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My Favorite games to play

My favorites list

1.Half-Lif 2 - The continuing adventure as scientist Gordon Freeman, with the help of Alyx Vance (Dr. Eli vance's daughter) you navigate through Black Mesa and City 17. This story has 3 episodes to go with its pure awesomeness episode 2 is the most recent and i belive the most fun.

2.F.E.A.R. - You play as pointman working in an elite paranormal investigative team known as First Encounter Assualt Recon or F.E.A.R. (Your daughter or sister or mom porlly mom), Alma is the little demonic girl you see all the time when you hear about the game. She was subject to Project Origin which is this project that the government is using to see if they can have phsycic leaders to control the clone army of replica soldiers. so much more to go on but ill let u all find out by playing it.

3.Metal Gear Solid (series) - This series has so many plot twists but can still pull them all off in a great finally. Kay, so in chronological order you play as Naked Snake AKA John Doe AKA Jack AKA Big Boss AKA The Bosses apprentice. Then you lay as Solid Snake AKA Snake AKA Dave AKA BROTHER. Solid Snake is a clone of big boss and so is liquid snake and solidus snake. Ugh i dont feel like explaing such a long complex story play it read stuff about it love it. its a great game check it out.

4.Halo(series) - The first halo was an amazing fps that topped the charts and helped shpae sum games we have today. Its fun and a solid title i hae all three and beat them all on legendary liek most people but it does get repetative. but thats okay we love the series and we love BUNGIE!!! yay.

Those are my favorite game seies not my favorite game list. my favorite list is here(not in any order)



3.Call of Duty 4

4.Halo 3


6.MGS 1,2,3,4,PO


8.Gears of War

9.Super Smash Bros. Brawl


11.World of Warcraft

now heres my wish i had it right now list

1.Crysis Warhead

2.Project Origin

3.Halo Wars


5.Gears of WAr 2


7.WoW wrath of the lich king

tythats it peace out peeps

*Solid Snake Voice* "I'm Back".

Lol i've been goen for like 1 minute. No jk I just wasnt posting anything, ive been chekcin back on the site everyday. For swick (sick and sweet) demos coming out for my PC. I am a console gamer btw but the PC is my home. Project is still one of my most wanted games czu i love it. F.E.A.R. i still play im a hardcore fear guy. Add me on xbl AOD BAC0NATER. Im working on gettin a PS3 to get MGS4 (ima huge MGS fan) and of course Resistance 2: United We Fall. I just bought a PS2 yesterday jsut to play MGS3 subsistance one of the best. I actually perfer the PSP one though. The first is ultimatley great, the second not so muhc (also am i the only person to not hate raiden even b4 they showed him in the new MGS4) because not enough snake and not enough interlude with plot twists whic i love about the series. MGS3 is really fun and shoudl be a buy. ANyway im bored and ima go play sum cod4 or fear combat. hit me up on xfire peoples my id is Mega3080. ill accept if its kool. peace.

dude wat is up

CANT WAIT TILL I GETHE ORANGE BOX or CRYSIS MAKES ME SAD I REALLAY WANTED TO GET IN THE CRYSIS BETA. owell the demos out this week and i luv my fear bithces got my new fear files demo on my 360 i need to add fear to my games.

Um random post......

Sry about that last post i was in my science class and wouold have gotten in trouble i was trying to get mty level up. Also two days ago May 9 was my sisters b-day shes now 18. Im about to go to school right now but im still gonna say acouple more things. Wacth Red vs Blue. buy Unreal Championship 2 and pplay Mech Assuault 2 Lone Wolf. OVER AND OOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

im at school

im at school right now so hi everyone and i like pie. ()OMGmy teacherr is coming.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa. Its Mrrs.willis

Im not a whinner........ok maybe.

Today i get to skip school and go with my peeps to my sisters collage thingy. My mom said if i complain about the city at all while were there i get grounded from everything for the whole weekend. Also steven i won't be able to go to ur house. Sry. :(. Also if sam newby is at school u can tell her i like her.


Yea so um if a girl u really like starts to date one of your friends and then your like hes so lucky then u need to get laid......... I need to get Um....yea Tommorow is FRIDAY. HOOTY-HOOT...going to Stevens (wpgamefreak) house and chilling with Jack(kiwibird65) and James (PSOrocks555). OOOOOOOO YEA......................ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.:D

Que Pasa....

Hey everyone out there. Give Graal online or Maple Story a try. 2 great MMOs and are also sponsered by xfire. God bless and Eat pie.

Just me

Yeah life is way to short to argue with ur best friends. Instead of arguing own some noobs in halo or Gears of War. Or if u dont like that go watch Red vs Blue. Bowchikabowow