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Top puzzle games

Ah yes, puzzle games, always good for time on the go! I enjoy playing puzzle games immensely sometimes, but some are better than others. Which ones reign on top? These are my top puzzle games that I've played so far, not adding any top numbers here (it'd be too difficult). These are the best mind-bender puzzlers around, special and unique games that should not have been overlooked like they were. Want some brain busters? Well, here ya go!

Game: Enigmo

Platform: PC/Mac/various downloadable things like iPhones

Publisher: Mumbo Jumbo

A puzzle with a simple goal, to get the dripping water into the water jug. Later on, some levels require water to set off oil or lava, which also need to go into their respective jugs. Using a variety of objects, including; trampolines (low, medium, high), triangle dividers, super shooters, sponges, and short and long platforms. Certain enviornmental blocks will affect how the water, lava, or oil bounces off of them (and a sponge wall absorbs them). It's scored based on how fast you solve the puzzle, but any unused pieces also give you more points, encouraging you to try to complete the puzzle with as few pieces as possible. Given the few amounts of constraints (it gives you a set number of parts to use and the basic set-up) and that the game never holds your hands or gives you any hints, 40 levels is a lot for these tough mind benders that encourage you to mess around until it works.

Game: Crush

Platform: Sony PSP

Publisher: Sega Developer: Zoe-Mode

A puzzle game with an interesting story, Crush involves Danny, the main character plagued with insomnia, "crushing" and "un-crushing" the world around him to get the goal. This means that the world is crushed between 2D and 3d, with different blocks having different properties between the dimensions. The direction of your camera (one of 5 preset angles that you can change) determines which way the world will crush. You have to collect some marbles to open up the door, but the game doesn't require you to collect all of them for any given level. This is the type of game that you may actually dream about at night, with the crushing and un-crushing aspects (I did). The puzzles will start off simple, but as with any good puzzle game, once you understand the basics, the difficulty level quickly ramps up. There are other things to get in the level, a trophy and puzzle piece, but neither are required to complete the level and are just there for personal challenge. Add in an interesting story, and you have a winner.

Game: Prism: Light the Way

Platform: Nintendo DS

Publisher: Eidos Interactive Developer: Game Sauce, Morpheme

Simple in controls and concept (like many great puzzle games), you simply need to use Bulboids to feed light to the light starved Glowbos. Well, story isn't a strong suite, but puzzles are, in order to properly deliver the light, you need to use a variety of splitters, mirrors, color changing blocks and other items in order to achieve this. You cannot rotate any pieces or move any Glowbos or change the environment. Presentation is simple, but you'll hardly care when you're playing the game. You have to move the Bulboids, the mirrors and other light affecting objects in order to satisfy all the Glowbos in the level at the same time. Starts off easy, but gets difficult around puzzle set 5 or so. In order to move on to the next set, you need to complete 8 out of 10 puzzles in each set. In short bursts, solving puzzles gives you great satisfaction (unless you use gameFAQs!) and the feeling of finally getting that one tough puzzle without any assistance feels so good, it's almost like a small buzz you get out of getting pure satisfaction that is so hard to find in games these days.