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guy's in case you didn't now my internet hasen't been working well (I coulden't post) and now it works the funnyest thing about this is that I had a dream about it last night this is pruff of miracles. 

halo team

hey did you now I had a halo team once for about a year all we did was got together and played halo 2 every week it was awsume until my friends just didn't want to follow the rules so like 3 weeks after we started doing lan battles I had to disban my team oh well I always got my butt kick any way. 


finaly I understand the blog whets up guy to start out I'll tell you my intrests, I love japanese anime not that dum dubd stuff I'm totlly ubsest with nintendo, and I like J-pop/J-rock (J stands for japanese) my fave is Gackt (thats who my avi is) I also break dance oh ya.   
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