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My Top Ten Games Ever Part 2 - #10 - #7

(Pasting from Word, pardon the lack of apostrophes)

Alright, here is the second part of the list, featuring #10 - #7!


#10 - Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby games are very straightforward in their presentation and gameplay. Hell most of them involve Kirby enjoying some form of food that eventually gets stolen or ruined :P However, there is something to be said for experiencing a pure sense of fun, and these games deliver on that. The best example would be this title.

There are certain things that make this particular Kirby game my favorite. First, not only can you use awesome copy abilities, but you can use that ability to call in a teammate to fight with you!

Second, all the different modes you can play add so much variety, and youre constantly unlocking new things to play.

Third, there is a good amount of challenge. Some Kirby games are known for being fun, but also being easy. That is not so here, as each mode is marked with a difficulty meter, getting harder and harder as you go. This brings me to the next point: tension.

In the various Kirby games I have played, Ive never been worried about beating bosses or getting through a level. In Super Star Ultra, certain bosses had me in awe. They were threatening, they were dark, and they were cool (looking at you Marx)! Another instance (The True Arena) was a boss rush mode with very limited health recovery, and a lot of bosses that were tough had to be fought in bulk. With the final boss being a darker Marx, this mode truly made you play hard.

Final points: it was portable and brought classic mini-games with it :P


#9 Dead Rising

This has been a favorite for a while, but I had the chance to spent around a month with it recently (doing some achievement hunting for fun). In that time, I found out just how much I enjoy and adore this game.

You are trapped in a mall trying to get to the bottom of this zombie story. You have 72 hours to get your info and get out. Everything in the mall is a weapon. Any zombie fan would find this scenario very enticing :P

Again, I can break down my love for this into points. First, the setting is brilliant. Normally, you are stuck in a dark, dank environment with zombies coming towards you. This game has you in a bright, colorful mall with cheerful music playing on occasion, absolutely SURROUNDED by zombies. It just feels WRONG, but in a good way!

Second: zombie count. I dont think I have seen a game that pits you against so many zombies at once, and with excellent frame rate at that! Whats interesting (GS put it best), the zombies arent the main focus, they actually act more as an obstacle.

Third: mission structure. The game goes in almost real time and missions show up at certain hours in the game. However, aside from the main story (which is no problem to complete), every other mission that shows up is optional. Every mission will give you some form of help, usually in the form of EXP, but sometimes youll gain a powerful weapon. Here you will find the struggle of risk vs. reward. You need to keep an eye on the main mission time while also carrying out additional missions. It takes time to get used to, but when you do, you rock it. If you are successful, you will gain rewards and manage to continue effectively. If you cant get back in time, your story will end (though you can still play through if you wish). On that note...

Fourth: restart bonuses. Even if you do die at certain points in the game (and you know you cant get farther), you have the option to start over with your current stats intact.

Fifth: Psychopaths. Certain missions bring you face to face with these guys, driven crazy by the zombie outbreak. The way they act is truly creepy and believable, and the fights are filled with plenty of tension. Their cutscenes are also quite interesting.

Sixth: Story. Its awesome and it makes you want to know what happens.

Seventh: Fun Factor. Between blunt objects, sharp objects, melee and guns, killing zombies has never been more satisfying. You also get a feel for what weapons you like the most, and you start to find ways to improve on them or stock up. You have the most fun when you're prepared for a fight! Of course there's something to be said for scrambling for weapons and wacking away :P


#8 Mega Man X Command Mission

One day, a younger me traded in a couple GC games in a game store. I was looking for a new game. I glanced upon a Mega Man game (my first one actually) and figured I would give it a shot. The marriage of Mega Man and Final Fantasy blew my mind.

This game is just an overall wonderful experience for me. The story is enjoyable, the characters are great (with voice acting Im a fan of) and the environments are interesting and fun to explore. There are four things in particular that I really love about this game though.

1. The battle system in Command Mission was fantastic. You have your main attack of course, but there were also sub-weapons you could use in the same turn. Depending on what you had equipped, these could deal extra damage, steal items, build status, etc. However, to use these, you had to sacrifice WE (a little gained each turn). You could also save your WE to eventually use a super move exclusive to that character. Decisions! The combat was also very satisfying to watch.

2. The bosses were excellent. No boss was easy, every one made you contemplate your strategy. There were some truly spectacular ones that had you on edge and excited ^^

3. Secrets aplenty. One thing I love about games is secret stuff, and this game has lots. Theres figures, posters, music, art, weapons, and even keys that lead to armor. However, these same keys lead to some insane and incredibly memorable secret bosses. Specifically Rafflesian and the Tails clan (9 bosses in a single location), they will f*ck you up if you are not prepared. Awesome stuff!

4. Great soundtrack. Love me some video game music, and this game has a soundtrack I enjoy ^^


#7 Star Fox Assault

Star Fox is a great series (with the possible exception of Command) that comes to a peak with this game (imo). For one thing, the story was pretty dark and interesting, something I didnt quite expect. It starts off innocently enough, with the group chasing an enemy in their ships. Then things take a strange turn with the sudden appearance of a new alien entity that is absorbing life sources across the Lylat System. They will hunt you on numerous occasions, destroy planets, cause close calls, and brainwash enemies and allies, making for some truly creepy and unsettling moments. Thats the best part though, the story is very tense and effectively gives you a sense of dread while playing. There was one hell of a final level as well.

The gameplay melds perfectly with this sense of danger and urgency. Arwing battles start off fun, then become more challenging, and finally finish with a powerful climax (with some exceptions that are crazy from the start). Land segments are just as cool, and in some cases you have to keep an eye on the invasion. If it gets too large, you have to jump in your ship to lower the numbers. Some of the best moments occur when Fox rides an Arwing from the outside, blasting away with a plasma cannon. The missions themselves are just fun to play over and over again and Ive found myself going back to a lot of them on several occasions. 

The short yet great soundtrack helps to complete this fun title ^^

I also think the characters are excellent and I loved seeing Fox and Krystals relationship bloom (which was nearly ruined in Command :x ).

There you have it, next post will have #6 - #4 ^^

Thanks for reading!