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It's been a while..

Well lets see i havent posted anything in a while, a lot has been going on, my birthday was dec 21st and im 18 now yay!..soon after i went to michigan to visit my family for xmas and new years and i just got back last night! i had an ok time, i didnt get much but i got to see my bf who i havent seen in some time and it was great! i love you baby! anywho not a whole lot is going to happen now, just going to continue back at school, playing second life all the time and being fat..haha...:lol:


dont you hate it when your feelings get hurt...mine seem to get hurt a lot...and its not like i set myself up for it or im an easy target and usually i dont let things get to me...but nows its just all building up..i feel so alone...:cry:

I went to the doc today

he was kinda mean...and  he didnt even really check me out...what an @#$%!!! im sure my baby girl is doing alright but come on...just checking my heart rate and hers doesnt show anything...ugh

Food yummy

so my aunt and uncle are on a cruise right now and im stuck here for a week by sucks cause i dont get home cooked meals...ive gotta eat pizza rolls, hot pockets and cup of noodles..tho i did make a ceasar salad earlier! w00t!

Pregnancy pains

yeah so im a little over 5 months pregnant and the pains are sooo sucky...everyday i have little pains or big ones from my baby girl hitting nerves and just my body trying to adapt very small so im getting stretched in all glad i have a heating pad...haha!