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My Top Ten Games Ever - #3 - #1


#3 - Kingdom Hearts 2

Ah, KH2. The game that not only became my favorite of the series, but also introduced me to one of my favorite video game characters ever: Roxas. It was a little disorienting starting the game as him, but it eventually became one of the many things I remember fondly about this title. When you know the full story, that time with Roxas becomes a little sadder.... Here comes the list:

1. Fluid gameplay - While some may argue that the combat feels button-mashy (and I suppose it is), its still satisfying seeing all the combo moves, crazy flips, and finishing blows that are dealt during the fight. In the overall game, being able to jump flip, quick run, and glide around the areas is a lot of fun. The addition of reaction commands add an interesting angle to the fighting as well. They arent always necessary, but they yield some good results if you can pull them off.

2. Forms - Being able to transform and dual wield keyblades is awesome enough, but then getting to level up those forms (as well as the abilities that come with them) makes it even better. And even though Anti-form zaps your drive gauge, its quite the spectacle to watch.

3. Abilities - This games chock full of them, to the point where you cant even select them all at max AP. Plenty of variety to be had there.

4. Menus - I suppose this is minor, but its incredibly easy to navigate through the menu screens. I like the look of them as well :P

5. Story - Interesting all the way through with some humorous moments here and there, and one hell of a finale.

6. Extras - Plenty to do in-game, from completing the Moogle shop to filling out that journal.

7. Sephiroth fight - One of the coolest bosses Ive had the pleasure of facing. I have a file saved just so I can fight him in Proud Mode :P


#2 - Persona 3 Portable

Id only heard vague things about this game in general, though it had me interested. My best friend got the PSP version during Senior year, and he stopped part-way through. He let me borrow it that Spring. Its still one of the most interesting games Ive played to date. It includes so many different elements and pushes them all together, yet they work so well! Nothing feels tacked on in the slightest. For a JRPG-dating sim-visual novel-esque game, it holds up amazingly well.

You start out with very low stats obviously, then work your way up in both strength and personality as the story progresses. However, its up to you what to work on. Its after school, do you want to maybe walk home with that girl? Oh, but she needs max charm from you first. Better do a fun activity elsewhere to build that up. Maybe you want to hang with a friend to up your relationship and the stat boosts that come with it? Or possibly just go home and study?

You can also choose your pace for exploring dungeons within the allotted time. You can do it right away, pace yourself, or get it all done at the last minute. It's constantly a challenge as well, strategizing each battle to either get quickly to the top or get all the treasure and experience you can on the way up (I choose the latter). Boss fights are quite tense as well. Even on normal, you sometimes barely make it through the fight.

The story and characters throughout are fantastic as well. Every person you interact with feels so real, and the ones that have voice acting are excellent-sounding. A girl main character was introduced with this version, but I havent even gotten to that yet :P

Oh, and that soundtrack! Sooooooo good!


#1 - The World Ends With You

This may have been obvious to some people I know, but to the rest, let it be known. I freaking LOVE this game. Even before making the list, this was automatically on top. Everything about it is beautiful in a way I can only hope to describe effectively.

1. Story - I really had no idea what to expect when starting TWEWY, but I quickly found out. As soon as I watched that opening cutscene, I fell in love. Youre guided through a bizarre situation, slowly working your way through piece by piece, twist by twist, day by day. The more you play, the more you get sucked in, and its a feat to do it as quickly as it manages to. Im still fascinated with the concept. Easily one of the most unique and powerful stories Ive ever played through.

2. Gameplay - The customization for battle moves is incredible, the ease theyre carried out is great, and each move is a joy to watch and implement. However, the real star of the show is the dual-battling. You control not one, but two characters at once. Certainly a challenge to get the hang of, but when you get used to it, it couldnt feel more fluid and fun. The clothes you buy not only up your stats, but follow trends that get weaker or stronger depending on the area. Food you eat gets digested as you fight (one battle = one bite), which adds to your permanent stats.

3. Environments/Art - Based on real-life Shibuya, each area you explore feels alive and looks awesome. Each location even has its own district logo. The character art and animation are fantastic, and I never get tired of roaming the areas.

4. Characters - This game is home to some of the coolest individuals (heroes and villains alike) ever thought up for a game. I love the main character and his teammates, the villains are quite interesting, and one particular math-loving bad guy makes you adore him. Some phrases he says (math quotes of sorts) are burned into my mind, and they actually helped me a bit during HS math :lol:

5. Soundtrack - Definitely one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time. Doesnt matter whats playing in the background or during battle, its all great!

6. Tin Pin - A fun mini-game that gets its start within a section of the main story, then gets an additional chapter based solely around that (one that is quite funny).

Theres a lot more I could say, but you get the gist. This game is a true masterpiece that everyone needs to play. Its stuff like this that makes me happy to be a gamer ^^

I hope you enjoyed seeing this list unfold, and maybe you even gained a bit of knowledge. Either way, thanks again for reading ^^