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My Top Ten Games Ever (runners-up)

With the almost 6 years of me being here, I dont think Ive ever done a list of my favorite games ever :o No time like the present, right? Plus ShadowofSonic kinda got me in the mood for it :P I thought long and hard about all the games that left lasting impressions on me. From the first game I ever played to my most recent one, I went over them all. While there are many games that I love, there are those select few that rise above the rest

Before getting into those though, I want to have some honorable mentions, because they deserve some spotlight as well. These games have lots going for them, but didnt quite make it.


Metroid Prime

I didnt get around to this one until junior year of HS, when a friend let me borrow it. I wanted to give it a shot (and it was also my first real shooter), but I had no idea what to expect. I was surprised how much I got into it. It was so far from what I usually play, yet I was enjoying myself quite a bit. The gameplay was satisfying (thanks in part to excellent controls), music was atmospheric, and it looked beautiful (particularly the snowy skies of Phendrena Drifts [I believe thats what it was called]). After beating it, I realized that the entire story was told with NO DIALOGUE (apart from scanning items for some form of info). Quite brilliant.


Super Mario Sunshine

Still my favorite Mario game to date, I loved this game as a kid and played the hell out of it. Everything from the music, the level designs, playing around with FLUDD and those gorgeous visuals was well done. The plot could have been a tad stronger, but I suppose Mario games have never really needed a strong story :P


Lunar Knights

Originally borrowed from a friend back in middle school, this game surprised me with its depth and cool story. What started as something simple eventually got more and more complex, coupled with plenty of hidden secrets (worth exploring). The story was interesting and tense, with quite the conclusionthen what seemed to be the conclusion evolved into an even more epic conclusion. Then a challenging-as-hell epilogue hinted at something even more sinister! Ive played this game countless times, and I still havent gotten everything unlocked (I wonder if I ever will?). You just cant stop playing once you start, and multiple playthroughs are a given for the upped difficulties and extra goodies. Hell the gameplay alone makes it fun (as it should :P ). Id expect no less from Hideo Kojima (after what Ive seen from the first MGS), who surprised me with his involvement.


Max Payne (1 and 2)

I had been curious about this series after a friend (macrules) said what a big fan he was of it. I looked into it, and it did sound fun, so after much searching, I got myself a copy of the first for PS2. The story and dark atmosphere made it so you couldnt relax for long, because there was always a sense of danger. I dont know what it is, but I loved the overall feel of the games. The comic panel cutscenes, Maxs voice, the run-down environments, it was all great! You want to know what happens next, you want Max to succeed, you want to guide him to victory (well, I did at least :P ). The gameplay was fun as well, and Maxs signature bullet time moves couldnt just be used all the time. You had to use strategy and planning so that your extra time wasnt wasted. Diving from a flight of stairs during bullet time was equal parts epic and painful :lol: Also, Maxs bullet time reload in the second game was freaking awesome. Only thing that took away from the experience were those tightrope sequences in the first game. The idea wasnt too bad, but getting through those parts was a brutal struggle of landing correctly and WATCHING YOUR STEP. Then again, maybe that represents the feel of the game quite well? The symbolism is nice, but I still didnt enjoy those parts :P


PS2 Sly series (extremely close runner-up)

Ive loved these games since I was a kid who could only watch them be played at friends houses. The first game had me completely interested, and when I finally did play, it was fantastic. Navigating the traps! Finding the clue bottles! Hearing that compelling and interesting story! Everything clicked so well, and was one of the few games where I unlocked level commentary and listened to all of it. Sly 2 and 3 only made things better, with a free-roaming environment and missions that led up to the conclusion of each chapter. Exploring every environment with Sly (and even the other two) couldnt have been more fun. It finished with quite the final level and boss fight, ending the series on *gasp* a cliffhanger (where the 4th game finally came in)! I also loved the way each games story found its way into the next one (most compelling in the second game imo). All three games were excellent in their own right, and Im sure Ill love the 4th as well ^^


FF VII Crisis Core (narrowly beat by #10 spot)

I believe this was my second FF game ever, and boy did it leave an impression. Zack was an excellent and likable protagonist, the main cast was great, the story made you feel totally engaged, the combat was streamlined and fun, and that soundtrack! And that powerful endingIt all came together to make an impressive game! There were also some additional things you could enjoy. All of the available extra missions could be done at any time, and you often gained benefits from doing them, even extra cutscenes and some humorous encounters. There were even e-mail clubs you could join and a literary piece called Loveless that made for a good read. There was plenty to do, thats for sure. One thing I found slightly annoying was the fact that your extra mission progress isnt saved after beating the game, but at least your levels stick with you. On a side note, I cant wait to play FFVII to see how this story continues! :D

That does it for my special mentions, hope youve gotten the chance to enjoy them like I have! Next blog will have my #10 - #7 games. "Look forward to it!"

Thanks for reading! ^^