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Top 20 manga part 2

#15) Phoenix: Sun

Now, Phoenix is going to be a strange series for me to put on here because all of the stories are so different, therefore, I counted each story as potential for its own entry. The first one that you're going to see is Sun, the final chapter that Tezuka made in the Phoenix saga before he died. A lot of the ones between his 6th story and this one were kinda average, but he seemed to get his spark back with this one. It takes place mostly in the past, where a young man had his face skinned and replaced with the hide of a wolf, in a battle between the local gods of an area and the push for buddhism moving in. The other part of the story takes place in the future where mankind has been divided into the light world and the dark world. The light world has a brainwashing operation going on to make everyone believe a cult-like religion and our main in this story came from the underground dark world up to the surface. Out of all of the stories in Phoenix, this one probably involves the most religion and how the basic goal of it doesn't really seem to change much over time. There's a lot of story packed into these two volumes and the linking theme of eternal life and resurrection comes back as it does in most of the Phoenix stories, but if you ask me, this is one of the better ones. The past part is probably more interesting here and when the 2004-ish anime was made, it only included the past part of the Sun chapter (a pretty good adaptation actually).

#14) Petshop of Horrors

The series is mostly an episodic "tales of horror" story in which most people are given a pet from Count D's pet shop with Gremlin-like conditions that inevitably end up being broken because people are stupid. Some of the other stories are a bit sweeter though and kind of give you an "aww!" feeling at the end. Towards the end, around volumes 9 and 10, a plot with Count D kinda pops up that is still interesting, but for the first 8 volumes, you can pretty much just pick up a book and turn to a chapter and enjoy yourself. I've read some of the Tokyo Petshop of Horrors sequel and it's good too, but seems to have evolved from popular demand.

#13) Uzumaki

Ah, now here's a truly creepy manga! The story revolves around a basic premises at first "spirals are infecting people's minds and making everyone in the town go crazy", and the whole time you're thinking to the girl "get out of the town!", but by volume 3, it's spiraled beyond control, and the spiral traps everyone within it. The art is a very strong point here, a lot of detail was given to those spirals and it only makes it an even creepier experience. If you want something scary, this is probably my favorite of Junji Ito's works.

#12) Phoenix: Karma

Another Phoenix chapter here, this one is Karma. Karma (also known as "Hou-ou") is widely considered to be quite possibly the best chapter in the saga, and while even I must admit I lean towards that, it's not quite my favorite chapter either. When I re-read it for a second time, however, I actually liked it even more than I did the first time. The choice of the word "Karma" for the title is certainly appropriate, we start off with two mains, a 1 armed bandit who regularly murders people and a virtuous sculptor who wouldn't hurt a fly. When they first meet, the bandit injures the dominant arm of the sculptor in a fit of jealously. Circumstances don't leave it at that, the bandit gradually becomes a nice person while the sculptor gradually becomes a cruel person only out for himself. The ending is very touching too and due to the way that Phoenix is set up, we get to see the bandit many years later in the Civil War story arc for a time too. As the characters change, so do your feelings about them.