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Happy Birthday Fablesway! ^^

Yay it's your birthday! ^^ I hope that you have a great day today (tomorrow, it's still a bit early, whatever :P )! I could only wish my best friend here the very best on her special day, so grab some cake and kick back :D

You know that secret drawing I was keeping away from you? :P Well here it is! (Drawn completely in Illustrator) ^^

Here's to you fable! *raises glass*

Hoo-rah, I'm sick...

(I wish I had this cat :P )

So yeah, this all started when my dad did some contracting work for a sick client, and she passed on some nasty flu thing to him. Then my mom got it the next day, and now I officially have it after yesterday (don't you just love how sickness is so easily passed on? :roll: ). 

Anyways despite feeling 'not great' yesterday afternoon, I still went to work (I've never been one to suffer from 'man colds' :P ). However it was clear that it was going to be a challenge, since my throat was literally burning the whole damn time. Eventually I asked the managers if I could leave an hour early (cause it was dead at the restaurant anyways, they were cool about it, and if I had to stand up anymore I probably would've fallen asleep). I got home, barely stomached dinner, and went to bed at 9:30 pm. That itself is a sin. Whenever I'm in bed at that time due to illness, I always think how early it is and that I could be doing stuff! (For those who don't know, I'm usually up until the early AMs)

It's weird how strange sleep can be when you're sick. My nerves were shot and I was actually hallucinating and shaking when it wasn't cold! For those who have seen The Hunger Games, you know how what's-her-face gets stung by those Tracker Jackers and goes on that weird 'trip'? That's EXACTLY how my night's sleep went, but a certain country's global takeover was thrown into the mix (don't ask because I have no idea XD ). 

Got up 7 AM, no joke, which is bound to amaze my GF who's always been an early riser, but me the exact opposite XD. Feeling considerably better after getting whatever that was out of my system, and taking the day off from college, I really need it @_@

Two more art entries ^^

Hey everyone, just wanted to make a blog to showcase some new art pieces I've been working on lately ^^

For this assignment, I had to draw a character in the foreground, then secondary characters in the background with background scenery. I had to work with limited colored pencils (blues, yellows, and reds), and if I needed to get other colors, I had to mix them. This features Calvin and Hobbes with creator Bill Watterson.

This is a painting done for Typography class which focuses on letter forms. It's an abstract piece painted on 2 regular canvases using acrylic paint, and it forms the word 'AXEL' (viewed sideways). It'll be featured in an art show in the summer, so hopefully it's received well :P

Some new digital stuff might be shown here in the next blog as well (if I decide to upload them). Thanks for checking my new stuff out and I hope you like them ^^

On A More Positive Note...

I didn't want that previous blog to hang around for too long :P I'm doing much better now and I appreciate the comments you guys left, thanks ^^ I can never stay down for long, ha HA! :P


All that's left is to continue on my path towards a brighter future, and enjoy more time with my friends here ^^

On that note, I'm officially the #50 poster in all of GS, gonna shoot even higher!

Flying Away - A song of inspiration, motivation, and it makes me want to move! :D

(I'll make another real blog eventually, promise :P Later!)


Look To The Sky

Life is interesting; you can go from happy to sad in an instant. Many things bombard you throughout the day, making you think and contemplate. Going through the motions sometimes seems like the easiest thing to do, despite attempts to fight the current. Why can't I stop looking at the sky?

For those trying to make sense of my babbling, don't. It's just me venting :P I'm not one to express being upset, it's probably the rarest emotion for me to show, and I'm damn good at hiding my emotions when I want to (it would take a lot of prying to get on that track :P ). I just don't feel it's worth it to get upset, the furthest it gets for me is 'melancholic,' and sometimes that's just fine.

Various events have been piling up lately, the first being college graduation. I'll be moving out soon and heading to a new college, the thought has me excited and terrified at the same time. Then there's my relationship. For those who don't know, I'm in a long-distance relationship with my wonderful GF, and we couldn't be more serious. Gotta think about her and the future to work towards, don't want to let her down :) After that comes preparation in the form of picking up some loose ends and continuing with work as usual. Next is money, which always has me concerned, though saving has been going quite well, I just hope it continues along that path. Finally, there's fights at home...and the licking of wounds afterwards. Honestly those don't bother me anymore, since middle school they never have, I brush them off and move on. One happened tonight due to something simple and stupid, mixed with a misunderstanding, and now things just feel off. Mix everything together and you've got one strange smoothie to stomach :P

On this same night, I walk to campus from the bus station (a good 15 min. walk) through falling snow and a dark yet visibly overcast sky is above me. I look up, as far as I can, and I couldn't feel more calm ^^ I do the same on the bus. When I'm not reading, I look out the window and either think of things, or think of nothing at all.

Look To The Sky - One of the best Dance Dance Revolution songs I've ever heard, and I always look at the sky while listening. It's a force of habit I suppose, and the lyrics hold some meaning for me.


(One reason I like Takashi so much, but that's another story.)

As far as this blog goes, this was just a way to get some things off my chest. I don't open up a whole lot about personal stuff (probably cause no one wants to hear it :P ), but GS is like another home to me. It's a place to hang out and just relax, I have great friends here to talk with, and I'm pretty comfortable saying whatever.

And that's all I've got for my melancholic blog (I'm terribly sorry :P ). I'm good, and while some feelings and uncertainty remain, the future looks bright. I'll continue to look to the sky and do my best ^^

"Stand up. Take a step forward."

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope that everyone's had a great year, cause he comes the new one!

This year I built on my wonderful relationship with my gf, got through another year of college, and got my first job :D (though I just got back from said job, and it was one helluva tough day, but that's another story :P )

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ^^ I wish everyone well :)

Merry Christmas + My (early) Birthday :D

I'd better do one of these before the day is over XD

Anyways Merry Christmas to all my friends here! :D Here's what I got today:

$30 in iTunes cards (the main reason I was so late in making this, been listening to music samples and searching for quite some time :lol: With that money, I bought Oh, Sleeper's second album, some of the tracks from the new TWEWY Crossover album, and various bonus/extra tracks that I missed out on from my favorite band Motion City Soundtrack :D )

Motion City Soundtrack's first album I Am The Movie (something I absolutely wanted!)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 3 (I ask for at least one season of a sitcom every year :P )

Blazblue Calamity Trigger for PSP (Mishap) - (Okay, totally happy with it, brand new, right? I take the wrapping off, open it up....and there's NO GAME! How does that even happen? :lol: Anyways my mom got it from Amazon so she's looking into it :P )

New Black Xbox 360 controller with 2 new battery packs and charge cable (needed those ^^ )

An Angry Birds T-Shirt (didn't ask for so that was a nice surprise)


Everybody Hates Chris Season 1 (Gift 1 from my Bro-in-law, totally didn't expect that ^^ )

Neon Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt (Gift 2 from my Bro-in-law, really didn't expect that! :D )


Gantz complete DVD set (from my best friend :D )

That's all the cool stuff I got :D Oh wait, there's the stuff my gf got me, as well as something another one of my best friends is getting me, that's still a mystery :o The interesting thing is that I only asked for the 360 controller and battery packs for my birthday, so I have no idea what I could be getting then...:D

Oh yeah my birthday! :P I didn't want to post a b-day blog and New Year's blog too close to each other, so I'm doing a joint thing here instead. In a few days I'm going to be 20, can't even believe it :o That should be it, Happy Holidays everyone!

Some college art and my video editing final

What? I'm posting another blog so soon? Must be the holidays :P Anyways I'll keep this one somewhat brief. This is the non-digital stuff that I worked on this semester in class. The rest of it was entirely on the computer and took about 90% of my time :P


^ This image was done entirely in graphite (pencil) and is about 80% - 85% done. It's based on the image below from my local park.


The following three drawings are self-portraits that were done in charcoal.




(If for some reason they don't show up, you can right click and click 'open in new tab,' I think that should work.

I also made this movie trailer for The Last Mimzy in my Video Editing class. No one in my class was impressed with it, so we all had our own take on making a new version. I went with more of a horror/suspense feel (that was supposed to be funny) featuring a Skrillex song (Equinox). After presenting, the class was laughing and saying it was awesome, even the teacher thought it was cool ^^ Anyways it got me my A and it's on Youtube, so check it out on my channel ^^ (It's only about 2 minutes long). Later!

Animal Crossing comparison

This marks the first time in I dont know how long that Im actually writing a gaming blog. Its definitely long overdue :P Since Im playing 2 Animal Crossing games at once (City Folk and the original GC one), I noticed quite a few differences, though theyve had plenty of time to refine the formula. However, some things from the first game either had more charm, or were more fun, and the same goes for the Wii version. (Yeah, Ive played the DS version, it was good, I just prefer the major console titles)


In the GC version, that train ride feels welcoming, and Rover the cat is there to say hi as well. You get to town and Nooks there to greet you and quickly put you to work :P In the Wii version, you catch the bus to town with the Captn and get dropped off. Then from town hall, youre directed to Nook (I believe).


You always start with a little shack, then upgrade with more money. A few notable differences occur between the two games though. GC lets you turn lights on and off without a lamp, and you can choose what expansion you want first. You can either get a bigger main room, or a basement, but the basement walls/floor cant be changed. Then it finishes with an upstairs room, and your home is officially complete. Theres also a robot gyroid thing outside that takes messages and saves your progress. Wii houses need some light source for it to be bright, and the renovations happen automatically (no choice). You receive a big main room, a basement that can be completely customized, and an upstairs room. Theres no outdoor robot, but you can save anywhere and anytime (quite convenient).


GC has animals displaying very few emotions (comparatively) and laughing involves the word Ha flashing around their heads quickly. Wii has a huge variety of displayable emotions (laughing shows character laughing and lines around self), and you can learn up to 4 to use at any time (always wanted to appear like Im scheming something :P )



GC text and text sound effects look simple and sound a little more humorous. Wii text looks a lot cleaner and sounds a bit better too. Talking with animals in the GC version allowed for 3 options: asking for work, chatting, or leaving. I spent quite a bit of time doing errands for animals to get money and furniture I could sell when I was a kid. Having the money-making (non-cheating) daily routine I have now, I realize how pointless that is :P Wii immediately lets you chat with an animal neighbor, and nothing more, except when prompted in a few cases. Sometimes even contests can be triggered from enough talking.


GC had a grid of squares that you could explore, and when reaching the edge of one, a loading time of about a half-second got you into the next square. It kept things orderly, but also felt a tiny bit odd. Wii melds the whole game world into one complete free-roaming experience that moves smoothly wherever you go. The angle is also changed, making the previously top-down view more even with your character.



GC had tons of these, such as the Post Office, Nooks store, and other such places. It also included exclusives, such as the Dump (anything in there gets quickly picked up and re-sold at Nooks :lol: ), the Lighthouse, the Lost and Found (somewhat pointless but humorous), and the Wishing Well. Wii took most of these away or combined them. Youve got Nooks shop, the Town Hall, the Museum, and the Tailor shop. However, therere also various shops to explore in the city, and this actually feels more organized than all the stuff that was crammed into the GC version. Still, I cant really complain either way.



GC allowed you to pay for your mortgage by gathering Bells in your wallet, then depositing them into the Post Office. Any extra Bells you had to keep on hand, and you couldn't have a savings account until after you paid off your mortgage in full. Wii had a kiosk in the Town Hall that allowed you to pay mortgage, as well as deposit money into a savings account that could be withdrawn from. I found this extremely helpful towards paying off my house.


This is one of the bigger changes to the series. GC has you bring a fossil to Blathers in the museum, who promptly tells you he couldve told you what it is, but his professional certificate hasnt been received. To fix this problem, he gives you the address of an out-of-town museum that can identify these fossils for you. The catch is that you have to mail them, one page per fossil. While stationary is cheap, its a bit of a pain to do this, and it takes a full day to get your stuff back. However, the effort is rewarded more, since there are up to 5 fossils you can find, and each can be worth thousands of Bells. Wii seems to be kinder towards impatient folks, as Blathers can identify fossils in a matter of seconds. This is extremely nice, though each day you can only find up to 3 fossils.


GC has probably 10 12 rocks in the whole town, while Wii has maybe 5. For those who dont know, theres a magic money rock that can be taken advantage of once a day. Using a shovel preferably, just keep hitting the rock over and over while money gets spit out. You only have a few seconds though, so you have to act fast. The max totals differ between games: GC allows you to get up to 13,300 Bells, while Wii lets you get up to 8,500 Bells. The special rock also turns red in the GC version, but it stays the same color in the Wii version.



Crazy Redd is the only guy who has these in either version. However, Nook has common ones in the GC version, but you have to get the rare ones from Redd when he comes to town. Wii has Redd openly available after some work, and he has all the paintings (eventually), but they have the chance of being counterfeit, so to complete your museum collection, you have to take some monetary risks.

Golden glowing spot in the ground

GC exclusive, this spot can contain either 1k or 10k Bells, and is how you receive the Golden Shovel.


GC exclusive, connecting with the GBA will bring Captn in his boat to take you to your own private island, loaded with coconuts. It also has an island home, a single neighbor, and NES game/money-making opportunities.



Wii has more of them, and info snippets are given about each kind.


Wii has more of em.


Wii exclusive (and DS), tons of hair styles are available for your character, which is pretty awesome. (There's also Mii makeovers, but personally I much prefer the cartoon-ish look of the original characters)

Overall, both games have their own charm and are fun to play. Id have to go with City Folk (Wii) as my favorite though, seeing as how the design, gameplay, and a few other things feel better to me. Of course its a matter of preference, and you really cant go wrong with any of them. Thanks for reading ^^

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone can relax and have a good meal! I'll be working during the holiday :P I actually went out for an early dinner with my parents to make up for missing it tomorrow, so I'm covered. My parents got turkey and stuff, but I got a BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger and fries. So much for tradition :P

(2 weeks left until winter break, then I can try to do a real blog)