this works I am going to try and post the pics from the cabin than tell a little about it so it could get a little on the long side, sorry.

cabin 2

Ok so lets start off with a little bit of what the country around the place looks like the picture above shows that it is logging country. they never clear cut Thank Go, and they don't log on the 160 acres that the cabin sits on.

cabin 3

So this is a really cool picture that took........ I would say 20 pictures to get it this good the spider wasn't quite that big the body was about the size of my thumb nail, the interesting thing was is that it never moved during the whole processe of taking all the pictures we took lol.

cabin 4

Some turkey vultures there was a whole lot of them this year, and more than likely there was something ether dying or was dead already because I have never seen so many vultures in my life.

cabin 5

OK now these turtles are in a pond that is right in front of the cabin there are only three in this picture, however there can be up to six or eight turtles sitting on these boards that we have placed in the water.

cabin 6

Ok now intermission lol no this is one of the few pictures that was taken of me and this is the joy of the cabin just laying down relaxing.

cabin 7

More pictures of the country surrounding the cabin this is the view you get from the back of the cabin, and people wonder why I love it there.


One of many beautiful sunsets that take place at the cabin.

cabin 2

Ok so it got a little smokey because of a fire that was miles away, but a big one so the last few days were smokey. the smoke wasn't to bad, and set up some awesome sunsets.

cabin 4

So as I was saying the smoke set up some awesome sunsets lol.

cabin 3

Ok so we also had pretty much a full moon and with no power up there it's nice to have the moon on your side. ( at night we turn on a generator, but that's only for lights inside the cabin.)

Ok at first I wasn't going to put this photo, but I thought about it, and I don't see why I would since it is such a part of the cabin. However I will say this there are very strict rules with the firearms we carry and shot up there.


see PJ is not the only one who has a shotgun lol. Also in the background is the cabin. I am sorry that I don't have any pictures of the cabin itself. I will try and get some next year when I go. There is so much history in the place. The only running water is spring water in which we don't drink even though it's perfectly fine drinking water. Well I hope you all have enjoyed these photo's and I look forward to reading your comments on them.

Pictures uploaded! :)

Ok this is going to be short and sweet it was just easier to upload the pictures from my trip to the cabin, so they are labeled cabin 08. So if you want to look at them cool and if I get a chance I'll post them in a blog and talk about them are you can leave a comment on the photo in a question are anything else for that matter :). So far it looks like I will be able to come on GS every Tuesday and Thursday since those are my college days and I don't work. So far college has been awsome very lite homework so I still have a life, at this point at least lol :).

It's been a long time.

Wow have things changed around here! So far I like it, but haven't really had a chance to look around to much. I was reading a PM from my good friend katamari ,and I was saying to myself why haven't I been on in so long? I have come to this, I have no clue lol. So now I am going to try and fill in some of what has happened since I haven't been on.

First off I start college again on Thursday since my first cl@ss is on that day. (The semester starts on Wednesday) I am looking forward to starting up again, as i have been working pretty much all summer long. I have had one vacation all year long, and that was from the 6th of this month to the 13th. If I get a chance I will post some pictures, which also depends on the fact of my friends giving me a CD with picture on it lol.

I am sure I'm missing tons of stuff so if you have any questions fill free to ask, and I will do my best to answer them.


Gone Commando!!!!

Lol sorry I couldn't help it. So what i am referring to is I am now level 28!!!!! It seems to take longer and longer to advance in levels now lol. Level 20 is nothing compared to these levels lol. I was a whole lot more active when I was at level 20 to so that could also be why. Well that's all for today my friends I am now going back to writing my final English paper.


Muy caliente!!!

OK the title is the extent of my Spanish at this time lol, and hopefully explains how hot it really is. We went from mid 60's, and 70's to mid to high 90's in just a few days and it is Hot, or Muy caliente! Today isn't as bad as yesterday since I am not working in the sun lol. Where I was working it reached 100 degree's and we just so happened to be pouring cement lol. the good thing though it was just piers so no finish work was required.

So on to other news this is my 100th blog yippee!!!! So guess what it's party time once again. I must say that I have no clue what half my blogs are about lol. It has been fun and has helped in many ways I have not only learned more about my friends on here, but have found it easier to write in college. OK I will keep it short since the majority like short blogs :) OH and one more thing if I haven't posted in one of your blogs just let me know and I'll go comment I tend to of late miss quite a few of them. Just remember to say Please lol. So with that so long my friends,



Well I haven't been on that much mainly because my Internet is running so slow of late. What is crazy is that on Saturday and I'm not sure about Sundays the net runs fast. I have no clue why and can only think that my Internet service is boosting the power on the weekends which is confusing since I didn't think they could do that lol. Well the semester is almost over thank God. I am enjoying it, and at the same time wishing it was over already. Well that's all for now just wanted to pop in and let those that were wondering where I have been why I haven't been here that much (which I know is like two people lol) Later and until next time so long,


YES!!!! (caps)

Well those that follow sports or the Sharks know that they won tonight. There also might just be those that don't follow ether and know so. So this is for those that don't know, the Sharks won tonight. So here it is as short as can be. the Sharks and Flames (who I now have a lot more respect for) were playing game 7 of there first round Stanley Cup Playoff series. Game 7 is the final game so it is win or go home. So that means the Flames go home and the Sharks well they get to stay home lol since they are playing Dallas at the Shark Tank on Friday. So it's a little rest then back to work. they have a little bit of an uphill battle going into this next series as the Stars have had there number this year beating them 4 times and losing to the Sharks twice in regulation and twice in overtime or shootout. yeah i know that sounds even lol at 4 and 4 true, and the Sharks won quite often at the end of the regular season, however they lost the final game of just that the regular season to the Stars. So I am looking forward to this match up, and hope the Avalanche can pull of another upset by beating the Wings setting up a match up of the Sharks versus the AVS lol. Then me and kat can be really good friends :) lol. Well that's enough for now and sorry for boring those that aren't fans so long,