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Wow, do I really move out tomorrow?

Last final is at 1. At lot of people are already done finals though, so it's kinda annoying. Well, today I have to take a final at 3:30 (3 hours from typing this now), pack up almost everything in my room, and manage to study for the final tomorrow. I can't wait to go back and just have the whole semester be over, but some of my friends are graduating or going to different schools next year so it'll be kinda sad. Even then, I won't be seeing a lot of my friends until Otakon. Still, can't believe I really move out tomorrow! I can hear people moving out today as is (which is why I'm not still asleep!) So here's to one good year of school and here's hoping the next will be good too!

So, back from final, that went rather badly, but in order to get at least a C in the class, I don't have to do spectacularly well on this final. Which is good because I didn't. the whole thing felt like it was written in another language, and not like in German class where it was supposed to be. And she told us a different room at the last minute, and ugh...tomorrow's should go better.

Yeah, my university started 1-2 weeks after everyone else due to our winter session's length, so logically we also started our finals 1-2 weeks after everyone else.