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Top 20 manga Part 3

#11) Ode to Kirihito

Another Tezuka manga, surprise surprise! This was made more towards the end of his career and is one of his more mature titles. Dr. Kirihito Osanai is trying to prove that a mysterious disease called Monmow is caused by something non-contagious while his boss is sure that it's caused by something contagious and refuses to believe otherwise. When Osanai challenges this, he's sent to a small village to contract the disease himself so he'll be taken "out of the picture" so to say, Osanai fights to get back to Japan to reveal the truth about what he finds out about the disease to everyone. This is definitely one of my more favored Tezuka works, it's 800 pages and mixes drama and adventure kinda for adults. It's an addicting read too!

#10) Battle Royale

Well, here's a manga that certainly won't be for everyone, it's one of the most violent and depressing manga I've ever read in which a clas$$ of 42 high schoolers are picked to play on "the program", a game in which the last one left alive wins. They're all sent off with a random weapon and a bit of basic rations and basically told "good luck!" Of course, before anyone dies, we get to look at their backstory, so they actually get a good amount of character developed before they die, even some of the lesser characters will get some after they die as other students fondly remember things. It's sad and depressing, but it's my kinda of sad and depressing!

#9) What's Michael?

By the same guy who did Club 9. If you like cats, you'll find something to like in What's Michael?, a cat comic that is actually funny (unlike how I find a lot of other cat comics). Once again, Makoto Kobayashi's facial expression really make the funny scenes funnier and his portrayal of cats is so spot on it only makes it funnier. He also parodies this series in Club 9 several times as an in-joke of sorts. Shame this series is so hard to find, I've only gotten to read 5 of the 11 volumes Dark Horse released.

#8 ) Astro Boy

Noticing a theme here, are we? This series doesn't have any nostalgic value for me, I'm too young for that (I'm only 21, sheesh!), no I really do like this as a legitimately good manga. The one complaint is that it's all out of order the way Dark Horse printed it based on a reprint of the series in Japan. But, each story contains the charm of cla$$ic Tezuka with moments of light hearted comedy, moments of sorrow, and compelling messages that still hold true today cleverly weaved into his stories in a way only he can do. It just has everything a good shonen manga should and age be damned, it's still a good manga to this day, it really is a timeless cla$$ic and Astro Boy proves how genius a man Tezuka was.