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My GS love story

First, Im back ^^ Thanks to those who already welcomed me back, and for everyone who wished me well before I left :D (Better get to work on those PMs...)

Second, a few people know the purpose of my trip to Canada, but most dont. It has to do with me and Miss fablesway. Let me explain:

2 summers ago, I came across her profile through the comments system of a friends blog. I was curious, so I read and liked how she did things. She then proceeded to ask a great many questions via PM :P She invited me to a union, we chatted a good amount there, and also continued to PM each other. Eventually we moved to FB for most of our chatting, and we continued to get to know each other. We had gotten very close by that point, so I asked if maybe shed want to try a relationship, and she said yes ^^ For almost 2 years, we talked for hours almost every day, just shooting the breeze and asking how the other persons day was going, leading to other conversational paths :P

Wed gotten as close as we could via chat, so I finally got the money together to visit her in Canada and stay with her for a week (this past week). It was such a great week! We watched movies, played video games, went to the mall, talked, snuggled, etc. =3 She also gave me more manga than I could take home with me as gifts :lol:

It was sad having to leave her, but at least now we know how we truly feel about each other. I love her very much, and she feels the same :) Were going to continue to visit each other every so often (when time/money allows), but eventually well be together to stay, once we get some job/school stuff out of the way ^^

So GS, while you may be a pain at times with your glitches and whatnot, Ill always be grateful for you giving me the opportunity to meet such a great girl. Thank you!

Love you Ash ^^