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Year-in opinion: 2008

*sigh*, well, first blog on the plus side! Been meaning to start one of these for a while, seems to be the trend on the internet! But this is just my thoughts on 2008 in the year in gaming! Sorry it's so long, I've divided it into sections!

First: what I got this year: 360 Arcade (January), Wii (March), PSP (December). The grand total of games I have for these 3 systems combine (not including games that came with them, like Wii Sports): 10. yes, 10, for 3 systems. To give you a better idea, I have almost 50 PS2 games, 20 GCN games, and 20 each (at least) for DS, GBA, and GB/C. Now, the PSP has an excuse, I got it during December and it has 4 games (with plans to get several more): God of War, Lemmings, Jeanne D'Arc, and Lumines. But the biggest loser is the Wii, with only 1 game: Zak & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros Treasure.

The Wii: I got it in march, when Brawl came out. To see just how much Brawl disappointed me, just read my review. So, I sold it and ended up with just Zak & Wiki. I gave it until the end of the TGS to show off one game that would make me keep the Wii, and guess what! It succeeded. Much to my dismay, because the winning game was: Klonoa. A wiimake of a PS1 game that I already own and love. Luckily, Squenix followed things up by announcing Dragon Quest X as a Wii exclusive. So, now there are 3 games on my to get list: those 2 and No More Heroes. Looks like next year will be better for my Wii, I rented several games only to find that their GCN counterparts were superior (not counting Twilight Princess, which I already have for GCN), which is why the Wii has been such a big disappointment for me.

The 360: Instead of getting Prince of Persia, I got a used copy of Assassin's Creed for cheaper and could appreciate its similarities to the trilogy of the last console generation. Well, the system I got the 360 for was Portal, but I'm not really a fan of FPS games, the only exceptions have been on the GCN for some odd reason (Metroid, Killer7, StarFox assault) and Rez (on PS2). They tend to make me motion sick for the most part and they really don't entertain me. I also got GTA4, but didn't get a good chance to play it. If I learned anything, it's just wait a year for the games I want to become really cheap used. I'll be getting Tales of Vesperia next year!

The PS2: This might really be its last year, which makes me really truly sad. It was my first console system and to think that Persona 4 and Persona 3 FES would be the last new games I ever buy for it makes me sad. Despite shiny new systems, the PS2 console gets to heaviest use to me still. Kudos to Sony on one of the best consoles ever made. I also got a lot of used games this year, so my backlog is getting pretty full. I pretty much have something to play in every genre that I like and it's usually a fantastic game, tons of AAA games everywhere you look. R.I.P. PS2, I'll still be playing you for years to come!

The PS1: yep, I played PS1 games this year too! Namely: Dragon Warrior 7 and Alundra. The way I played them, you'd think that they were brand new games released this week! Of course, I play them on my PS2 now, but a good game is a good game!

The DS: great year, got lots of good games! And two disappointments: Phantom Hourglass and Professor Layton. PL get huge +s for enviornment, in-game cutscenes, and story, but then failed me on puzzles, many of which I'd seen before and most of which I found ludicrously easy or stale. Presentation was flawless, gameplay, lacking. Phourglass was just sorta gimmicky to me, only Zelda game I've ever resold. Maybe if they let me use standard controls with the next one, I'll be ok. Oh, not to mention that stupid temple where you had to go back through all the previous rooms. Boring!

The older Game Boys: Well, Gamestop decided to start eliminating the GC/C section, and I found a true gem for only $3: Magi Nation! I haven't beaten it, probably not even half through it, but it's good enough to be in my top 3 GBC games of all time, a true gem if I ever saw one! And one of the funniest games I've ever played! I also got several GBA games in the anticipation and will probably get more, more on that at another time I suppose

Worst Trends: winner: DLC. I don't have good enough internet to hook these things up, thanks to Comcast being stupid and Verizon not putting FIOS near me! This let companies like Rockstar release Bully on 360 with glitches that I couldn't fix. It's letting Wii get by on Virtual Console being a main selling point when I can't use it. I can't get Braid, Bomberman '93, Xbox originals, old N64 games, etc, etc, etc. DLC is terrible for me, since I have no access to it and now everyone is relying almost entirely on it, it's alienating me from gaming. It's horrible for me, it feels like no one cares and no one wants me to be a gamer anymore, Hopefully this'll just be a phase and it'll pass within a couple years.

runner up: disappointing games. Tons of disappointing games that I might've played this year, Too Human, Phourglass, more crappy Sonic games!

runner up: shooters. shooters shooters everywhere! They're bleeding into RPGs to the point where action, adventure, RPGs, music games, they can all be shooters at the same time! Sure, Portal=good idea, but most WRPG console RPGs are bled into shooters. Maybe I'm being unfair, I haven't played Fallout 3 to be fair, but I don't like shooters, they make me feel sick, and putting "RPG" next to it is not going to make me anymore willing to try it out right now. Just call it shooter so I won't be mad at it!

runner up: Nintendo's lack of game weeding out. Tons of crap makes it easier to overlook some actually decent titles like Prism. And most of these games somehow involve "Petz". And the sheer volume of crappy party games on Wii does nothing for me. Yuck.

In conclusion: I've been feeling alienated as a gamer for the first time ever. I'm already looking forward to next generation. The handhelds have been kind to me though, and I'll be remembering this genre for the DS and PSP, not the 360, PS3, and Wii. PS3 is finally coming into it's own as they say, I might just sell my 360 next year and get one if it comes to it (which, so far, it might), especially if it gets a price drop. God of War 3 would help that along for me. For now, I feel forced to live in the past of gaming, and the PS2's final year (I actually think that this time, although Atlus is sure to still pump stuff out on it, and a few kid's movie games that'll hardly count), but the bygone days of AAA games ends with Persona 4 for right now. Not that it's going to stop me from playing, after 8 years, it's still the head console, followed by the GCN.

Well, Happy New Year to all, and here's to the next year of gaming! (Let's hope it's better for me than this year was!)