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My Early Final (6th) Anniversary (For da friends)

Since I cant predict what will happen or when people will leave, I wanted to leave my final messages for the friends Ive come to know and love :P (Organized by union, then PM/blog, then other mentions, and finally past mentions)(apostrophes are also gone again, sorry >.> )

Smiley Army

Fablesway - weve had quite the history, havent we? Throughout all that time, we mustve posted tons and sent so many messages back and forth :P was always fun though! Youre the most special person in my life, and Im so glad we could spent those fun times together like that ^^ well be moving on from this place, but well never forget where we started :) lets see what life has in store for us :o love you Ash ^^

Berto64 - known you for a good amount of time, and while we havent talked much lately, were still buds ^^ cant help that weve both been busy, what a pain right? :P I still remember how wed talk about relationship stuff or just shoot the breeze, that was fun ^^ well be able to do it again eventually though Im sure :D I wish you well in whatever you do dude ^^

CountBleck12 - always had a great time chatting with you in the unions, and even a little bit outside the site (like that awesome anime discussion we had with that friend of yours on FB :lol: ). Youre an awesome guy and Im glad were friends :D

GamerofMario1 - always there to provide some humor and add more to discussions, youre a friendly guy that I enjoyed seeing around the unions ^^ stay cool dude!

ShadowofSonic - I remember you asked before how wed originally met, and I couldnt say for sure, but Im glad we did! I also remember how you said you werent fans of otaku, but Im glad I could slip through the cracks :P your sense of humor always makes things fun wherever you go, and its been great being able to chat on FB lately (when work doesnt interrupt). Im really glad to have another best friend who keeps life interesting, and who I can wish well on a regular basis (even if I dont always say :P ). Stay cool bro :D

Shytink8965 - while you didnt come around as often at first, you started posting a bit more as time went on, and it became evident that you were another friendly person to chat with ^^ youll most likely be better at fighting games than me forever too XD either way, glad to have met you :D

Wolverine87aX - you were quite the lively one :P you had an interesting story going and enjoyed being part of the community. I also noticed after starting HS that youd started to mature more. I dont mean anything bad by that of course, you just had a slightly more serious tone (in a good way!). Ive heard youre doing well lately, and I hope that continues ^^


Off-Topic Universe

Koolkat14 - youre a very friendly person who Ive known for a while, and who Ive had the pleasure of designing themes for :P its always nice seeing you around the site ^^ I hope you do well in University! :D

Ktulu007 - Ive known you for a few years, and Ive never grown tired of your sense of humor and clever wit :P I really like the way you carry yourself; youre confident, smart, and a nice person ^^ you also write some of the best anime reviews Ive had the pleasure of reading (even if I dont agree with certain ones :P ). Im glad I got the chance to know you dude, thanks for keeping things interesting :)

Macrules_640 - one of my oldest friends here, youre always up for a joke and having some good discussions (though I cant join in all of them :P ). Youve also always had some great looking themes ;) thanks for being my friend dude ^^

Munchgun - a nice person all around, and one who enjoys chatting as well :P if you ever get that game store going, I might order something if you guys have a website :P glad to be friends :D

Mitu123 - youre definitely the most well-informed person Ive ever met. from gaming news to movies, youre always on top of things. Glad to have gotten the chance to chat and be friends ^^


Niche and Off-Topic Union

Lazyathew/Bongardo - just a friendly guy in general, and one I enjoyed chatting with on occasion. Thanks for making the union more fun to hang out at :D

Phoenixangel9 - known you for quite some time, and theres never a dull moment as long as youre around :lol: youre very well-informed about various games and anime that Im not, and your sense of humor is great as well :P I always looked forward to seeing you in the unions since it was guaranteed to be fun :P thanks for being my friend dude :)


Pokemon Regions Union

Dorthie2 - the esteemed leader who couldnt resist a good laugh :P was fun making you laugh, and youre a nice person in general. Glad to have met you ^^

Giratina98 - a bro whos fun to talk to and has a great sense of humor, but has no way of contact him! :P had a lot of good times hanging out in the union, and glad I could be there with others when you needed someone to talk to ^^ gonna miss you dude, take care of yourself :)

HybridKing - my sarcastic brother in comedy, never a dull moment with you around :P from funny to serious conversations, Id say weve had them all, and I enjoyed every one of them. I also appreciate the help you give me on designs, and for introducing me to the awesome Gintama series :P glad were friends dude ^^

Sniper-Gamer - a fellow anime and game enthusiast with a friendly personality. Always nice to see you around the unions, and I enjoyed reading your blogs as well :D glad we could be friends ^^


Vocaloid Union

Hanzoadam - a dude whose anime collection Ill always be jealous of :lol: your blogs were always interesting to see, and was nice seeing you around the union as well. Take care of yourself dude ^^

Josephl64 - a very friendly user whos probably seen 3 times the amount of anime I have so far :P I enjoyed posting with you in the different unions, and Im glad to have been a friend ^^


Ota-COOL Underground

2ndWonder - a super cool user who generously took me into his mansion and made me a maid :P theres no doubt that youre the nicest person Ive met here, possibly ever, and I really enjoyed getting the chance to chat with you in various unions ^^ I hope we get to skype with everyone one day, maybe even hang out like you said, thatd be cool :) glad were friends :D

Cloud_765 - a cool user whos been quite dedicated to making his game lately :P you introduced me to Touhou and also contributed to some great discussions ^^ was fun chatting in general and just chilling out at the board. Thanks for being my friend ^^

SoraX64 - even though I met you more recently, I enjoyed chatting with you ^^ youre a nice guy who made hanging out at the board a lot of fun, and you helped me get Maximum the Hormones new album (thanks again) ^^ glad I got the chance to meet you dude :D


Social Café Union

Killyou - a silly user whos fun to be around :P was fun posting with you and Im glad we got the chance to hang out a bit ^^

Papermariofan57 - a cool user who happens to be super friendly, you made posting a lot of fun :P you also had a great sense of humor which made things even better :P hope we get the chance to chat more on FB, and I wish you luck on the continued pursuit of your career :D glad to be friends ^^

PiscesChick93 - a very nice user who always seems to be having fun in her blogs :P youre definitely one of the friendliest people I know here, and it was fun getting to chat :D glad we could be friends, and I wish you luck in the future ^^

The_Last_Ride - a user who seems to enjoy being sarcastic (like me) :P its also cool that youre into Bleach as well ^^ was fun being able to chat with you in the unions dude, thanks for being my friend ^^ maybe one of us will solve world hunger one day :P

Toph_Girl250 - you always seemed to be surrounded with drama in various places, but regardless, I enjoyed your company :P you certainly kept things interesting! Youre a nice person and Im glad I could chat with you back in the Spring, you saved me from a lot of boredom during college classes :P glad to have met you ^^

Valereth85 - a user with some strong opinions, you certainly kept things interesting :P still, I enjoyed your company and also liked chatting when we got the chance ^^ glad I could meet you Val, I wish you the best with everything ^^


Relationship Union

Noteldnep - a very friendly user who I enjoyed having conversations with and just shooting the breeze. was very nice of you to invite me to your union, and i hope i was able to contribute somewhat :P thanks for being a great friend ^^

Blackbladegr - another friendly user who enjoyed a good laugh and who was always positive when i saw her. just like Note, was fun getting the chance to talk to you when i could, glad to have met you ^^


PM/blog friends

FojMohsin - a friendly guy who Ive enjoyed PMing, as well as reading your blogs. Not sure if Ill be PMing through GS anymore, but Im glad we got the chance to chat ^^ thanks for being my friend dude ^^

Jak-25 - known you for quite some time, and weve been PMing for just about as long :P from game systems, life, school, and even some anime, weve talked about plenty :P like with FojMohsin, not sure if Ill be using the GS PM system anymore, but it was great being able to chat with you for so long, and Im glad we could be friends :D

Stonhengehill - always there following my blogs, its nice seeing you stop by each time ^^ thanks for the fun comments, and I hope you enjoyed the reads :P


Other mentions























While I dont know you guys quite as well, I enjoyed seeing you around the unions and GS in general :D some of you I may even get to know better in the future, and if so then Im looking forward to that ^^ from your fun posts to interesting blogs to your presence in general, Im glad I was able to meet you all in some way :D


Past mentions















While you guys most likely wont see this, I still want to thank you for some really great experiences here. Some of you were very friendly, some had exceptionally good blogs, and others were just fun to hang out with. Without you guys, my time here wouldnt be complete, so wherever you are, I wish you the very best :)


Thanks to everyone who made this place so much fun over the years! Ill never forget any of you or the times we shared here :D I might try to do a few blogs once the new place hits, but hard to say. For the final time in this layout, this is megamannt123 signing out! Thanks for reading!