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meganstrife Blog

New cell phone

I got the Nokia Nuron yesterday! Also got unlimited web for only $10 a month~!!!!! Really nice phone, I love it! :) Now all I need is my Otterbox case to come in the mail....FEDEX IS SLOW!!!

On another note

I am starting school soon!!! Cosmetology school :) I hope I do good, I think I will be good at cutting hair and beautifying women :) AND men!

Have a great 4th of July everyone :)

A little late news

Well Charlie, the lost dog that showed up on my porch, is now with a new family. I found a nice lady who has 3 dogs that took him in. I am very happy, I wish I could of kept him but I just cant afford the vet and extra dog food right now. He is in a great place! yay!

Found a dog

This playful coonhound showed up at my house yesterday, he is young, very clumsy. I wish I could keep him, I've been trying to find his owner....I don't wanna give him up!! :(

Rain thunder lighting

What is up with the weather lately, last night we had tornado warnings all freaking night, lots of funnel clouds but none ever touched ground...

scary stuff!

New Car!

Well my old one broke down several months go and was gonna cost a buttload to fix. So with the help of my dad and gma they got the cash so I could look for a new one. I only looked for a day and found one like an hr from my house! It is really old 93 Toyota Camry. There is a few cosmetic things that need to be fixed but nothing to big. I am picking it up today! OH and guess how much it was? $1300 :D


I dyed my hair purple the other day, looks good! Except my pillow case is blue haha!

Today it is rainy outside, I have lot's of HW to complete plus I need to go grocery shopping and clearn the house. Jeeze I thought weekends were meant to relax! :(

Hbo - Hung

Well today i woke up at 4am, and i was on the set of the second season of Hung. I got to be an extra and it was awesome! I met Thomas Jane!! He is so nice! And for those of you who don't know who he is, he is the Punisher. He also played in Deep Blue Sea and Dreamcatcher, just a couple examples. I am gonna go back on set in June and do it again!! My cousin is the assistant director, so I got the VIP treatment. Got to hang out with the directors and all the crew, eat with them AND got to go in a nice trailor. No other extra got to do that!!! Woooooo :D