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Killer weeds

About a week ago, one of my best friends (who's currently in Georgia, while I'm here in Colorado) asked if I could check on his old house. Apparently they got a violation notice; the previous renters hadn't been there for a year and he said it needed mowing and branches to be picked up. I went over not knowing what to expect, and then it came into focus at the bottom of his hill. A battle was about to take place...

Front and back, they were everywhere. I don't think he knew just how bad it was :lol: Some were taller than me! Anyways, my dad decided to help, and we stayed for about 5 hours getting what we could done. It was hard work, but I was getting paid so whatever :P We retook the battlefield:


A considerable difference could be seen, that's for sure. I sent him the pictures, and his wtf reaction made it all worth it :lol: I got my payment in the mail yesterday amounting to a nice $75. Not sure what to use it on since I recently got some iTunes cards from a previous yard work job. I'll try to figure something out :P