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Wow! 100+ views!!! Thanks to everyone for viewing my profile. Am I becoming well known?.....Cheers!!And also an early MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone on gamespot!!!


can you hear me now?-----good! then leave a comment to compare gaming views and approval and whatnot with yours truly, megamannt123. Onward!

about me

about me----- hey everyone! you don't know much about me so here goes. I love sonic the hedgehog, megaman, ninja turtles, kirby, kingdom hearts, many animes and many, many video games; I'm a fanatic who has to conquer every game right down to the last item and I like long stories in the middle of games. I own millions of sonic, garfield, and tons of other comics; I'm a huge collector. I like to eat but I'm far from fat(really!). I'm currently a purple belt in karate and I love technology! That's a bit of my life so later!

site news

site news

hey sonic fans! head over to the latest site for sonic info and other stuff,!!!

what's up?

Hey sonic fans! I'm new to sonicspot and I just want to say stop living in the past! Sonic Shorts collection volume 5 is out. Oh yeah!


wow! omg i go offline for one day and gamespot has a new site! sweet! just out of curiosity, who else thinks that sly cooper and ratchet and clank are awesome game series? Sonic rules!

new post

Wow I am so lazy! Sorry if you have tried to read my blog but there was nothing there I am very sorry. I will try to write stuff when I can because of school and stuff. You know how that is.... Anyway hope you like my reviews and you'll hear from me in the future! :)