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Soldier, it's time to dish out some Payne

Hey guys, what's up? :D After nearly 3 days, the dreaded blog glitch is finally gone :roll:. With only a few days left before I return for semester 2 of college, I figured I'd do an update and also post some news.

Over the course of the last week and a half, I visited my local Gamestop with a friend of mine. While he looked up and down the shelves of PS3 and 360 titles trying to pick something he wanted, I spent my time looking through disc-only PS2 games, because as of the beginning of this year, I'm saving every cent I have for another cause (which may or may not be disclosed in the future, so right now it's "cla$$ified" ;) ). Since I had a Gamestop gift card, I picked up Left 4 Dead first (about 22 bucks, and yeah I know that I don't own a 360, but my friends do, and I love that series, so there :P). Then I moved on to the PS2 games, and after much looking, I came across Medal of Honor Frontline (3 bucks). After leaving, I came back a few days later with another friend who also couldn't decide what to get :P. I had about 69 cents left on my card, so I looked again, and this time found Socom and Max Payne. After trying to decide between the two, I caved in and spent a few extra bucks to get both :lol:.

I beat Medal of Honor Frontline a few days ago, and I have to say that it was a challenging and engaging ride. Some levels had punishing difficulty, but the game as a whole was impressive, and I'm leaning towards rating it around 7.5 or 8.

I've also been playing Metroid Prime on and off, and once again it's been one hell of an experience. I just picked up the gravity suit and have also gotten ever power-up along the way, thanks to my helpful guide ;).

I've spent about 8 hours so far playing through Max Payne late at night, mostly because that's when I feel like doing it :P. With a dark and captivating narrative, some great gameplay, and humorous touches here and there, Max Payne has a new fan :D. Jumping to the side in slow motion while firing twin pistols at the bad guys is a favorite tactic of mine, and it couldn't do a better job of making you feel like a badass :lol:. I still have a little ways to go since I'm in the middle of part 3, but the rating for this will most likely be 8 or 8.5 :D.

I've also played Trails in the Sky on and off, but once I finish a few more games, it'll get some more play time.

For anime, I just finished Genshiken, and it was a very impressive slice-of-life series. It wasn't as good as the equally impressive manga (only because it didn't go as long), but either way it'll remain a personal favorite of mine. I just started CANAAN, and so far it's not too bad. I also received Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (a Haruhi Suzumiya soundtrack collection) in the mail and it rocks :D.

Finally, some news for everyone. My college schedule this semester is pretty tight, so I won't be able to comment on anyone's blogs for awhile >.> except for catching some on the weekends. The same goes for unions, I'll catch up with my regular ones on the weekends. On that note, I'll be resigning the leader position for my main union to another active user. The next few months will be somewhat of an activity killer for me, so I apologize in advance.

There you have it. Good luck with whatever you guys will be doing, and I'll see you when I get back :D

Another friend has joined the party ;D

Well, it took quite awhile, but a good friend of mine finally made a Gamespot account for himself :roll:. It sounds like he'll actually be fairly active too, which is pretty cool :D. If you guys wouldn't mind checking out his account here, I'd be appreciative ^^ he needs some people to show him the ropes and maybe track him too :P. Of course if everyone comments it'll be a pretty funny joke for both of us, because I'll know what happened, but he won't :lol:.

That is all, thanks! :P

P.S.: I'll do a real blog at some point. Strewth, promise ;)

P.S.S.: The above picture is from the anime I've been watching, a favorite of mine called Genshiken :D

K Bye :P

Christmas, birthday, and new year's :D

Wow, what a holiday, and just like that it's practically gone :shock:. Hope everyone had fun, cause I sure did :D.


  • Received: Metroid Prime + guide, New Zealand t-shirt from my sister/brother-in-law who live in said place, Trails in the Sky Limited Edition (psp) (game, poster, soundtrack, pin), big box of chocolate pretzels, money, and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air season one.
  • Had nice breakfast
  • Enjoyed cool presents and kicked back for the rest of the day :cool:


  • Celebrate and tell no one :P (kidding! I did drop by for a little while yesterday but not long enough to really write up a blog)
  • Got so many birthday wishes on fb, irl, and even some here :D (special thanks to the Vocaloid Union and fablesway's awesome b-day blog ^^)
  • Hung out with a friend during these activities --> Grabbed some new york $tyle pizza, watched all of season one of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, played some Medal of Honor Frontline (more funny than anything, the graphics/gameplay is simple and kinda dumb, but it's still great :P), watched CopOut, and I finally got his music onto my computer. That's right, I have even more music to sort through now :lol:
  • Received: money, some good computer speakers, and the complete collection of Lucky Star :D
  • Age acquired: 19

New Year's

  • Head to same friend's house with family to hang out and stay up till midnight
  • Realize how staying up until midnight isn't a big deal anymore and think how I stay up till 2 A.M. every night anyways :P
  • New Year's resolutions: none
  • Hope 2012 won't be the year where everything goes to hell and the earth gets blown up/world ends/whatever else happens that was "predicted" in a similar movie which I didn't actually watch :P.

Hope you guys have a fun New Year's celebration tomorrow :D

My first vlog and my newest drawing :D

I managed to finish my vlog recently, but for some reason my drawing below didn't want to upload, so I had to wait since I wanted to debut them as a group thing, or whatever :P. Below is the link to my video, I hope you guys enjoy it, I had fun making it, please be kind :lol:. Happy Holidays everyone! :D

The Vlog

Turn around...?

Let freedom ring!

And with that, I am done with my first semester of college :D. Overall, it was pretty good, learned some cool stuff and made some good friends. Now all that's left to do is enjoy my time off of school, almost a month and half :D. I plan to accomplish a few things during that time:

First order of business: organize some of my music. Awhile back, a friend of mine gave me about 16 GB of music to go through, and I've kept a little bit of it and deleted quite a bit :P. I still have around 10 GB to look through, and I'd like to get that done. Then, there's a little bit of other music that another friend gave me that I need to sort through. Next, some vocaloid music has been sitting around that I haven't gotten to yet which needs some attention. Lastly, one other friend gave me 8 GB more of music to listen to. My own personal music collection is about 20 GB, so all together, I have one hell of a collection :lol:.

Second order of business: watch anime/movies. Crucial? Nah. Still, it's something that I'll be enjoying over my break. I only have a few movies left to watch, and I'm always watching anime anyways :P, but I'll be finishing Vision of Escaflowne soon, and after that I'll be starting Gantz. Sounds interesting, and I hope it turns out to be cool :D. Aside from that, I recently got The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya seasons 1 and 2 in the mail, and have really been enjoying those ;). Once I get a little more money together, I'll be buying The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie. For Christmas, I'll be getting the complete collection of Lucky Star :D. I'll be busy watching stuff :lol:.

Third order of business: upload next drawing. After literally 45 hours of work, I managed to finish this artwork piece:Goofing around color

It took much longer than I would've liked, but I'm happy with the end result. Luckily, my next drawing (featuring Mario) will take much less time to work on. After that, I don't know what I should draw :P.

Fourth order of business: finish my Christmas shopping. Just what it says :P

Fifth order of business: make a holiday vlog. While I suppose this one's optional, I'd still like to do it. More and more users are making these, so I figured I'd give it a shot and attempt to make my first one. Would you guys like to see that? And should I wear a santa hat during it? :P

Sixth order of business: finish some games I've left hanging. Those games include FFXII, Super Paper Mario, and RE: Outbreak. The one that I'll work on first is RE: Outbreak, because I'm almost done with it anyways, I just need to beat that last damn boss :roll:.

I think that pretty much covers everything, hopefully I'll be able to get it all done, but I seriously doubt it :lol:. Anyone doing anything cool for the holidays? I'm staying here :P. Later! ;)

Some Last Minute Shopping and some other things ;)

Hey guys ;). Well, I'm sure that most of you did some Black Friday shopping yesterday. I, on the other hand, avoided the stores and malls for my own health (not getting trampled) :P. However, after going out to eat with my parents, we decided to go to a nearby Walmart store and look around to see if there was anything left. Coming inside, we noticed that the area wasn't completely ravaged and moved further in :lol:. I headed to the movies section, and after looking through the selection, I can safely say that I hit the dvd jackpot :D. 8 movies are now a part of my collection:


-Training Day

-I Am Legend

-Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

-The Last Samurai



-The Karate Kid (the newer one)

I'm keeping the first 5 for myself ;) and the other 3 I'm giving to friends and my dad (he's getting Inception :P). While I still need to get a few more things, the movies only cost me $25 :D. Who needs to wake up early to get great deals? I got some awesome finds at 8 at night :P.

On another note, one of my good friends finally started a Gamespot account, under the name Bobteddy. He's still pretty new and I'm sure he'd like a few friends ;). If you want something to break the ice, he's a huge fan of Skyrim :P so check him out :).

On one more note :P, a great Silent Hill Spoof was just completed that I guest star in, but Arthusbuttkick and everyone else did a better job :P check it out at his newest blog :D

Thanksgiving Blog :D

Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! :D I hope everyone will have a great holiday and a great meal ;). I'll be hanging out with one of my best friends visiting from college during the break, grabbing some turkey and mashed potatoes, and working on multiple college projects afterwards >.> but that comes later :P. We're supposed to talk about things we're thankful for around the table (at least me and my friend's families do that :P), so I thought I'd share some here:

  • I'm thankful for my developing college career
  • I'm thankful to know all my awesome friends (school, neighborhood, and you guys :D)
  • I'm thankful to know my wonderful girlfriend :)
  • I'm thankful that my drawing skills are getting better: (added a new album, this is the first drawing ;) )Sonic Snapshot
  • I'm thankful for the sitcoms and music that have gotten my through lots of homework :P
  • I'm thankful that I'll be moving out soon (that's another story :roll: )
  • I'm thankful for the video games that have brought me many fun memories over the years
  • I'm thankful for Gamespot in general, the place where I can write/read blogs, read reviews, chat in unions, and get to know some cool people :D

In the comments below, list what you're doing for Thanksgiving and something you're thankful for ;). Thanks for reading and have an awesome holiday! :D

My anime character list part 4 (final)

Hello all, and welcome to the final part of my anime series blog! :D Read on, and be amazed!....or something :P

Afro – Afro Samurai

A tough guy who, as a kid, watched his father get killed by another fighter. After narrowly avoiding getting killed himself, he found his way to a dojo where he trained with other kids. Now, as an adult, he has one goal: find the man who killed his father and eliminate him.

Afro's universe is a very interesting one. In his world, there are two incredibly important headbands: #1 and #2. Whoever wears the #1 is basically a god, and the only one who can challenge him is the #2. However, anyone can challenge the #2, meaning that being the #2 is one hell of a hard job. Afro is the #2, and the man who killed his father is the #1. Afro is constantly being challenged, and he's earned quite the reputation over the years. The first fight scene (aside from the opening) of the series is one of the bloodiest and most intense fights you'll ever see in an anime. The entire series is all kinds of epic, from the story, to the action, to the characters, to the art. There's even some humorous moments provided by Afro's interesting and trash-talking friend, Ninja Ninja. The entire series lasts only 5 episodes, but it's plenty of time to convey the story. There's also a movie (Afro Samurai: Resurrection) which isn't as good as the series, but still awesome. If you're looking for one hell of an action series, you'll find it here :D.

Mugen – Samurai Champloo

A reckless tough guy with a rough past who roams the land and takes on any opponent. One day he helps a girl named Fuu with some "annoying patrons," where he meets another disciplined samurai. They fight, but neither one can land a blow, matching each other move for move. After getting arrested and escaping, Mugen, Fuu, and Jin (the other samurai) embark on a journey across the land to find "the samurai who smells of sunflowers."

Mugen is the polar opposite of Jin; he loves to clash with opponents, he's got an unorthodox way of fighting, and he's not afraid to swear :P. Despite wanting to battle Jin on numerous occasions, he still manages to get along with him during the trip. It's quite the trip too, with plenty of great moments and close encounters, including some tough fights with some powerful enemies that he barely defeats. There's also plenty of humor, including an episode where they play an early form of baseball with an American team, and everyone nearly gets killed :lol:. This is another great action series, and I highly recommend it :D.

Pinocchio – Gunslinger Girl

A young boy who grew up with the head of a terrorist faction. He was trained by a very skilled assassin for years, and now that he's older, he performs covert operations for his uncle (the head of the organization). Eventually, he meets two individuals named Flanco and Flanca; Flanco is a skilled bomb maker who is more serious and Flanca is good with intelligence and is a very kind individual. Together, they take on various dangerous assignments.

Pinocchio actually appears in season 2, and he's a very interesting guy. He's a very deadly knife assassin, but at times he's conflicted about what he does. He's got a kind heart, and he tries to get attention from his uncle, who he loves, but it rarely happens. He also gets close to Flanco and Flanca, but unfortunately it doesn't end well for anyone. One of the deepest moments is when Pinocchio plays a touching piano song (the only song he knows) before leaving on an important mission. The action in the series is fantastic, the characters are great, and the story is incredibly deep. This series is #3 in my all time favorite anime list, and is definitely worth checking out ;).

Kyo – Fruits Basket

A teenage boy who has a quick temper, but can also be a caring individual. He also happens to be a cat :P.

In Kyo's family, every person is cursed, in the way that when they get hugged by a member of the opposite gender, they transform into an animal. Fittingly, Kyo is a short-tempered cat, and one of his roommates happens to be a rat. They fight nearly every day, and it's always hilarious to watch Kyo fight with people, be it the rat or other individuals :lol:. Despite that, he does manage to be nice at times :P. The whole series is funny to watch, and has some heartfelt, and even serious, moments. If you enjoy light-hearted series, then you'll really enjoy this one ;).

Kyon – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

A high school student who's just going through the motions. One day he meets a girl named Haruhi, and he's the only one she talks to in cla$$. Eventually, she forms the SOS Brigade, and forces Kyon to join, as well as a few other individuals :P. It's later found out that one member is a time traveler, another member is an esper, another member is an alien, and Haruhi is a powerful alien. Various funny situations ensue :P.

Haruhi is constantly doing crazy things, and Kyon is stuck in the middle of it, often providing lots of sarcastic dialogue along the way :lol:. However, despite his constant complaining, he enjoys being dragged into Haruhi's situations. Kyon's also incredibly insightful, and some of the things he says really make you think. The whole series is pretty humorous, but there are also some serious and interesting moments. One instance is when Kyon gets stuck in a continuous time loop, where the same things happen over and over, and it goes on for 8 episodes. You'll either find it intriguing or repetitive, and I thought it was genius. The other instance is in the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie, where Kyon is the only one who is stuck in an alternate world and is aware of it. Watching the process of him attempting to get back to his world makes for a fascinating trip, and there's some deep dialogue and situations (beautiful movie). It's an amazing series, another one very high on my list, and if you're looking for an offbeat and humorous series, then you'll be very pleased with this one :D.

Brock – Pokemon

A fellow trainer who tags along with Ash (I know there should be more detail, but cut me some slack, I've only seen 6 episodes :P)

While I haven't watched much of Pokemon, the characters still stand out very much, especially Brock. Why is that? Because no matter where they go, Brock always hits on the first girl he sees :lol:. He constantly gets rejected, but he never gives up, and it's hilarious to watch him try. For me, Pokemon is a series where the characters are lovable and the episodes are always fun to watch. I'd like to watch more, and for those who've seen the series, there's no doubt that you've gotten some laughs from the memorable cast, especially Team Rocket :P. If you give the series a shot, you're bound to enjoy yourself.

Haseo - .Hack//Roots

A new player in the online game 'The World.' He's constantly getting PK'd (Player Killed or killed by another user), but one day, a girl named Shino rescues him. From that point, Haseo joins the Twilight Brigade, a small guild that is looking for the Key of the Twilight, a legendary item that is said to have incredible power. The Key is even said to be able to rewrite the very structure of the game, which interests the few members who continue to look for it. Along the way, Shino and Haseo get close, but an unknown entity known as Tri-Edge kills Shino, and Haseo witnesses it. Shino is dead in the game world, and in a coma in the real world. Soon after, Haseo drives himself insane looking for Tri-Edge, and doesn't let anything stop his progress.

This series is broken down into two sections: the half where Haseo is learning the game and is part of a team, and the half where Haseo searches for Tri-Edge on his own as a maniacal PKK (Player Killer Killer). Haseo's a good guy, he just tends to keep to himself most of the time, and leveling up isn't that important to him. However, after Shino's death, Haseo becomes obsessed with power, so that he can eliminate Tri-Edge, and shuns everyone's help. As you can imagine, the first half has more background story, and the second half is where the action picks up. The series is continued in the .Hack//G.U. Trilogy movie (completely done in CG and it looks amazing), and the action gets insane. I believe there's another movie that furthers the series, but I haven't seen it yet. Overall, it's a very interesting series, and while it has a bit of a slow start, it'll hold your attention throughout while getting better and better. It's a great action/adventure series that's totally worth a shot :D.

Well, that's all folks! ;) I hope you enjoyed reading my list, and if some of these series sounded interesting to you, I hope you try them out. Thanksgiving's just around the corner, who's ready for the biggest meal of the year? :P Stay cool and thanks for reading! :D

My anime character list part 3

Hey guys, how goes it? Once again, I hope everyone's doing great :D. This marks part 3 of my anime series, so continue on (if you'd be so kind :P).

Light Yagami – Death Note

A high school student who is incredibly smart, yet very bored. Nothing interesting ever happens, until one day, he notices a notebook in the middle of the school yard. With a title like "Death Note," he takes the notebook home with him, as it's piqued his interest. Reading the rules of the book proves interesting, and he decides to test it, with deadly results. He then makes a decision: he'll purge the world of evil using this strange notebook.

Light is as clever as they come, and is only matched by one person (two, if you go farther into the series) : the detective L. Almost as soon as the series starts, Light and L become instant rivals (L wants to catch Light and Light wants to kill L). This makes for an incredibly suspenseful and interesting story, with some truly memorable close calls for Light (impressively beating the situations). Light constantly has to watch his back and stay 2 steps ahead of L, which is no easy task, especially when they become cla$$mates! It's amazing how he maintains his cool at all times; he's always got a poker face on. While Light does kill a lot of people, you can't help but like his character. It's very controversial: if you had the power to kill evil people, would you? The characters of the series are all awesome, the music sets the mood well, the art is great, and the overall story is fantastic. In fact, this series is tied for first with Highschool of the Dead for my favorite anime series, it's just that good. If you get the chance, do yourself a favor and check this series out :D.

Howdy – Hamtaro

A country hamster with a red apron and a bad sense of humor :P.

Howdy is one of the most lovable characters in the show. It's not enough that he's got a funny personality, but he also tells lame jokes at the worst possible time :lol:. That aspect is relatable, as I'm sure all of us have told a joke that no one gets at some point, making for an awkward situation :P. The others can't stand his jokes, but, as Maxwell puts it, "he does have a certain charm." :P Honestly, I really enjoy this series, and I'm always laughing at Howdy's attempts at humor; he's easily my favorite character from the show. If you enjoy light-hearted series, then this one's perfect for you ;).

Churuya – Nyoron Churuya-san

A girl who is easily entertained, and loves smoked cheese :P.

Churuya is a funny individual, because her goal in each 2 minute episode is to either complete some kind of task, or obtain cheese, both of which almost never happens :lol:. When she does manage to get some cheese, she's very grateful (hence, the spirit of Thanksgiving, thankfulness, which is why I'm using her as my avi right now ;) ).This series is actually a play off of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but is way shorter and not story driven at all. However, it's very humorous, and has a very memorable opening. One more light-hearted series to give a shot :P. (Thanks to MarioGirl64 for introducing me to the series this summer :D)

Usui Takumi – Kaichou wa Maid-sama

A high school student who is semi-quiet and arrogant, but kind. He's also the most popular guy in the school, and every girl wants to date him. However, he's lost interest in girls, because no one has interested him, until the Prez catches his eye (the other main character). She's a real hardass at school (mostly cause most of the guys are idiots), but at her after-school job, she's a friendly maid. No one knows about her job, until Usui sees her. This interests him even more, and from then on, Usui becomes involved in the Prez's life.

Usui is romantic, funny, and actually quite random at times. He's also fairly unpredictable and likes to hit on the Prez, which drives her nuts :P. Still, his intentions are good, and it turns out that Usui is actually a pretty deep and caring guy. Whenever the Prez is in trouble, Usui always shows up to help her out. Overall, the series has some great characters and humor and acts as a romantic comedy (a very well done one at that). Another worthwhile series to look into ;).

Ai's Bodyguard – Crayon Shin Chan

(Sorry for the small picture, but he's a secondary character, therefore, hard to find) A guy who works for a young girl's dad, and is also involved with the Mafia (or some kind of underground organization). He tries to stick to a schedule, but Ai (the girl) usually has different plans…

Out of the vast range of characters, this guy (a secondary character) happens to be one of my favorites, because of his situation and some great lines. His main job is to drive Ai around, but Ai usually wants to see Shin (the main character), which conflicts with the schedule. Then, Ai brings up something that her butler did to blackmail him into letting her do what she wants :lol:. Some of his funniest moments involve a bad situation, and him saying a single expletive that is perfectly timed and describes the problem effortlessly :P. By far, my favorite line of his is during Ai's piano recital, when Shin interrupts: "Should I shoot him in the head, miss?" "That won't be necessary." "Damn…" Not only that, but the banner above the recital stage reads "Clap, or we'll find you." :lol: There's just so many great jokes in the series, as well as great characters (and a very catchy ending song). I suppose this could be the anime equivalent of South Park or a similar show, so if you're into those shows, you'll have a great time with this series.

Kakeru – 11eyes


A high school student who's quiet and doesn't have many friends, except for a select few. He's blocked a very tragic and horrific past incident from his mind, and continues with his regular life. The most important person in his life, Yuka, cares for him very much, and they are very close (they grew up together). One day when they're on a date, a strange occurrence happens, changing their lives drastically…

For those who've played Lunar Knights or Persona 3, you might catch some similarities in the show. Kakeru looks very similar to Lucian from LK (right down to the eye patch), and the "Red Night" acts like the "Dark Hour" in P3. These things actually made me enjoy it more :P. Throughout the series, Kakeru learns how to fight in the strange "Red Night," and gains an amazing power. For some reason, every time he and his friends get sent into the strange dimension, they get attacked by strange beings who refer to Kakeru and the others as "Fragments." As Kakeru fights on, he begins to find out the bizarre truth of this odd world, which leads to a deadly finale. The show has great characters, awesome action, awesome opening/closing songs, and some truly surprising and heart-wrenching moments. This series is very high on my favorite anime list, and is definitely worth checking out :D.

Joe – Innocent Venus

A former member of a top-secret mech organization. He and another individual left, and shortly after, the world reached post-apocalyptic status. Now, he's tasked with protecting a strange young girl…

Joe is your typical silent tough guy, but is a very caring individual. He doesn't ask his best friend questions, he follows him in whatever he needs to get done, and together, they protect the mysterious girl. However, in a crazy turn of events, Joe's best friend in the messed up world betrays him, and stabs him through the stomach! :shock: Joe recovers, but I never even saw that coming. That extreme plot twist really made the series interesting for me, because to be honest, the series has somewhat of a slow start. Luckily, the second half really picks up and leads to a powerful conclusion. As a whole, it's a good series, and while it isn't the strongest series, I still enjoyed it. You never know, you might like it too, so give it a shot ;).

That's it for part 3! Part 4 (the final part) will come, again, whenever! :P I just finished .Hack//Sign, and I gotta say, it's been pretty cool. In fact, it might be the best out of all the .Hack series. I also had an awesome day today, rocked my logo presentation in my college cla$$ :D. Keep it real, and thanks for reading! :D

My anime character list part 2

Hey guys :D. Hope everyone's been doing good lately :). This marks the second part of my anime series/anime character series, so read on ;).

The four bros. – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Average pet turtles that get strangely mutated and turned into human-sized turtles over time. A rat (Splinter) was also mutated with them, and acts as their master and father. As they've grown up, they've learned various Ninjitsu moves, taught to them by Master Splinter. A disturbance caused by strange robots results in the turtles having to go above ground, leaving the sewers for the first time in 15 years. It's then that they have their first encounter with Purple Dragon street thugs, as well as the mysterious Foot Clan. This encounter is the first of many with these groups, which definitely leads to lots of future conflict….

The crew of turtles consists of Leo, Don, Mikey, and Raph. Leo's the sensible, disciplined guy, Don's the friendly genius, Mikey's the lovable comedian, and Raph's the hot-headed warrior. It's amazing how well these characters work. They just play off of each other so well, and the situations that they're thrown into are amazingly written. In fact, they might be some of the coolest ideas I've ever seen. You wouldn't expect it from 4kids, but the action is actually pretty edgy, and incredible to watch. Move for move, the choreography is fantastic and leaves you wanting more. The humor is always great, usually coming from Mikey's great one-liners :P. It's amazing how many quotable lines there are in the show (not just from Mikey either), and the voice cast is terrific. Even the art $tyle is awesome to look at, and with a darker look to it, it's like watching a well-drawn comic book. There isn't one bad episode in the 5 seasons that were made, every single one is entertaining. You want to see one hell of a good series? You'll find it here.

Goku/Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z

(Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, as I've only seen the first three seasons) The last two members of the Saiyan warrior race. One became a warrior for a power-hungry organization, the other was sent to Earth and grew up with a peaceful life. Both men now, these two meet on several occasions, and when they do, it isn't pretty….

The two characters can be broken down as follows: Goku is a very friendly guy who loves a challenge, but get on his bad side, and you're in for a world of hurt. Vegeta is a straight-up badass (mean, tough, and lethal). He accepts any challenge, and defeats his opponents with brutal power. Both warriors can take a beating, and after recovering, they get stronger. Their power level increases as they receive punishment, meaning there's always room for improvement ;). The action in this series is unmatched, it's simply some of the coolest fighting you'll ever see. The stories are engaging and suspenseful, the English voices are fantastic, and there's even some humor thrown into the mix. This series has been referred to as the greatest action anime series of all time. It certainly doesn't disappoint.

The Pharaoh – Yu-Gi-Oh

A boy named Yugi loves puzzles/games, and one day puts together the Millennium Puzzle, a strange item from Egypt. Inside the puzzle lies a mysterious presence, the spirit of the puzzle. This spirit was a pharaoh in Egypt way back when, but now he has no idea about his past. He does, however, have all his dueling skills intact, and is a master at what he does: Duel Monsters (the card game of the series). Together, Yugi and the Pharaoh save the world many times over from all sorts of lunatics.

The Pharaoh is always fun to watch; in a match, he remains stoic, thinks on his feet, and stays steps ahead of his opponents. Just when it looks hopeless, the Pharaoh turns it around somehow, many times with an unexpected strategy. His English voice is awesome too, and can sometimes be quite intense. All the matches in the series are great to watch, with some truly memorable face-offs (and characters). To be honest, the first time I saw this series (about 5 years ago), I didn't know what to expect, but I quickly got sucked in :P. While they really emphasize the power of friendship (which at times is empowering to watch, or annoying in certain episodes), it's still incredibly enjoyable, and sometimes can be pretty deep and interesting. If you want a great strategic series to get into, you'll definitely find it here ;).

Yusei – Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's

A skilled duelest living apart from regular society in a secluded area. The "normal" folks call people like Yusei "Satellites," and because of that title, he's treated as an outcast with no rights. Eventually, he manages to break free from his town, and quickly gets caught up in various tournaments and quests to save the world.

While Yusei isn't as strong a character as the Pharaoh, he's still quite tough, and never backs down from a challenge. Of course, he's got the skills to back it up, and with the added rules in this next generation dueling adventure, his matches are a sight to see. Luckily, there aren't too many new additions to the dueling formula to make it confusing, but instead, they make it more interesting. It isn't quite as dynamic as the original Yu-Gi-Oh, but the series has some very entertaining moments, and one of the coolest villain quotes you'll ever hear. Are you a fan of the originals? Then you can't go wrong here ;).

Dorie – Magical Do-Re-Mi

A young girl who wants magic to work and also wants a boyfriend :P. One day she meets a witch and accidently turns the witch into a green blob. It's up to Dorie and her friends to restore her to a human once again by becoming master magicians themselves.

Dorie is a friendly and funny individual, but she has one major problem: she tends to screw up. She does her best in everyday life and with casting spells, but sometimes things just don't turn out right (usually with humorous results). Still, there are the odd times when she manages to successfully complete a key task, and she enjoys every minute of it. The series doesn't really have a main story, except for upcoming tests to improve their magic, but every episode is very funny. If you want a light-hearted series, you'll find it here.

Yoh Asakura – Shaman King

(Bear with me, it's been awhile since I've seen this series) A strange kid who can communicate with spirits. He meets an old warrior spirit named Amidimaru (pardon the spelling), who joins forces with Yoh, and together, they continue to get stronger against other opponents who wield similar powers. Eventually, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Yoh's a very laid back guy, usually to the point of slacking :P, and he's also incredibly friendly. His fighting matches are always intense, and if I remember right, he only loses 1 match in the first tournament. He's got lots of raw talent, but his skills are in development throughout the series, so he's not always prepared. Despite this, he always keeps his cool, and finds a way to turn his matches around. It's an interesting series to say the least, but a good one, with some cool characters and a great art $tyle. If you want a change from traditional anime, this wouldn't be a bad series to look into.

Kousaka – Genshiken (The society for the study of modern visual culture)

A college freshman who loves video games and all forms of anime. In short, he's an otaku, and he's completely happy with that life$tyle. He's also a member of the Genshiken club, a club for people with interests like his (but with few members, as many just join the anime and manga clubs).

Kousaka is the friendliest guy you'll ever meet, and his friends enjoy his company, even if he's oblivious to some things. He destroys opponents at fighting games, he knows all about anime, and he's a great boyfriend (Saki-san is his girlfriend). His girlfriend, however, doesn't get anime at all :lol:. She loves how cute and friendly Kousaka is, but she's conflicted by the fact that he's obsessed with things she doesn't understand. He also enjoys doujins (as do the rest of the club, and most of Japan, but that's different :roll: ), which conflicts even more :P. They still love each other though, and actually stay together through the entire series, where they graduate. This is another slice of life series I really love (and one where I've read the manga first), so keep an eye out for it if you're interested.

That's it for part 2! Part 3 will come whenever! :lol: Halloween is just around the corner, everyone got plans to do stuff? I'm grabbing a pizza with my parents to dodge trick-or-treaters :P. Good luck with whatever it is you guys are doing, and thanks for reading! :)