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Hair cut!

Got my hair did last night, guess what i got? A mohawk!! but its a girly mohawk :) My hair has always been super short so dont freak!! I will have to take a nice pretty picture for you guys soon :)

Bayonetta = Fail

So I give up on Bayonetta, it's too damn hard and I don't have time to sit there and try to beat a certain monster over and over and over and over again. MAYBE if I feel the need I will put it on very easy and play but man they could of made the game a little easier on normal mode....

And I do not cheat, unless I really get super pissed!!

With that being said, it's gonna be a nice day, no sitting inside all day being a bum! I need to get some gardening done :)


Well Saturday I got my lip pierced!! I have been wanting to get it re pierced for a long time. Work is going good, im getting more hrs this week!! About damn time, I need the money!! I just started two classes as well (online), they aren't too bad, lots of work but I can handle it! Astronomy and Psychology! Other than that, the weather has been **** its supposed to storm really bad tonight.... :( and rain all week....



The weather is starting to look a lot better....i was sooooo sick of the cold rainy days.... yay summer is just about here!!

Barbie Jammin Jeep

Thats what I got my daughter for her birthday...I had to sit outside for 2 hrs to put that damn thing together!! theres like 30 different size screws and parts omg...and of course you gotta let the battery charge for like 18 hrs... but i cheated and took it for a spin in the driveway lol (the weight limit is 130, im like 109) she was kinda scared of it but not really...

it was a good day! had cake and ice cream and played with new toys!

ps im glad its over im so beat!

What did you do today?

I cleaned all morning...then sat around for a while....then went and got some chinese food for im fat and bloated and watching jeopardy! woot!

oh i also painted my fingernails green :p

oh no its school time!!

i am on my way to class....saturday classes SUCK so bad..... thats college life for ya!

i plan on playing elder scrolls oblivion when i get home, i just got it in the mail yesterday!!

have a great weekend everyone!