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Death of a poster (and possibly, blogger)

With the new policies and 'subtractions' (as they were) announced, many members have been annoyed/upset with the lack of unions and UCBs (myself included). Unions are the biggest part of my activity here, for the sole purpose of chatting with many good friends every day, shooting the breeze or otherwise. It's almost like a secret club of sorts; you bring your snacks, enter through the door, and chill out while everyone plays Smash Bros. and jokes around up in the tree fort. Well, if you want to visualize it that way :P 

Either way, I loved unions, they showed just how great the community here on GS was. Even if you weren't particularly social IRL, you could still gather here with friends and get a bit social and interact for however long you wanted to. Not only that, some unions had been built from the ground up, lasted for years, established themselves, and gotten good amounts of activity. The feels man, the FEELS. 

I talked about it with a friend recently, and I realized some things. I reached nearly 80k posts over the course of 6 years (just about) because I enjoyed chatting with my friends so much, AND every post was made within unions. Posting became a regular thing for me. It helped to talk when things at home weren't going so good, it was nice being able to support others, and it even helped cure some boredom during college (and yes, I passed all my classes :P ). In my case, it was also how I got to know my (soon-to-be) fiance. 

At any rate, I'll be giving Zetaboards a shot, and everyone I know seems to be following suit. As for blogs, I'll be doing one more after this: My final anniversary blog that I write every year for my friends. A tad early, I know, but I want to get it done before the final changes happen. If you're reading this, you know you'll be mentioned, so keep an eye out for it :)

As always, thanks for reading!