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My anime character list part 1

"That's the hardest part isn't it? The blank page. Look at it, just sitting there, mocking you." – Frank Barone from the show Everybody Loves Raymond

That's what happens with me. Everytime I go to write a blog, I have to deal with getting past the blank page :roll:. I'm sure you all go through the same thing. The quote stated it in the best way I could think, and I like it, so I put it down. Anyways, this marks the beginning of my favorite anime series/anime character series. These are series that are well done in my humble opinion :P and the mentioned individuals are characters that stand out to me, either because of humor, personality, coolness, and maybe other factors.

Conan Edogawa (Shinichi Kudo) – Case Closed

The modern-day Sherlock Holmes of the anime world, Shinichi is a mystery-solving high school student. Following a strange case leads to him getting ambushed and fed a weird chemical that shrinks his body down to kid size! His memory is intact, but who will believe him? He then assists his girlfriend's dad (as Conan) with various cases from the shadows while he attempts to find a way to reverse the effect on his body.

Shinichi/Conan is a very clever character whose wits are always sharp and it's entertaining to watch him figure out a case. The fact that he has to keep his sleuthing a secret at the same time adds quite a bit of humor, and most of the cases are ingeniously written. If you're looking for a fantastic murder mystery series, then look no further ;).

Konata Izumi – Lucky Star

An average high-schooler who enjoys interesting discussions with her friends, all forms of anime, and any video game she can get her hands on. Her personality is incredibly lovable, and she's always got something funny to say :P.

Honestly, those who have watched this series can tell you they relate to Konata in some way, some people more than others. She's a very relatable character. I mean let's face it, we all love video games, right? Like Konata, we've probably spent some late nights enjoying our favorite games. At some point, you've probably asked your friends to let you copy their math homework or some other assignment, like Konata. And chances are if you enjoy anime, then Konata is right behind you. Plus, with her real-life conversations about food, holidays, school, and other things, there's no doubt that you'll agree with something that's stated. The entire cast of characters is very well done, but Konata's the obvious stand out. To put it simply, slice of life series don't get better than this.

Takeya Ikuhara - DearS

An average high-schooler who lives on his own and has a part-time job. His town is very interested in the DearS race, special aliens who enjoy helping people, but he couldn't be less interested in them. He has a pretty simple life, until he bumps into "Ren" one day, then his whole world gets turned upside-down.

You can't help but laugh at the events that happen to this guy. Takeya's living a regular life, then suddenly meets a "broken" alien who insists that he's her "master." She's not exactly broken, but rather hasn't learned a lot of things to be completely helpful, which means that Ren is a constant handful :P. He attempts to continue with his regular life, but soon realizes that that life$tyle has been thrown out the window (like most of his stuff after Ren's finished "cleaning up" :lol: ). Over the course of the series, he starts to appreciate Ren more and more, and finally admits to caring about her and not wanting her to leave. It's a really funny series, with a few dramatic moments, and makes for a fun anime to watch :D.

Takashi Komuro – Highschool of the Dead

An average high school sophomore in a traditional school setting. He's a bit of a slacker and thinks on the past from time to time, about things that could've been.

Takashi's an interesting character. He's a friendly guy, but he's got his share of conflict to deal with, including a painful past relationship that haunts him. He's not a bad guy, just the opposite in fact, but he's not the best at taking action when he should, or saying the right thing. Hell, what teenager is? Adding insult to injury, Takashi gets thrown into the zombie apocalypse. Over the course of staying alive in the series, Takashi's leadership abilities start to show, he becomes more confident, and he starts getting close to the girl he always loved. He works well with his team of friends, and together they overcome many tough obstacles. This is my favorite anime series, and it's definitely worth a shot if you're interested in zombies/apocalyptic/action series :D.

Medabee – Medabots

In the 22nd century, Medabots are seen everywhere, always alongside the person who bought them, or their "teammate." Battling with these robots is a common pastime, but adding to the fun is that these robots have personalities and talk back and forth with their Medafighters.

Medabee's backstory is actually pretty interesting. His Medafighter, Ikki, was short on money, and at a crucial moment, could only afford to buy him. Keeping this in mind, Medabee is an older model, and yet, he finds a way to win every battle that's thrown his way. However, Medabee is a hothead, and so is Ikki to an extent :P. Watching them fight is always funny, and the fact that they're so similar is even better. As they continue battling opponents, the situations change. In the beginning, it's just for fun, then it grows into tournaments, then to save the world, and finally the world robattle tournament/saving the world again (interesting order, right? :lol: ). It's during this final tournament that Medabee learns some crazy stuff about his and all Medabots past. The entire series is hilarious, has awesome action, and never gets boring to watch, so if you're looking for a great series to watch, you can't go wrong here. (On an extra note, this is one anime series where the English voices are a lot better than the Japanese cast)

Lan Hikari – Megaman NT Warrior

A boy who lives far into the future, when the internet has become a complete and crucial part of everyday society (even more so than today). Net Navis (digital programs with personalities) are also widely used for running errands, netbattling, and just acting as friends to people.

Lan's an average kid; he's not a fan of homework, he helps his friends when he can, and he has the habit of being late :P. He's also a pretty sharp guy when it comes to netbattling with Megaman. He gets thrown into a big tournament fairly early, and what a tournament it is! The powerful final match awakens a powerful entity that actually deletes Megaman (he gets restructured later) and almost messes up the whole world! From that point, ferocious attempts to destroy the Net become a common occurance, and Lan and Megaman fight to protect everyone (sometimes barely defeating an enemy). Throughout the chaos, Lan manages to keep his cool, and always has a positive outlook. He also adds some humorous moments to the series. Overall, another well done series.

King DeDeDe – Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

Self-proclaimed king of Cappy Town, DeDeDe is a bumbling and selfish ruler who gets nothing useful done. Once Kirby crash lands into town, the king has one goal: get rid of Kirby.

King DeDeDe is a memorable and funny guy. For whatever reason, he just hates Kirby and wants to get him out of town. Everyone loves Kirby, and the king can't stand it. So what does he do? He orders monsters from across the universe to go after Kirby and racks up a huge debt :lol:. He's also always got schemes going, and his trademark laugh is heard quite a bit. He does bad things, but he goes about them in ridiculous ways and never succeeds in what he's trying to do. Basically, he's a bad guy you can't help but love. Each episode has a separate "story" of sorts (there isn't a set plot until the end), and they're just funny to watch, so if you're a fan of Kirby or simpler anime series, then give this a shot.

Sonic the Hedgehog – Sonic X

A blue hedgehog that can run faster than the speed of sound. He's the sworn enemy of Eggman, the evil tyrant of Sonic's world. Wherever Eggman appears with a horde of evil robots, Sonic is always there to stop him. During one of Eggman's latest schemes, the chaos emeralds are tampered with, resulting in everyone getting teleported across space and time to another world. It's here that Sonic meets Chris Thorndyke, a kid who's kind, but bored with his regular life. After some stuff happens, Sonic starts living with Chris and stops Eggman when he surfaces.

Sonic's as cool as ever in this series. Despite some simplistic stories and the weak Chris Thorndyke character (insert joke here), the series does very well. It doesn't matter where Sonic is as long as he "can run free and relax." He adapts well to our life$tyle :P with frequent breaks in the easy pace created by Eggman. I don't know what it is, but something about Sonic in the city just seems right. Maybe it reminds me of Sonic Adventure and hanging out in Station Square. Either way, it works. The first season has some funny and entertaining episodes (with some good action here and there), season two has more humorous episodes, as well as SA and SA2B game adaptations which are done pretty well. The final season is the best, where lethal Metarex robots cause the group to travel into space for some ferocious battles. Again, if you're into simpler anime series (or Sonic in general), then check it out.

That's it for part 1! Update: Finished .hack//Legend of the Twilight and am 12 episodes into .hack//Roots (pretty good so far). Part 2 will come sometime…..later :P. Thanks for reading! :)

Is there a reason for that?

Hey guys :). How have you been? Doing good I hope :D. I felt like writing some stuff down here that I've been thinking about lately (after talking with friends and thinking about it myself).

Does everything happen for a reason?

Recently, I was driving to my college campus like normal. I was practically there, but the cars were starting to back up for some reason, so I slowed down like everyone else and came to a complete stop (again, like everyone else). Then, I hear a loud screech from behind me, and my vehicle shakes. I got rear-ended by some guy who was paying absolutely no attention to what was going on in front of him. I continued to drive, and eventually, so did he. (In case you're wondering, my truck didn't take any damage at all, built like a tank)

Why the hell wouldn't you be paying attention on a fairly busy highway? Was he texting/on the phone or changing radio stations? If he was texting, is there any reason to do that on a busy highway? Was he in disbelief at himself for being so stupid after contact? (probably :roll: ) Are we both lucky that no one was hurt? (hell yes)

I've been in college for about 2 months now, and it's going good, I'm sort of enjoying myself actually. I've met some cool people and have some great classes. I know it's for my future and all, but you can't help but think:

Is this really worth it? What's to stop me from dropping my classes and just getting a normal job like other people? Couldn't that be easier? (I'm not dropping anything, they're just hypothetical questions)

My favorite band was introduced to me in 8th grade by an old friend. Would I know about them if she hadn't let me borrow her album?

We tend to argue with our parents occasionally, right? It's unavoidable, and for me, it happens sometimes, usually about stupid stuff, but it's hard to please everyone when you have a busy schedule.

Free time is as important as using time to get work done, isn't it? "All work and no play makes (name) a very dull dude." Has a truer statement ever been said? Is there truly any way to please everyone all the time? Have you ever been so fed up with arguing that you just wanted to walk out of the house and never come back? Did you realize that there were too many obstacles to leave? Was arguing dumb in the first place? Are you doing just fine with your living situation, but biting your lip to avoid unnecessary conflict?

After reading milesprower2k9's blogs about her gaming history, I learned how much she grew up with Sonic the Hedgehog, and how that was a lot of my childhood too. I still love Sonic a lot to this day, and that won't change. Then I got to thinking about how my childhood links with that.

If I hadn't been introduced to Sonic at so young an age (with my old neighbor giving me some old Sonic comics when I was like 6), would I like him as much as I would if I had gotten into him recently? Would I appreciate the older games as much?

Then I realized that Sonic held a much deeper meaning for me.

Do I have a special "bond" of sorts with Sonic because it was one of the few action/comic characters that my parents let me collect/play as a kid? Was Sonic my "go-to" character for games because I knew my parents were extremely strict about the games I got growing up? Did I enjoy Sonic games even more because some of my friends growing up were also really into them? Did I appreciate them even more because the soundtracks introduced me to a whole new genre of music that I wasn't used to and loved every time I heard it? (the gamecube titles)

In fact, what would my childhood have been without Sonic? Would I have the same sense of humor? Would my tastes be the same?

Man, would anything be the same? Who would've thought Sonic would have such a huge impact on my life (thanks Sega :) ). Crazy stuff….


Played FFXII for about 25 hours (when I can) and at some point I'll be finishing RE: Outbreak (again, when I get around to it). Finished watching the anime Fruits Basket, and I'm almost done watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which has been pretty entertaining. After getting through those episodes, I'll be starting the .hack series, starting with Roots. College is piling on the projects, and I'm starting to feel the pressure, but I'm not letting it get to me. Honestly, pressure is a fantastic motivator for me, but the feeling gets old fast. Luckily, music also acts as an awesome catalyst for getting my work done. I'll do my best to keep up with your blogs, but this next week will be especially hectic for me….

Lastly, if there's a blog series you guys would like me to work on, feel free to let me know. I was thinking about doing a series for my favorite anime characters/series, but I'm open to other ideas too. Hopefully this wasn't too random for you guys to read, but it was interesting for me to write, so I hope you enjoyed it ;). Good luck to everyone with completing school, college, work, or whatever the hell else you might be doing :P. Oh, and since she was nice enough to put it in her blog, I should do it here too: fablesway is my wonderful E-crush :oops:. I'll end with a song that I've listened to about 100 times since yesterday from my favorite band. If you want a catchy alternative track, check it out, it's sure to get a lot more listens from me while I get some work done ;).

Perfect Teeth – Motion City Soundtrack

See Ya! – Your friendly (and thought-provoking) neighborhood mega. ;)

Update and the anime convention :D

Hey everyone :D guess what? Time for a real blog post! (Thanks for taking up so much time college :roll: ). Anyways, this is like an update over the last three weeks, more or less.

First week: College started, and I got the hang of stuff. Also got to start driving on my own, which I'm loving immensely ;). Got myself a Mitsubishi Montero ('89), fantastic car :D. Did a good amount of homework. Bought FFX, FFXII, RE Outbreak, and MGS3.

Love my car :D

Second week: College continued, and I got through more homework :roll:. Also met some cool people, including a friend whose name is Gauge. GAUGE! How cool a name is that? :P Worked 12 hours over my 4 day weekend pulling weeds and made 120 bucks. After car payments, had 90 left for the anime convention (NDK). Played some FFX and RE Outbreak (which has constantly held my attention).

Third week: College continued to continue :lol:, and I did even MORE homework (sense a trend here?). Recovered from all the work, and have come very close to beating FFX and RE Outbreak.

So yeah, some stuff happened, but the main thing to happen in those three weeks happened on Saturday of last week:

NDK (aka the Anime Convention :D)

Once my friend finished dying his hair black (he cosplayed as L), we drove to Denver (about a 45 minute drive from where we live) and attempted to find a parking spot :roll:. We then walked a fairly good distance to the hotel where the convention was being held (we had to park kinda far away :lol: ). We opened the big double doors, and what do we see? Nothing but cosplay in all directions. I'd say about one-fourth of the people there didn't do cosplay (myself included :roll: Kousaka from Genshiken is just too generic to stand out). On that note, I got some great pictures of characters:

Kairi (on the right) and on the left is a character from Code Geass I belive (never seen it)

Bakura (on the left), and on the right....I have no idea actually :lol:

Probably the best Roxas there, not too bad :D

The two guys on the right (I know the series, I just can't remember the name :roll: ) had some of the best costumes there, easily. On the left, don't know what it's from....

Sailor Moon ;)

I was so happy to find someone dressed as Mugen from Samurai Champloo, that made my day :P. There was also a sick costume of Afro Samurai that someone did, but I didn't have my camera at the time :cry:.

For you Black Butler fans out there ;) (there's also someone dressed as L in this pic....)

Look past the first guy, and in the background, you'll see Fox and Falco! The line was moving for the merchandise room, so I had to take this quick....

After taking some pictures and looking around the place, I went to stand in the long line to get into the showroom (or merchandise room ;) ). Took a good 30 minutes, but it was so worth it. When you walk into the massive other part of the hotel, and you see it filled with nothing but anime stuff, your eyes literally go: :shock: (mine did :lol: ). It was the single coolest thing I'd ever seen, and it didn't take long to come out of shock and start looking at everything :P. Bought some stuff (we'll get to that later), wanted a L4D2 t-shirt (ran out of money by then), and saw a Highschool of the Dead figurine, but it was $150 :shock:.

This is the stuff I bought:

Without a doubt, the best thing I got from the convention :lol:

This stuff came with a grab bag I bought, it's an anime magazine that came with 3 anime chess pieces (basically figurines on their own). Love the figures, especially the pawn :P

The other awesome thing I bought ;). I really wanted to get the Highschool of the Dead dvd set, but I broke down and bought the Gunslinger Girl complete series, fantastic anime (plus it was 28 episodes for $50 as opposed to 12 HOTD episodes for $50). Love every episode, especially the second season, Pinoccio rocks :D (he's an assassin). The other dvd is Volume 1 of Innocent Venus (also came in the grab bag I bought). Never heard of it, if anyone's seen it, tell me how it is!

This is the last thing I bought, but I got this for my best friend. It's a mini K-ON figure that I got for $16. Now I want one too :lol:.

I love it all so much, makes me wish I had more money to spend. Um, actually, on that note, I came to the convention with $90, and I ended up spending $140, so I owe my friend $50 :lol: (mostly for the entry badge). Ah well, it was totally worth it :P.

So what have I been doing lately? I've taken a break from gaming to finish watching some anime series. Just finished Highschool of the Dead dubbed (seen it twice subbed), and I enjoyed the English voices, but I like the Japanese voices a little better. I'm also close to finishing the Gunslinger Girl set I bought, loving every minute of it :D. After that, I have Innocent Venus to start, and I'll start watching Fruit Basket again too. After all that, I'll finish FFX and RE Outbreak :lol:. Thanks for reading! :)

Change of plans, I've been tagged!

Thanks for being a pal koolkat14 :lol: jk it's cool :P. Yeah, so usually you're supposed to list facts or whatever about yourself, but instead, you guys can ask me questions about myself. Stuff you want to know? Put it in the comments ;).

(Actually this kinda helps me, cause I don't have much time to work on a longer blog right now, have a ton of work to do this next week. Cut me some slack, please? :P I can take some pictures of the anime convention I'm going to next weekend, that'll make for an interesting blog ;) ).

Awesome news!!! (for me :P)

After countless days of waiting and looking at the bottom of my user page, the glitch has passed. IMAGES CAN BE UPLOADED AGAIN!!!! :D So happy! :P Just wanted to say that :lol:.

On that note, now you can see the images I uploaded about a month ago :roll:. I drew this after my hard decision with the Marines, and here's the third page of my Sonic/Rabbids series.

I'll have a real update in a few days soon, I promise ;)

My 4 year anniversary blog (for my friends) :D

4 years, wow :shock: has it really been that long? While this marks 4 years, I've only been active during this summer (which is the sad part, but I didn't have an awesome computer or a signal before now). I found this site when I was at the library and typed in "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle game reviews," tried the site, and liked how it was written. Then I saw how users could write their own reviews, and that made me want to join. I started writing a couple reviews, and eventually, Mario_7173 (who isn't on anymore :( ) tracked me, and I had no idea about the friend system (I was a noob, okay? :lol: ), so it was cool for me. After that, I slowly made some more friends, and farther down the line I joined a couple unions. In the 4 years I've been here, I've met a lot of cool people. For my newer friends, I'm so glad to know you, and for my older friends, I'm so glad to still know you (and thanks for putting up with my lack of internet :P). While I don't know some people as well as others, I still want to mention them here, and say at least one thing about them, because they're cool :P.

Union friends/friends who are also in my unions

Cronomagus36 – You got me into the Blue Bomber Battalion (BBB) union, and you were the first leader I "served under" :P. Unfortunately, the union died, but then we joined the Megaman Headquarters union. Sadly, that also died. However, in that time, I had a great time hanging with you and various other users. I also enjoy the blogs you write, especially the useless information parts :lol:. Glad to know you man, and good luck with junior year! :D

Forte224 – A cool user with a great personality, but unfortunately he isn't on anymore. Good times man :).

fablesway – Met you this summer, and you introduced me to the Off Topic Universe union (OTU). Shortly after, we began pm'ing each other and after a huge amount of questions :lol: we continued to talk. I've chatted with you in the union almost every day this summer, and it's been fun joking around and getting to know you better, I hope we can continue talking :D. You're an incredibly nice person (with a love of skittles ;) ), a very skilled dancer :P, and a wonderful friend :).

smashking777 – Known you for a good amount of time, but really got to know you when you also joined the OTU. It's always fun to chat with you and you have a great sense of humor. I think it was the second night that you joined that me, you, and GG talked for like 2 hours straight until midnight or so in the forums, that was awesome :P. Thanks for being my bro and an awesome friend man :D.

macrules_640 – Known you for quite awhile as well, and you're definitely the highest level person I know, as well as the most creative avatar/theme user on here :lol:. You're like a cool older brother (that's kinda how I see you :P), you're a fellow officer in the OTU, you're fun to hang out with, and you're always willing to help. In fact, you've helped me with quite a few problems over the years, which I'm very grateful for. Another great user, glad we're friends :).

Wolverine87aX – Met you about a month ago, and it's amazing how much we've hung out in that time :lol:. You love hamtaro (even more than me :P), you've got a huge collection of games, and you're a talented writer (hope our project will get finished at some point ;) ). You're always on in the OTU and chatting is always fun :P. I guess (if you don't mind me saying so) you're kinda like a cool younger brother, and I hope we can continue to hang :).

Mitu123 – I don't know you that well, but it's still fun to chat in the OTU :D. You're very knowledgeable with PCs, which is cool, and you're a pretty smart guy in general. You've also got a cool avi, and lookin' good beardless :P.

GoogliGamer – A fellow college student and a cool guy :D. I remember a few days after I joined the OTU, me, you and smash chatted for like 2 hours straight until midnight or so, that was awesome. We've also chatted on several other occasions, which I've enjoyed, and you recommended me for officer status, which I'm still grateful for ;). You'll also stand up for yourself when you need to (and a certain bully won't be messing with you anymore :P). Glad to be friends with you, Kid Buu :P.

koolkat14 – I don't know you super well, but we've chatted a decent amount in the OTU, and I know you're a cool and friendly person :D. I hope we can get to know each other better over time :). Btw, I love your avi and congrats on your 2 year anniversary! :D

Friends I see in the blogs

Aidan129 and Courtney817 – I've known you guys for about 3 years, which probably makes you guys some of my oldest friends on here. Aidan, you're a great guy, with blogs full of humor, wit, interesting stories, and great photography. Courtney, you're one of the nicest people I know, with blogs equally as humorous and interesting, and you have a great garden :P. You guys make a great couple, and Lexie is awesome :D. I'm happy to know both of you :). Good luck in college! :D

Out-Of-Ammo – Met you awhile back, and also got to know you a little in the TWEWY union. You're a cool guy with a great sense of humor and your vlogs were informative and funny :P. And even if you get annoyed with me, I still gotta say it, you've got some sick hair man :lol:.

Slyfur – I met you in the TWEWY union, where I had some good times. I remember how we were crayon warriors and needed to make our own color :lol:. Too bad the union died, but I still remember all the fun stuff :D.

Iridescent406 – Met you this summer when you started writing your 30 days of gaming blogs, and every day was interesting. Still enjoying reading your posts :D.

spooky102 – A good friend from Finland that I met this summer. You've got cool blogs and a great sense of humor :P. You're also one hell of a good Mario Kart player :lol:, that was great, and we gotta do it again in the future. I've enjoyed our chats too :D

foxaddict – A fellow Star Fox fan with an awesome Kirby avi :lol:. Good luck with senior year! :D

Koi-Neon-X – What can be said about this friend? Reviewers say: "Koi-Neon-X is the stuff of legends", "Koi-Neon-X the best gamer that has ever lived", "Koi-Neon-X it's his world we just game in it with him" He's also a good friend :P. I remember finding you a long time ago, and commenting on your blogs occasionally when I went to the library. You always had cool stuff going on, but when you posted your favorite video game songs blogs this summer is when I really started to get to know you. Various blogs after those (well, all of them actually) have been great reads, and I always enjoy them (your recent video game memories post was a favorite of mine :P). It's fun to joke around with you, and I'm glad to have you as a friend :). (I've also always like your avi :lol: )

usatheman2001 – You're a cool guy, with some funny blogs, and the only person I know who'll have mallard ducks for pets. It's fun to chat with you too :D.

kbaily – I don't exactly know you, but I've always enjoyed reading your blogs, there's always something interesting going on. I don't usually comment because you tend to have intellectual discussions, and I'm afraid I'll say something stupid in the comments :P. Still, if you read this, I just wanted to say I enjoy reading them :).

Jak-25 – I met you a long time ago, I think when I first started coming on here. You were a cool guy, but we never got to talk much cause of my being inactive. Then, when I got my computer and good signal, I wanted to start chatting with people, and I don't know why, but you were the first person I thought of. That was back in May, and since then, we've kept a conversation going, and I've definitely gotten to know you better. Thanks for chatting, thanks for being a great friend, and I hope we can keep it going :).

MarioGirl64 – A cool person who loves games and anime. I enjoy the occasional chats too :P. Konata FTW! :3

nunchuck28 – Another cool user who loves games and anime, and has quite the extensive wish list :P.

AjaxNeron – A user who's into Minecraft and The Walking Dead, among other things :P. If you do the walkthrough with commentary for L4D2, I'm gonna watch it :D.

BradleyPalermo – I don't think you're on anymore, which is too bad. You were my third friend on here, and you were a cool guy, wish you would have stuck around.

danwarecritic – A user who knows about a lot of different anime series, and if I remember right, you also had some story ideas of your own which were really cool :D.

Dapieguyofdoom – I also don't think you're on anymore, and I believe you cut out around two years ago. I liked your avi, you always commented on my earlier blogs, and you were a really nice guy :D. I was sorry to see you go.

Dark_X_17 – While you probably won't be around to see this after being banned, I enjoyed your blogs and the bands you introduced me to. It was fun knowing another Ryan Higa fan too :P.

exber – I don't know you too well, but I do know that you're a friendly guy with cool banner and header designs, and a fellow resident evil fan :D. Stay cool man ;).

Ginger-Snapper – Met you this summer, and I found out you're a fan of anime, various animated superhero series, and jak and daxter (from your avi ;) ), along with some fun games :D. You're a cool guy, thanks for being my friend :).

jw_neku – What can I say that hasn't already be said? On facebook, you called me your "closer-than-blood brother." While I know we're that close, it still felt good to hear you say that, cause that's what we are: brothers. Always. And I'll never forget that. But if I do, it's cause I've got amnesia, and if that's the case, I'll need you to snap me out of it :lol:. 4 more years: "Got it memorized?" ;)

LankyKong – a user who has a cool username and avi, and has good taste in games :D

lightning_blond – a user who's always got cool images and asks how everyone's day is, and is always friendly :D.

Livefantasy7 – you're a friendly guy that I enjoy talking with and you're a fellow Sly fan (glad you're enjoying them, some of my favorite games :D).

milesprower2k9 – a European friend who enjoys her pokemon, final fantasy, sonic, and Ty ;). You've given me some good gaming advice, and I've enjoyed our chats too :D.

Naomz – "Welcome to my blog. It's gonna get random up in here." It certainly does :P but I like it, you've got great posts that I enjoy reading. You enjoy various great games and anime, you're a really cool person, and I'm glad to know you :D.

nate1222 – Recently met you, and you're a pretty cool guy. I enjoy reading your well-written reviews :D.

NEMO_O – a cool guy with an awesome username and avatar, and a fellow mega man fan :D. Good luck in college!

nintendoecx – I think I've known you for about as long as I've been on here, and you were always there with a friendly comment, and you still are! Glad we're friends :).

Nintenkid49 – an Uncharted fan and a very friendly guy (your avi reflects that, it's awesome :P). Thanks for being my friend man :).

parkaar – you were my second friend on here, and whenever I see your username, I always say "pecker" (from Spider-Man 3, it sounds funnier :P). When I first met you, we chatted within a blog post you made for about 30 comments, just you and me, and shortly after, you mentioned me in your anniversary blog, which definitely surprised me. I still want to play you in Brawl, hopefully we can do that soon :D.

PHILRYABKIN – a fellow Sonic fan and the only user I know with a name all in caps :P. You've got interesting blogs and take the time to comment on mine. You've been having internet issues lately too, and I hope that gets fixed for you :).

pikastatic100 – I've known you for a couple years I believe, and I've always enjoyed your blogs (the random pictures and gifs always made me laugh :D). I'm glad when you comment on my blogs, cause I know you aren't super active, and it's nice to hear from you :).

rabbids4eva – You're an interesting dude, with cool blogs, and a love of the Rayman Rabbids :P. You actually did something important for me. When I met you, you wanted people to draw anti-Sonic Rabbids pictures, and I thought it sounded fun, so I gave it a shot. When you liked it and wanted more, I felt like doing others. For the longest time, I never felt like drawing that much, but you motivated me to start doing it, and it's stuck, so thanks :D. Glad we're friends :).

syler4815162342 – a cool guy with an interesting love life ;). Good luck with that man! :D

Naveen196 – I just met you and I want to mention you, how 'bout that?! :lol: You're really good at drawing pokemon, and if it weren't for this stupid image glitch, I could show you some of my stuff (and since you've probably drawn wolf/dog pokemon, you could laugh at my wolf drawing :P). Ah well…;)

Friends that aren't on anymore/special mentions

Romo60 – this guy was pretty active at the time and always had cool blogs. Before he left, he was talking about a security guard job somewhere, and if I remember right, he wanted to get it. I hope you got it, and wish you were still around.

Animalcrossig8 – this user was totally into Animal Crossing and tracked me about two years ago. We chatted quite a bit and had a good friendship going, and she even mentioned me in her about me section, which was really cool. She stopped coming on about a year ago, just stopped suddenly. I still miss her, and wish she hadn't left.

AmyRoseRox01 – I remember finding you a few years back, and the first two blog posts you had were about your house getting robbed, and you finding the robbers and getting your stuff back :lol:. Now that's an interesting way to start things off! Then you moved to England (if I remember right) and cut out shortly after. Loved your avi and your blogs, wish you'd stuck around.

Stewiefan222 – Ah yes, you. Last year I was minding my own business and having a good time, when my inbox said you were tracking me. Shortly after, you flooded my comments/videos/pictures/inbox with hate mail. I responded sarcastically at first, then just reported you, and you left soon after. "Thank you, do NOT come again." :x :roll:

peppita001 – the one with the Kirby avatar! :P As I recall, you came and went, and you were always cool :D. Then one day you went and never came back, which sucked, wish you were still here.

Thug2Wasteland – I think you've had some activity here lately, at least with adding games and stuff, so I'm pretty sure you're still on here. I met you about 3 years ago (I believe) and you were nice enough to comment on my rather unimpressive blog posts :P. Then, when I talked about getting serious with my mega man theme, you generously made me the sick blog header I currently have, and it looks as good today as it did when I first got it. I'm never changing it, and I'll always be grateful, so thanks :).

Cloud_765 – I met you a couple years back, I think around the same time as Thug2Wasteland, and you were also kind enough to comment on my "simpler" blogs :P. At one point I asked if you could make me a banner, and the result is the banner at the top of my profile. It continues to look awesome, and it'll remain there until the day I leave Gamespot, thanks :D. Seems your into Yu-Gi-Oh too, I love your avi (the Pharaoh from Season 0, right?), and you've always got some interesting stuff going on ;).

Pyschoyoshi2009 – Met you about 2 years back, but sadly, you didn't stay long. In that time, you asked friends if they'd like personal sigs made, and I asked about a kingdom hearts one. You finished awhile later, and the end result was awesome. I still have it and I couldn't have asked for a better sig, so thanks man :).

"Thanks for checking my post out!"

"What the hell?"

-Screen Hog!-

"There's my anniversary joke :P. Stay cool guys! :D"

Thanks for reading everyone! :D In recent news, the tree next to my house got struck by lightning! :shock: A huge explosion freaked me and my parents the hell out, and part of the tree is gone :lol:. I also beat Resident Evil 4 on professional for the second time, now I'm starting Sonic Chronicles again :D. This'll probably stay up for a month or so, cause I'll be busy and stuff, but I'll still take time to comment on your stuff when I can and in the Forums, so later! ;)

(Oh, and if you wouldn't mind, you can check out my DBZ versus match video for some sick action :D)

Tearing down the past and gaining a pad

Hey guys, how's it going? Well, seems everyone is returning to school (either you're there now or will be pretty soon), but for me and a few other guys on here, College is about to start. Honestly, I'd much rather go to 2 classes a day for about 4 hours then wake up at 6 am and go for the entire day :roll:. No thanks :P. I'm in the process of buying a car (a small, older one) and I've ordered my books (so expensive :cry: ). All that's left to do is buy a cassette converter so I can hook up my MP3 player :D, and get my nerves ready for….highway driving :?. Actually, it's not the highway driving in general, that's easy, it's trying to merge onto the highway that scares the hell out of me. If I die one of these days, it was great knowing all of you. Moving on…:lol:

In the preparation for college, I've officially moved out of my small room and into the downstairs area, which is SO much better. There was a good amount of stuff to move, and I took some pictures to remember the place :P.

Gonna miss this door :P

Where my drawing took place before I moved. Not exactly roomy, but it worked :P.

After getting everything out, all that was left was my closet. Some people's closets are messy, some are rarely used. Mine is stuffed full of collectibles and dvds :lol:. And before you say anything, the stickers below aren't stuck to the wall, I taped them up, and most have been there since 5th grade. Since then, I've slowly built upon my "project" and stopped somewhere in 9th grade I think (I honestly don't remember :lol: ).

I've taken my ds games and psp games out, but aside from that, I haven't touched it. (btw, the big tub in the middle and the boxes on the lower left are full of Sonic comics) At one point, I'll have to take it all down, get rid of a lot of stuff, sell some, and take the important stuff with me. It sucks, but it has to be done.

After putting various things away, this is the space I get to chill out in now:

A lot nicer than what I had (got my Sora scroll above my bed now :P but there isn't a lot of room for the others). I'll most likely be here for the next 2 years while I continue nearby college cla-sses, then I'll have to move out for real, but until then, I'll enjoy the space my parents generously gave me.

In gaming news, I've been playing DJ Max Fever for psp lately, as well as Resident Evil 4. I screwed up my professional file, so I started it over, and I'm doing a lot better, in the sense that I'm finding every single treasure. Been upgrading weapons and buying case upgrades the moment they're available, and now that I've got the XL case and the magnum, I'm upgrading the magnum to max before the fight against Krauser, and not using it much (with the exception of the first few Regenerators :roll: ) until then, because that's what screwed me over last time :roll:. If I have time between college work and regular work, I'll most likely start the Paper Mario series again :D.

That's what's been going on lately, thanks for reading! :D Next blog is a big one, my 4 year anniversary blog! :shock: This is actually the first year I'm doing this, and it's dedicated to you guys, my friends. I'll be mentioning a lot of people, so look for your name! While my real anniversary is in September, I want to do it before school completely overwhelms everyone and the site loses activity, so stay tuned! ;)

Theme for this blog: Wavin' Flag (Coca Cola Celebration Mix)

(Mostly cause I just like the song :P)

The Sonic List part 3 - Handhelds

Hey guys! Once again, thanks to everyone for the support last time. Now, back to business as usual :P. This marks the final part of my Sonic game list, which talks about the portable Sonic games. (I haven't played Sonic Rivals 1 and 2, Sonic Rush Adventure, or Sonic Advance 2)

Sonic Advance

A lot of great gameplay here, and a fantastic remake of the clas-sics! While Tails was the most mobile, or Knuckles was the strongest, or Amy Rose was….the hardest, Sonic still remains my favorite character to use. Great stages, great controls, and catchy music also contribute to this awesome game. Boss fights are always a lot of fun too. If you aren't in the mood for action or just want to chill out, then the chao garden makes for a fun alternative. While Sonic Advance isn't super deep, it is extremely addicting and a lot of fun :D.

Sonic Advance 3

This one was a bit different than the first in a few ways. First, there were mini-hubworlds for you to explore in each zone, and you had to roam around to find the entrances to the three stages. Second, you get paired up on a team and have many different characters to try out. For me, Sonic and Tails or Sonic and Cream always worked good :P. Third, the controls were a bit more sensitive, and watching Sonic run at high speeds was more satisfying in this game. Fourth, boss fights were somewhat harder, but still fun and creative. Fifth, no more chao garden :cry: (but there are chao scattered around the levels for you to find, which isn't the same, but it's something). A great addition to the series :D.

Sonic Battle

This one is special to me, because I spent an insane amount of time with it as a kid :P. This game was more of an open-world arcade fighter and card collector than a traditional Sonic game, but it still managed to be a ton of fun. It had a cool story, an interesting art $tyle, great controls, catchy music, and an interesting battle system. The game revolves around a robot that Sonic names Emerl. Each Sonic character goes around with Emerl and has their own adventure (some crazier than others) while uncovering secrets to Emerl's past (spoiler alert, he turns out to be a killer robot, but then becomes normal, but Eggman tries some stuff that causes Emerl to overload and die). You'll be fighting a lot of the time, and after you win battles, you earn skill cards that can be programmed into Emerl (fighting moves from various characters). Usually you'll earn "common" skill cards, but occasionally you'll earn a "rare" skill card (stuff that increases attack/defense power, armor color, etc.). Let me tell you, there is no greater feeling in this game then when you get a rare card, it's pretty exciting :P. The fights themselves are a lot of fun too, especially when you start customizing moves. Though you won't be doing it now, trading via link cable with my friend was always fun because both of us were obsessed with the game when it came out, and we helped each other complete our collections (as best we could). For those who haven't played it, give it a try, you won't be sorry :D.

Sonic Rush

The first Sonic ds game to come out. This title marked a lot of firsts for the series: first appearance of Blaze the cat, first 3D handheld Sonic game, and first Sonic game to employ the use of two screens at once (which admittedly was very cool). The story was kinda interesting, the controls were good, the level designs were great, the boss fights were fun and amazing looking in 3D, and the music was always catchy :D. I loved dashing through levels at high speeds (dash meter) and going back and forth from top screen to bottom screen. Another great Sonic title, had a lot of fun with this one.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

This was an interesting one; it wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either, and despite the flaws, I still enjoyed it. If Mario can star in an RPG adventure and do so well, then Sonic can sure as hell do it, right? Well, sorta. The fighting/level up system wasn't bad, but it definitely could've used some improvement. If you've played Elite Beat Agents, then you recognized certain maneuvers when you chose to use special moves. What I mean is, if you picked a move to use, you'd have to either drag the stylus, tap circles in time, or continuously tap an area to successfully pull it off, with some moves being harder than others. In this case, it was more unnecessary than fun, but it worked I suppose. At least with regular moves, you only had to choose "attack" and the character would attack, so thanks for that :P. Maps could be fun to wander around sometimes, and the environments were scattered with enemies, rings, and chao eggs. Rings could be used to buy items at shops, but honestly, aside from a few accessories, you find enough items in the field to make rings pointless. Chao eggs on the other hand were very useful, because after awhile, they'd hatch and you could equip them (each had a different ability, some rarer than others). Bosses aren't that challenging either. Where the game really shines is in the story presentation. The overall story is very interesting throughout, the characters are cool, the cutscenes are very well done, and the ability to have conversations with characters is a great addition. In fact, I would argue that these conversations are the best part of the entire game. Why? Because they're so much fun. A lot of the story takes place during your "chats" with other characters, and you have the option to pick different responses, which can lead to caring, regular, or just plain sarcastic responses :lol:. Some chats are interesting, some are informative, and some are just plain funny. If you remember one thing from this game, it'll be the dialogue. Another cool thing about the game is that there are secret characters to find. These characters are Cream (extremely useful) and E-123 Omega (very useful), and it's up to you to find them in certain maps.

Unfortunately, there isn't much replay value for three main reasons. 1. When you start the game over, you can keep your levels, which is nice, but most of the enemies only give you 10 experience (pathetic). 2. There is a level cap, so when your team reaches a certain level (around 28+ I belive) enemies give you fewer and fewer experience, making powering-up impossible. 3. There aren't any hidden dungeons or quests to take on during the second playthrough, it's the same game. If you want to play through to try out other responses to conversations, that'll be all the extra stuff you can do. Overall, it isn't a perfect game by any means, but it can still be fun. At the end, they hint towards a sequel, where the story looks extremely interesting, so hopefully when they make it, the rest of the game elements will be tweaked to make it more enjoyable.

That's the end of my Sonic list, hoped you enjoyed it :D. I recently uploaded two new drawings that I was going to link here, but there's an image glitch going on, so never mind :P. Next blog I'll show pictures of my new apartment! Thanks for reading! :D

My decision

Hello everyone :). After thinking about this for a HELL of a long time, and talking with various people, I've decided not to go. Honestly, it just isn't for me. I have a passion to draw/animate, and I can't see myself doing anything else. Plus, I'd miss seeing my family and friends (including you guys :D) and the everyday pleasures of regular life. I'm not saying joining would be a bad thing, but it's not who I want to be. I love my lifestyle, and I don't want it to change :P. Sorry for getting all sentimental and stuff, but it's true. I LOVE IT HERE!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! :cry: :P

Anyways, thanks for reading and understanding, and I'll see you guys here as usual :).

The biggest decision of my life

Hey guys :). Wondering about the title? Well, I can sum it up in one word: Marines. That's right, your friend mega might become a Marine. It started a few days back, when my dad hands me the phone while I'm still in bed. A guy from my school who is interviewing possible recruits is on the other end, and he starts asking me some questions. Now, keep in mind, I'm half-awake here, and by the end, we've set up an interview for today :lol:. So I go, getting ready to tell him that I've got some stuff planned out (somewhat) and I'm not interested, when he starts explaing the whole thing to me and various benefits and other cool stuff. And fighting for my country is a huge honor. He's giving me a few days before we talk about it again.

Honestly, I've never even thought about joining a military group. I've always been the king of casual, the friendly guy who loves video games, movies, hanging with friends, drawing, and just chilling out. Now? I'm not exactly sure. Don't get me wrong, I'm not changing, this is me, but it's sounding pretty good, and I'm seriously considering it. Just thought I'd throw this out there, let me know what you think :).