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My Top Ten Games Ever Part 3 - #6 - #4

Once again, pardon the lack of apostrophes :P


#6 - Resident Evil 4

This was the very first Resident Evil game Id ever tried (when I was 17). My best friend bought it and tried playing it, but he couldnt get the hang of the controls, so he let me borrow it. I was glued to it the entire time I had it (and he just let me keep it afterwards :P ). Easily one of my favorite horror experiences to date. Despite playing it through about 6 times (so far) and knowing whats coming, I still get tense with certain parts and love everything the game throws at you.

I could make a list of things I like about this game, but Id probably end up listing just about everything :P Overall, its such a solid game. I will say that bosses are spectacular, environments are wonderful (especially the village), and certain encounters still make me nervous (those female chainsaw wielders and blind wolverine-like guys). *Shiver*


#5 - Left 4 Dead 2

This series was me and my best friends obsession in all of high school. Every time we hung out, we played one of these games co-op, and it was always a blast. I have since bought myself the first and second games, and re-bought the second game for PC :P The second game in particular is quite spectacular, improving on the first in a lot of ways (though the first is still really fun). The gameplay is simple, satisfying and fun, making it easy to pick up and play. The environments are excellent-looking, down to the last detail. Theres also a decent amount of humor present in it, which is welcome in the depressingly barren and dangerous areas. The enemies are very creative as well, and the danger they present makes you think twice about wandering off alone.

Even the lack of story is interesting to me. The characters focus on somehow getting to point A to point B, but along the way youll make your way through buildings, homes, parks, a carnival, and others. There are constant reminders of how things used to be, war plans for getting rid of these zombies, and wall messages to loved ones. It makes you wonder how things got this way. There are no indications of a cause source, no cure discussions, no information at all. Its all left up to imagination


#4 - Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories (PS2)

This one Ill be breaking down into a list of awesomeness :P

1. The card aspect - Its an interesting idea to limit your navigation and attacks to card-based maneuvers. You cant just swing your blade (use up your cards) and expect to get anywhere. This game is as much about strategy as it is about action, yin and yang if you will. Lots of people hate it Im sure, but I personally love it.

2. Leveling up - Being able to choose what stat increase you get from a level up is very cool, and even adds a strategic edge to the system. Are you confident enough to get by with little health for deck boosts? Should you go for a new combo? Is it best to choose health or deck capacity before the next boss?

3. The setting, level structure, and resulting tension - While playing this game, youre in a giant castle with various rooms (or worlds rather) that have to be explored. It all feels super confined and claustrophobic, even more so in the individual rooms. It almost makes you feel uneasy and is executed so well. You can choose to breeze through the rooms (to an extent) and get to the main parts, or use heartless cards often and boost your levels. Once you reach the end of the world, theres another conflict to consider. Most of the time, theres a boss waiting for you on the other side of the exit door, and a tough one at that. Are your stats sufficient? Can you beat him/her? Will you be forced to turn tail and grind levels? Uncertainty is a HUGE part of this game, and I love it! :P

4. Bosses - On the note of those guys, every one of them is excellent and challenging. Soras final boss is insane, yet is a little bit easier than the GBA version (which was a true endurance test). Itll take everything you have to take these guys out, not just your cards.

5. Multiple Characters - This isnt a spoiler because of the cover, right? :P (was certainly a secret in the GBA one) ANYWAYS, each one has their own story and play style. Soras deck is fully customizable, while Rikus deck is locked for each world. Each has their own strategy, so its up to you to figure out what works best for you!

6. Story - How could I forget? Each of the two characters stories are so good! The tension mentioned before is totally evident, and there are a good amount of twists as well. Itll keep you guessing ;)

7. PS2 version - This translated so well to PS2, quite happy about that. This version also has some nice extras in it, always great to see. Also, those graphics! And Twilight Town! ^^

Thats it for this part! Check out the final post for the remaining games :o

Thanks for reading! ^^