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Union glitch hates me @_@

I just wanted to take a little time to send a friendly message to this union glitch:


Thank you :P

Oh, and I just bought Dissidia Final Fantasy and have continued to work on FF2, good stuff :D

My 5th anniversary blog! (For my friends)

Another year has passed, and Im officially 5 on this site (give or take a few days, doing this early cause of school crushing me with projects). Damn, time really goes by quickly, doesnt it? I still remember searching for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle reviews in Google, then I came across this site, and the rest is history. Now Im a level 54 user with 32k+ posts. In that time Ive made many wonderful friends here, a good amount still being active here. This blog is dedicated to you guys, who I especially enjoy hanging out with so much :D. Every one of you has made an impact on my life, and I really hope I can continue to stay here with all my wonderful friends :).

Sorted by union, then by additional mentions. If your letter case is incorrect, just deal with it, Word wanted it to be correct :P

Off-Topic Universe

Macrules_640 One of my oldest friends here, youre a very special dude to me. Youre a fellow Sonic fan, knowledgeable with games new and old, interested in various anime series, and always willing to joke around and have a good time. Oh, and cant forget those horror flicks :P. Weve chatted a good amount in the unions over the last year, and its been really nice getting to talk to you about all sorts of things. Youre just a great guy and Im really glad that were friends, hope to continue to see you here Jason :)

Ktulu007 A hardcore anime fan with strong opinions that are often correct. Youre one of the smartest guys I know and while I dont always agree with them, I love your anime reviews, theyre always so well-written. Hope you continue to stick around :)

Koolkat14 A fun and friendly user. Good luck with the rest of school, and come back soon! :D

Smiley Army

Sman3579 A fun user with a great sense of humor. Theres always something to talk about with you, and I always enjoy chatting :D

Bumblebee1138 An interesting user and possible arch-nemesis. Our epic battles continue! (maybe) :twisted: :P

Fablesway Probably my best friend on here. You have a wonderful sense of humor and personality, youre great to talk to, and youre into lots of stuff that Im into which is totally awesome. You also enjoy messing with me :P. Feels like weve known each other for a long time, and I hope that we can continue to hang out and chat for many more years :)

Wolverine_87aX An interesting user. Weve certainly had an interesting summer, finally over though, good luck with school and everything this year!

Waterproof9 A new user and nice guy. Glad that youre enjoying your time here, always nice to see you post in the unions :D. Hope to see more of you in the future ;)

The Vocaloid Union

Dam505 A friendly user whos always nice and a fellow Jormungand fan! (as well as other anime :P) Stay cool and hope to see you more in the union :D

Hanzoadam A cool user who Im constantly jealous of :lol:. Youre a friendly guy who loves anime as much as I do, good luck with everything and I hope that you stick around some more :)

Josephl64 A nice user whos also super into anime. Good luck with starting university! :D

The Everything Social Union

Mitu123 A very cool user with one of the highest post counts Ive ever seen :P. Youre always fun to chat with and super knowledgeable when it comes to games, movies, whatever, and your interests are great as well. Youre also the only one I know thats working on his own games, good luck with that! :D Its always nice getting to know you better, and I hope you continue to stay on the site :)

Hockeydude29 A friendly user whos leader of a great union. Glad you came back and I hope you continue to stay :D

DCSchark A friendly user with a great sense of humor. It sucks that your activity has dropped recently, but it was fun posting with you in the summer, hope to see you more often :D

The Pokemon Regions Union

Dorothie2 A very fun and friendly user. You invited me to your union this summer which Im very happy about, great place to hang out :D. You enjoy a good laugh (like we all do there :P), youre always drinking Sprite it seems :P, and youre our fearless leader! Glad to be friends, and hope to continue to chat and see you here :)

HybridKing A great user who could be as sarcastic as me :lol:. Met you in another union, and after relocating of sorts, we continued the fun with other good friends. On some occasions Id never laughed so hard before :P. Youre a really cool guy and I hope you come by to chat more :D

Giratina98 A cool user with a great sense of humor. Met you in the union and since then weve just continued to joke around :P. I almost always have a good laugh when chatting with you about stuff, and it always makes for a good time. Youre a really friendly guy and Im glad were friends :D

The Randomness Union

Sexyweapons A very friendly user/brony that wants to be e-married ;) Youre a nice guy that I enjoy chatting with when I get the chance, hope I continue to see you around :D

Personeyperson Leader of an awesome union(my current main hangout :P) and a very friendly user in general. Havent known you for very long, but its nice to chat with you and we have some stuff in common so thats cool :D Thanks for the invitation to help found your union, and hope you continue to hang out here :)

CountBleck12 (formerly sonic_323 :P) A very cool user with a great sense of humor, and whos become one of my late-night posting buddies :P. Its always great talking with you and Im glad I get to see you as much as I do :D Hope to see you same as usual!

Berto64 A good friend of mine who I enjoy chatting with, and whos another late-night posting bud of mine :P. Doesnt matter what it is, we usually end up talking about it and having long conversations, of course thats definitely not a bad thing ;). Youre just a nice guy, good luck with your gf and hope to see you like I normally do :D

Braindeadgamer A user with an awesome username and avi/sig :P. Nice to see you when you drop by the unions, hope youre enjoying your time here and hope to see you more in the coming months/years :D

Other mentions

Milesprower2k9 A fellow Sonic/FF fan. I always enjoy reading the blogs you write and chatting with you is always fun :D. I know school/life has hindered your activity, but I hope you drop by more often :)

Phoenixangel9 A fellow anime/JRPG fan (who apparently changed his name :P). Ill always be grateful for recommending Trails in the Sky to me, love that game so much! :D Nice to see you back though, and hope you decide to hang out in a union or two of ours again :)

ShadowofSonic An interesting user who usually has some clever comments :P. You keep things fun around the unions, and of course in your blogs as well. Hope you stick around!

Stonhengehill A user who comments on my blogs and likes my art :D. Always good to see you drop by, hope I continue to see you here!

PiscesChick93 A nice user whos very cool :D. Youve always got fun blogs to read and a great personality, looking forward to more great blogs! :D

Spinnerweb A cool user with a great sense of humor and great blogs :D. The last blog you posted with the top 10 fav PS2 games was awesome, really enjoy reading that kind of stuff from you, but I like your posts in general ;). Hope to see more of you here! :D

Special mentions

Aidan129/Courtney817 Two wonderful users who have sadly left the site :cry:. Still, the memories of you guys and your clever blogs will stay with me, as well as your charming personalities. Not to mention little Lexy! Was always nice seeing pics of her :). I wish you guys the best, glad we could be friends :).

Animalcrossig8 An old friend of mine who loved Animal Crossing. Wish you wouldve stuck around

Cronomagus36 Another old friend and the first leader I had the privilege of serving under :P. You made a great union, and those great memories live on, wish our union didnt have to die. Still, good to see you still come on every so often :). Hope you continue to check in, and thanks for being my friend dude :).

Jak-25 Yet another old friend that I continue to PM (with constant late apologies between us :lol: ). Youre just a great guy, glad that weve been able to chat for so long :D. Good luck with your job hunt and university as well, stay cool dude! :D

Koi-Neon-X A very cool and friendly user who sadly has also left :cry:. I learned so much from you, about many older games, your love of game music, and various other things/stories that made your blogs so interesting. Ill always remember you, thanks for being my friend, and good luck with everything! :)

Mario_7173 The very first friend who tracked me back in 2007, rock on dude ;)

Nate1222 A great user with a love of retro games. Always nice to see you when you drop by, hope you continue to hang out here from time to time :D.

Psychoyoshi2009 The user who made my first sig (KH), thanks a lot dude ;)

Thug2Wasteland A really cool user who had great blogs, and also made my first (and current) Megaman Battle Network blog header. Still love the art used in it, never taking it down! :) Hope everythings going alright, and hope to see you again soon :D

Cloud_765 The user who made my first (and current) banner. Still awesome, and like my header, never taking it down :D

Spooky102 A great user who had some interesting blogs. Was fun chatting with you, and so much fun when we got to race each other in Mario Kart Wii, that was awesome! :D Good luck with school and everything, hope to see you back here eventually :)

Smashking777 Another great user who I had a great time posting with last summer. Hope to see you back here at some point dude ;)

Thanks for reading everyone, heres to another great year :D. Now if youll excuse me, I have some (more) work to do :P.


I'm not going to court!!!!! :D

Just got the call a little while ago. Take that you money-hungry b*tch, hands off my savings! Ha! :twisted:

The car wreck incident is finally over, thank God @_@ I can now go back to being completely content/happy with stuff, a weight has been lifted.





Celebrating with some Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips and relaxing before my next class ^^;



The Wii U experience (kinda)

Today was quite fun with everything that's happened. To start, a friend of mine got invites to an exclusive Club Nintendo convention that allowed members to play with the Wii U and a good amount of games before anyone else, as well as the 3DS XL. I wasn't really wanting to go, but he was into it so I decided to tag along and educate myself on the system :P.

We got on the highway to the next city and talked a lot, nice conversation :). Halfway there, he wanted me to play his copy of Theatrhythm (FF music/rhythm game), so I gave it a shot, and I have to say, it's fun. I still prefer Elite Beat Agents, that was fantastic, but Theatrhythm is also quite good, great tracks and some fun gameplay. However, the leveling up seems a bit pointless, and it's fairly simplified throughout, at least to me it is, and that detracts from the experience. I'd still recommend the game though ;).

We got to the city a few hours early, so we walked around a shopping district and hung out looking through stores. I spotted an old-timey burger place, and being the huge fan of burgers that I am, we ate there :P (of course he was craving a burger as well). I got a bacon cheeseburger with some barbeque ranch sauce (yum) and sweet potato fries (YUM). Finished that off with an oreo shake :D. I rarely go all out on food like that, but it was a fun outing and the next time I'll get to do something like go to another city with a friend isn't anytime soon, so why not? $15 for me, took care of the tip as well.

Full of food, we made our way to the car about 25 blocks away :P. Got to the convention, stood in line with other 'nerds' as my friend put it, as he was ready to 'nerd it up.' Sure why not? :P Watched as he got a hell of a lot of street passes on his 3DS, then we went inside.

I could care less about the other games that were in there, there was only one game I wanted to play: ZombieU. I watched a bit, but a contest was called for New Super Mario Bros. U. It was a speed run of a quick stage, I chose to run while my friend tapped enemies. We both messed up and lost :lol:.

Went back to the ZombieU area, which had thinned out by now, as well as Ninja Gaiden 3 (which didn't look as bad as GS said it did, but then again what do I know?). The guy there helped me learn the controls and told me where to go. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the gameplay. Whoever said switching between the screen and the controller was seemless was stupid. Hard to survive when you're looking back and forth :roll:, and the inventory system could be...bigger, can't really hold a lot. The gameplay also felt lackluster, not too much to it, but then again it was demo-ish. It was doable, and a good game, but not awesome. I think I'm spoiled by Left 4 Dead, the pinnacle of zombie games :P.

My friend was ready to leave after watching Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends. I saw people playing Wario and Game (working title), didn't really get it.I dunno, the Wii U in general seems overly complicated to me, and while I could get used to it, motion controls still get boring after awhile...

Overall, fun night, but what was the best game today?


That's right, the one I didn't intend to play. Gotta hand it to Square Enix for branching out with various titles, and this one worked for me. Not the next greatest FF title by any means, but still very fun ;). Anyways that was my day, thanks for reading :).

'The Worst Is Yet To Come'

As much as I didnt want to quote a song from my favorite band for this situation, it seemed the most appropriate

I dont remember if I told everyone how I got into a car wreck back in February, but it happened, and I got t-boned (unfortunately, my fault thanks to some hindering circumstances). My car got wrecked internally, so Ive been walking everywhere and taking the bus, which admittedly hasnt been bad at all. Then tonight I find out that the older woman in the other car (who sued my insurance for 50k) wants more money, which means Id have to pay it. While theres a decent chance that Ill avoid paying more out of my own pocket, its not for sure yet, and I could have a court date. I was pretty sad about the whole thing for multiple reasons.

Depressions a new feeling for me :(

You know how you want to just smash stuff or work hard doing something to relieve stress? Well thats what I wanted to do. I got to work, and instead of manning the host stand at the restaurant like normal, I got assigned to bus tables. Im way more into that than seating people, so that was a good start, got that hard work I wanted, and it helped. Some co-workers were friendly, so of course I was friendly back. Then a joke was made among other workers, and I couldnt help but laugh. Then another co-worker and I exchanged joking words, and by then I was back to my old self. Work actually helped quite a bit to my surprise.

A friend of mine told me some things I can say if it does go to court, but in the meantime Im not going to worry about it. If I let this thing grip me then the days would be lame, so instead Ill continue living like normal. Pray for me, wish me luck, whatever you want to do, it all helps :P.

Depression isnt really my thing anyways :)

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Hey guys, guess who finally got around to writing another blog? :P Anyways this is a recap of sorts involving some events that happened to me over the last few days, as well as some other things worth mentioning.

The Good

For those who haven?t hung around the unions with me, I got a job back in late May! :D I?m a host for a restaurant called Cracker Barrel, and it?s not a bad job at all, I?ve been enjoying it for the most part. It?s officially been about a month, so I?m getting some money in the bank towards future college years. I?ve also been getting some yard work jobs, which has gotten me some extra spending money. I?ve bought a few new anime sets (Haruhi-chan Suzumiya/Lucky Star Vol. 2), FF1, FF2, FFIV (all new copies for PSP), and a new copy of i,Robot to watch, and I?m enjoying them quite a bit!

I?ve also been doing well in college. I got all A?s during my first year, and I?m also a member of the honor society, yay! :P Of course, I still goof off quite a bit, watching plenty of anime and playing games, but hey, I manage :P. I do have a few summer courses to take, but they aren?t that bad, and they?re actually pretty interesting. One other amazing thing, my favorite band of all time, Motion City Soundtrack, is releasing their fifth album on Tuesday, and I?ll be picking it up! :D

Oh, and I spent a good two weeks hanging out with my best bud who was visiting, that was awesome too, and the main reason my union activity was a bit sketchy.

The Bad

One afternoon a few days ago, me and my parents went out for pizza, and when we came back out, it was super overcast. Then it started to hail/rain like crazy, so we hid under a roof for awhile, but then it started to die down, so we left. Unfortunately, it came down hella hard soon after, and there was almost no visibility with the hail smashing against the windshield, as well as tons of water flooding the streets. Everyone was hiding in their cars where they could, and lots of people had to be rescued later on by the fire department :?. We barely made it out, and I can safely say that was the worst storm in the entire 19 years I?ve lived here. The news reported baseball sized hail in some areas, but luckily not where we were. NO REPEATS PLEASE!!! :roll:

The Ugly

Remember how I mentioned I was a host at a restaurant? Well yesterday I started my shift, and it was going well, until someone told us there was a problem in the men?s room. As the only guy there, it was up to me to check it out. Apparently, some jackass stuffed an entire toilet paper roll into a toilet, and flooded a large amount of the area, with the soggy roll laying on the floor afterwards. My first initial thought was, "F*** me." But to be honest, I was still smiling throughout the clean-up. I swear, I'm just too damn laid-back for my own good :lol:. I grabbed a mop, continued to wring it out with my own hands, and lots of additional paper towels later, the mess was cleaned up. Took me a whole hour, but hey, I get paid either way :P. Continued to seat people, and before I knew it, it was over. I seriously don?t need a repeat of that, THANK YOU! :roll:.

Some extra news, I beat all three Ninja Turtles games for GC and had a good time with that. I?ve also been posting quite frequently in the unions as of late, but then again, that hasn?t really changed, but more so than usual I suppose :P. I?m just about at the 24,000 mark, happy about my progress, thanks to the friends who enjoy chatting as much as I do! :D Might as well end on a high note, right? Later guys! Here?s hoping my next blog won?t take me months to post :P.

Happy Birthday Fablesway! :D

This is a shout-out to fablesway on her special day! :D Not enough good can be said about her, she's a terrific person and awesome best friend :). She's always got fun blogs to read (when she posts them that is :P) and a sense of humor as well ;). If you start a conversation with her in the unions, you might end up talking for hours, she enjoys talking with her friends :D. I guess in short, she's the friendliest person you'll ever meet and she deserves all the best on her birthday :). Best wishes today! :D

I've been working on this Death Note pic for you since last week, hope you like it :D


And now a few extras ;)

Happy Birthday Fable! :D Cake anyone? :P

Spring break draws to its close...(update)

Hello everyone! :) First off, I want to apologize to anyone whose blogs I missed (you know who you are) and to pms I haven't responded to (again, you know who you are). As usual, things have been busy for me. I've been off of college all week long just to find myself working more than when I'm in school :P. This week, I've stayed up every night until 3 a.m. doing a bunch of stuff, though usually working on projects while half-watching cartoons/movies :P. Here is an update for you!

For gaming, I haven't been doing a whole lot, though I have been working on Super Paper Mario (mediocre and just want to get through it so I can get it back to my friend) and Turok: Evolution (good, though challenging at times). Somehow I keep getting stuck in these games, and when I get past the part I'm stuck on, I get stuck again, usually in SPM :P. For now, I've put them on hold to work on the newest game I've acquired: The Bouncer.

I have to say, I was pretty psyched to find it at Gamestop for 3 bucks, and I've played it quite a bit over the last few days. An interesting story, impressive graphics, and some fun fighting mechanics have made it lots of fun to play, though I can see how it got its score from GS (6.7) seeing as how it's considerably shorter than most games. Nevertheless, I still like it quite a bit and have happily added it to my collection.

I've considered playing through the Shadow the Hedgehog game in the summer as a challenge to me. It's one of the few Sonic games that really disappointed me, and despite having an interesting story with branching endings, the sloppy controls and poor aim (among other things) caused it to fall short for me. If anyone is interested, I can post a blog later on after playing it again as an informative and possibly humorous post, so let me know! ;)

I've also considered playing through the Megaman Anniversary Collection and doing a video similar to Super Mario Frustration, because the old Megaman games are very challenging and can bug the hell out of me :P. Again, let me know if you'd like to see that! :D (For those who haven't seen Super Mario Frustration, find it on Youtube, it's hilarious, though very explicit, so you've been warned)

For music, I've gotten about halfway through my Sonic tracks after getting the soundtracks for almost all of the Sonic games. Some are new, some needed replacing, and all are loved ^^;. Though ever since I got them, I've been addicted to the opening song from the anime Deadman Wonderland and the ending song from the anime Fooly Cooly (listening to it as I type for like the 100th time :P). Work has hindered my sorting progress, so I'd like to get back to that when I can…

For anime, I've been quite busy watching stuff, and since my last blog, I've watched El Cazador de la Bruja (good), Deadman Wonderland (awesome), Fooly Cooly (funny, great soundtrack), Trigun (great), and the Trigun movie (good). I've also revisited Lucky Star and Gunslinger Girl, seeing as how I've wanted to watch them for awhile and I own the sets. I'm currently watching Toradora! and it's pretty funny, though only 4 episodes in so far.

For school, Photoshop projects, Illustrator projects, InDesign projects, a Math project, and various Art papers and projects. Dammit! :lol: It's cool though, I'm still getting A's :D

I'll end with my latest drawing :D


Thanks for reading! I'll have another blog up by next week, though don't expect blogs from me this frequently, cause I'm lazy :P.

(Just as college heads out the door for awhile to give me a break, I get sneak-attack-pounced on by homework :P)

One more cool drawing ^^

Waiting for the unknown

I'll make a real blog next post, I swear, but I've got a lot going on right now. Between math homework, lots of college projects, and an upcoming (nightmare) Art Appreciation mid-term, I don't really have time to write up a proper blog. Hell, I might just wait until Spring Break, that sounds good :P.

Anyways, this took me around 2 - 3 hours to pencil, and I'm really happy with it :D. I have affectionately called it, "Waiting for the unknown" :cool: