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The event that you awaited is here!!! Answers for the questions.@Kor

Ok, well here it goes:


What's a meiaman?

Most asked question, lol. I took this idea when i was a kid. There is this TV show called 31 mins. There is a hero there called meiaman, here is a pic of him:

Lol. So the name was cool, and i'm using it to name a characters in a lot of rpgs.

What IS that in your avatar. All I see is fog?

There is a hidden horse there the fog, but for some weird reason, some people can't see it. I found this pic when i wrote "ghost horse" on google.

How's the DS Recommendation thread coming along?

Very well, but need an update. XP

Cookies or Brownies?

Me liekz mudk--err i mean cookies.

Computers or laptops?

Laptops, so easy to carry around.

Did I get carried away with these questions?

I've seen worse.


Who are you?

I am meiaman! A person who recently started to track you.


What the hell does your name come from?


Your favorite genre of movie?

I used to like old comedies (Charles Chaplin) and some adventure movies.

Favorite movie?

Modern Times, or whatever it is called here.

Favorite genre of game?

Platformer, followed by RPGs and strategy.

Favorite game?

Age of Empires 2


Yes, age of empires 2.


Ok, i'm gunna spell for you, A-g-e O-f E-m-p-i-r-e-s. Got it now? :P


Do you play any music?

Flute, i forgot the name of the musics

Do you listen to music/what kind?

For some reason, i like game music and some local singers from where i live.

Where do you shop for games?

Gamestop. I try amazon or eBAY sometimes.

Do you do sports/athletics?


Is your right thumb larger then your left?

Huuuh... i dunno.


What's your real name?

Its Real. My dog (which died) name is Real, kinda weird that you've asked for his name when you knew already.

Are you into yuri or yaoi?

Yuri Gagarin, he was the first person to go to space, i look up to him.

If I have 2 apples and 5 bananas, I then use Obelisk's special ability to gain infinite attack points, which two sacrifices would I chose?

None, you can't sacrifice bananas or apples, think about the hungry people around the world...

In Sailor Moon, who's the hottest?

Me, once i sail my spaceship to the moon! :o

Do you think Spade_Crisis is hot?

If i answer this question, i would have to hurt someone's feelings

Do you think I'm somewhat hot?

Look above

Does the sky look blue in your area?

Its night right now... so...

How about my area?

Depends, do you live in a cave or something?

If I had a nickel, and you had a dime, would you trade if I offered bubble gum with that nickel?

You cant trade it, you still owe me a nickel, remember?

How many questions did you answer by the time you reached this one?

A lot

How many times now?


How many times to the power of 2 from now?

Two, i guess... (someone can explain to me what is he talking about?)


Do you like meganekkos?

Uh well... about that, it depends on the fact of... OMG!!! LOOK THERE!! ITS AN OVNI!1!


yupp, we're all trend-setters, aren't we?

how was your day?

how did you pass my test and become the leader of my fan club?

I cheated... ops.

cup noodles or bowl ramen?


wats a meiaman?!

Check first question.

paper or plastic?

Paper... i guess

would you like fries with that!?!

With salt.

do you have 12 toes?

****fied info.

what do you think of me?

Well, the fact that i'm the leader of your fan club tell you something? :P

if i had a sandwich, would you steal my sandwich?

No, of course not. Specially because i put a spider on your sandwhich... ops.

do you know anybody named mike? how bout sheldon? betty?

Don't remember, my memory is foggy from answering so many questions.

how old are you?

As old as some stars.

d'you read manga?

Not much

favorite twewy partner?

Beat, i use him to beat the enemies. :lol:


Do you have a girlfriend?

Used to, but i got ditched. Long story, i might blog it someday.

and if so,what is the most special gift you have ever given her?

A stuffed dog with a heart encraved on the back.

OMG!!!! My house is drowning!!!

Lol. Not really but its an huge mess here right now. I was playing Age of Empires on my PC when i started to hear a sound of water, i turn around just to find an huge pillar of water coming down from the ceilling, and there was one near the kitchen too. OMG!! I rushed to pick up some bowls and some clothes. I avoided any damage, but the house is a mess with all this water around. I still have to find what caused this but i believe i know what is...

Some fun at the mall.

Hello everyone, how are you? Meia posting here again, XD.

Ok, so today i went to the mall to see some movies and have some leisure time. My friend Paul told met hat 8 people were coming. Not a bad number. We were supposed at the mall, exactly at 11:00 AM

Having a good start, i was late already when i arrived there (11:30 AM), lol. I looked around for them and i found them quickly. But wait... WHAT? Seems there were 4 persons there... the other 4 (that include all the girls) were not coming anymore. oh well. :|

Well, i didn`t let that fact upset me, since i`m not some kind of perv or girl searcher, you ppl know me. Anyway, we went to watch ice age 3, it was ok, not great but not bad. Paul drank too much soda and nature was calling him if you know what i mean. Well, it was surprising, he managed to hold it during 1 hour and some minutes. o_o

After that we went to get some milkshake. AAARGHH!!! I drank it too fast and my brain got frozen. Its a weird sensation. So c-c-cold. What made me laugh is, Paul`s friend had a camera and he wanted to take photos of some girl`s butts without being noticed. I said: "WHAT?" Oh well, talk about embarassing. Now i know how triniplayer and thomassmash feel. Anyway, seems he quit the idea after the mall`s secuity gave him a weird look. :lol:

Anyway, we went to the old and good arcade to... you know... play on arcade machines. I was playing house of dead II with my friend (the soda one) and the other two went to play something else. Dang, i hate the click-click thing, it really hurt the fingers.

My first impressions on Megaman Starforce 3.

After being a bit dissapointed with Megaman Starforce 1&2, i was unsure if it would be good to get Megaman Starforce 3. So in a sunny morning... i`ve noticed that i had some extra cash plus the one i got after selling Knights in the Nightmare to my best friend, so i was thinking: "Why not?". I bought the Megaman SF3 at Gamestop for 30 bucks, not a bad deal. So i turned the DS on.....

HOLY COW BATMAN!!! Seems Capcom has been taking classes of "how to make a good game". The game greatly improved compared to the prequels. I was really surprised... and pleased. The characters are far more loveable now and the story is better. Newer features add a new feeling to the gaming experience. The battles are more fluid and the random encounter chance (main issue with megaman starforce 2) has been reduced greatly to the point that is not annoying anymore.

Sometimes, a poweful enemy might pursue you (the game warns you if this happens), if this happens, even if you stand still, this powerful enemy will engage you in battle, they are powerful, but still beatable, unless you happen to meet a super rare and powerful Omega encounter. In this case, the battle area will have an unusual glow to add a feeling that the omega foe that you are facing is not a normal enemy, not to mention that they can can kill you easily, however this type of encounter does not make you gameover and go back to the title screen, instead it will just leave you with one HP at the same place you was when you encountered this omega enemy. (did i told you that they are very rare?)

The game also support the brother bands over wi-fi and wi-fi battles, brother bands increase your power when you make a brother band with any of your friends that also own a megaman starforce 3 game.

Oh, you can do other stuff on wi-fi like sending email to your friends or forming groups, which makes the experience far more compelling.

So yeah, i`ve been enjoying this game. It really shows how games can be improved. If you want a new rpg, Megaman starforce 3 might be what you`re looking for. This game is recommended by meiaman. ;)

(PS: If you plan to get it or got it already, let me know, so maybe we can form a brother band, heh.)

Well, this is meiaman, over and out.

Ice Age 3. Does it live for the series?

Imma thinking of watching Ice Age 3 when the DVD comes out (gotta love the huge room theater at the main room, XD). So anyway... i`ve been reading the movie description and seems they did almost the same thing as Shrek 3, with the babies and stuff.

So, for those who watched... is the movie worthy of the series or just another meish sequel for the sake of it?

Death is making extra hours (Michael Jackson)

Eh guys and girls, seems Michael Jackson died today (06-25-2009), Farrah Fawcet too. It seems to be sad as the ages passes, people goes dying and all, but that just the course of life, you can wake up dead tomorrow (ops, not helping).

Funny fact is, MTV was playing music again (wow) because of MJ death.

So yeah, have nothing much to say, just remember that everyone will die someday, humans just can`t live forever. So keep living your life as the way you like and doesn`t let people tells you to "get a life", thats the most idiotic type of comment ever. :D

Rumours of my death are fake.

Just got my account suspended. :roll:

Hey guys, i have sad news, my zombie dog will have to be sacrificied because it has some kind of viral desease (other than the t-virus,:P) and its can be passed to humans by a moskito, so sadly there is no way to cure the dog.

I`m feeling a bit sad, gonna lose my dog, however it must be done, also to prevent the dog from suffering much. :(

Adios, everyone. =/

I`m saying adios to everyone because my dad might kill me today, so i made this blog in case of this happening. :P

Yesterday i left the car`s door open (actually my sister is blaming me but we both left it open), anyway, our stupid dog likes confortable things and wherever it gets the chance it tries to sleep on a sofa or something else.

Now guess what? It was slepping inside the car.

The real problem is, our dog is constantly scratching itself and on the top of that, it is with an horrible smell... yeah stinking badly. There is no way to remove the smell, we gave it baths every weekend and tried a lot of stuff to remove it but it just doesn`t go away. I`m afraid the dog has some kind of skin disease, or worse, is turning itself into a zombie. :o

So yeah, the car is with the dog`s smell and my dad has a bad temper when it comes to cars, i`m just here at home waiting for my father to arrive and see what happens. If i die, i want my ashes to be throw at the wind. ;)

Golden Sun DS Announced!


Some screens:

It seems the pray of many people have been heard. Nintendo is finally putting this masterpiece franchise back to work. Golden Sun next installment will be in the DS with some beautiful 3d graphics. Some people say that 3d graphics looks bad on the DS, and i say "meh" to them. My guess is that they are too much used to their ps2/3 xbox360 graphics to appreciate this.

For now, all we can do is hope Camelot don`t screw up with this.

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