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Advent Children

So i havent seen this movie since it came out and i decided to buy it on ebay. I just finished watching it and man, i forgot how amazing it is!! I love Cloud!! The whole movie is so action packed and i love the animation its just amazing! Although I dont understand some of the stuff they talk about. I barely remember the early FF. I do remember playing a game on PS1 when i was way younger. But I havent kept up with the whole story line. Anyways have you guys seen the movie? Did you like it?

Hey Guys!

Well i have been busy with school and taking care of my daughter. I finally got a new 360! And I just bought Bayonetta, really sweet game but lots of little things piss me off. I am only on Chapter 3, just started playing a couple days ago! The weather is getting really nice, it was 53 yesterday!! Spring is almost here! I can't wait for all the snow to melt, im really sick of looking at it....

Anyways I hope everyone is doing good, drop me a line!

Its been a while!

Well lots has happened over the years. I am living in Michigan now and going to college for Game Software Development!! Im so stoked to get my degree and start makin games. What has everyone else been up to?

I built a new comp

Eh about what a month ago?? Yeah im teaching myself which is awesome...

i dont have anything too special except the new Radeon HD 4850 vid card which is retarded...long story..

heres my setup:

Mainboard : Asus M2A-VM
Chipset : AMD RS690/RS690M
Processor : AMD Athlon X2 BE 2350 @ 2100 MHz
Physical Memory : 2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM )
Video Card : ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
Hard Disk : WDC (80 GB)
DVD-Rom Drive : MagicISO Virtual DVD-ROM0000
Monitor Type : ViewSonic VX2035wm - 20 inches
Network Card : Realtek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
Network Card : Ralink Technology Corp RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI
Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
DirectX : Version 9.0c (May 2008)

I' am back I SWEAR!

Ok I feel bad for not bein around much so im devoting time on GS again!! IF youre not a member of my Union PLEASE JOIN! AND POST! No ones posted since last year, well i did today but anyways....

MY real life has been stressful, been job hunting since i moved to california and NOTHING!!! God damnit...but yeah thats how life goes i suppose, my little girl is gettin SO big, ill post some pics of us :) I have a new bf now, he is in the Navy and IT guy, super super smart, he runs 2 servers i think which is awesome.

I've recently played some games I have never even heard of, example: Sins of a Solar Empire, its pretty cool once you get the hang of it, very time consuming but I like it. WOW which im sure almost every has played or still does, IDK i dont like how **** low it is in the beg....and if you dont have the quest helper..pfff screw that lol GUILD WARS! omg i was hooked instantly I LOVE THIS DAMN GAME!!! hehe It's super easy to level but its not about leveling, idk i think its better than wow personally. AND my bf is going to buy me Team Fortress 2, i played it a little at his house and its fun i enjoyed it, so im lookin forward to that one! Ummm I cant think of any other games at the moment, i still play Second Life (duh) :)

Well guys I hope everyones ok and i look forward to speaking to you all!! Message me if ya want anytime :)

Take Care


Busy Busy Busy

hey guys ive been SO busy the last few months...mainly been stuck in stupid video games..haha yesterday was my birthday and i got the limited edition nintendo ds its GOLD so pretty, hehe the zelda game is pretty cool but im already stuck, damnit. anyways if any of you play Second Life hit me up in-world, Megan Yosuke is my name, im a mentor on there, i rock. haha ok well just checkin in, byebye

New Stuff

So i got a couple tattoos...haha i have a gclef on my right forearm and this evil empire tattoo on the back of my neck...yeah im SO cool now, not really, but lets see, ive moved to Cali to live with my dad, some of you already know this, my daughterRachel will be 6months soon and she is almost crawling yay! she is such a cutie! hmm i really miss playing Second Life, i dont have my computer here and my dads video card sucks so i cant play it on his....:-( uhh...i hate where iam, i cant get a damn job i dont know anyone and all i do is sit inside all day and play mom! oh well, hopefully i will get a call soon from maybe bill gates then ill be RICH!!!! hehe


I got my tongue pierced yesterday, I went to the movies and saw Blades Of Glory, it was hilarious! Halfway through the movie the top ball on my tongue ring fell off and I swallowed it, that sucked, but I got that all taken care of, It's been raining here for two days straight, all the roads are flooded, I hate weather, Im actually starting to like Maine, Ive met some cool people and got to do some cool things, My daughter is doing great, she is almost a month old, man how time flys! anyways I hope everyone is doing fine, bye bye


so today iam going to the boston aquarium...i hope i have a good time..i havent been able to get out of the house lately...ive just been sitting around being fat, playing Second Life like all the time...yeah so like 1 month and 17 days till april 9th!! yay! :-)

Feb 4th

Ok its been some time once again, ive had a lot of things going on!...a couple weeks ago i got a kidney stone.ugh..that was fun...ive been going to the doctor every couple weeks now...the baby is doing great her name is going to be Rachel :-) iam in the process of painting my room and gathering up baby stuff..heh..the new due date is april 9th..i cant wait till she comes out :-) umm lets see...i just got done eating some chef boyrdee or however you spell yeah thats about it :-P